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Teclast X80 Power – Full Metal Slim Version Of The X80 Pro

Teclast X80 Power – Full Metal Slim Version Of The X80 Pro

This Teclast X80 Power was added today on GearBest, it’s yet to be announced on Teclast’s Weibo. But the new X80 Power is basically a more premium X80 Pro with a new slimmer full metal housing. The screen is the same a 1920 x 1200 16:10 IPS panel, 2GB of Ram and an Atom X5 Z8300. It’s also dual boot, Android 5.1 and Windows 10 Home. Everything including the camera is the same spec.

What a shame, why they didn’t give it 4GB or increase it’s power by using an Atom X5 Z8500 instead? Then it would stand out from the 8-inch dual os crowd.

Teclast claim it’s only 7.2mm thick, which is 0.3mm thicker than the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 at 6.9mm. I hope it looks as thin as these photoshopped images and the bezels are really like this. I doubt it, however.

Source: Gearbest Teclast X80 Power listing.

Teclast X80 Power images:

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  1. chris, you should review this model.

  2. Geekbuying have put a video up.


    Doesn’t look as sleek and thin as the promo images suggest.

  3. Tinydeals has a youtube video of this tablet in action here:


    As you can tell the bezels are indeed larger than in the photoshopped images but not by much.
    The real bummer is when they go show how much storage the Android side has. I am sorry but 8G of storage with about 3G free is just not enough for Android.

    I wonder if there is a way to remove Windows from this tablet and get access to the entire 32G of storage.

    • The video is for the pro version, not the x80 power. I am sure we will see an updated hardware with 2/64 later….

  4. With a built in 3g module, it would be me interesting…

  5. Do people really windows 10 on these small screens? I’d love an android only version of this. Then you get the whole storage space and no dual boot problems.

    I think these devices are best for email and youtube and games and there I think android is best.

  6. OK I’m interested! I would love a Surface type quality 8″ Windows tablet.

  7. Here is Korean version of X80 Power, X80 Power “S” with 2g/64g
    So I think it’s better to wait for 2g/64g international version.

    • Yes, 2gb RAM would probably be enough for an 8″ tablet, but the 64gb storage is a must for a dual boot — with only 16gb for each OS you don’t have enough wriggle room to install extra apps, and we all need to do that!

  8. The usual complaint — 2gb RAM and 32gb EMMC in a dual boot tablet is just not enough. Teclast are you reading this? PLEASE bring out a 4gb/64gb version at a sensible price, and watch your sales go through the roof!


  9. I lost my Chuwi Hi8 at an airport so it’s time to buy a new tablet.
    There are just so many about at the moment that I can’t separate the wheat from the chaff. 8″ would be great for Andorid but I found it a little small for Win8, and there are no dual O/S with 64GB, and 9-10″ machines are almost double the cost.

    • I have exactly same problem.

    • Double the RAM and storage is more expensive obviously…

      10 inch tablets with 4/64GB from Cube and Chuwi have just been on a discount (about 3 weeks ago) for ~150$

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