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Chuwi Vi8 to get Android/Win 8.1 dual boot

Chuwi Vi8 to get Android/Win 8.1 dual boot

Everyone is jumping in on the dual boot band wagon, Chuwi have just announced that they plan to release the Chuwi Vi8 ias a dual boot model to. I recently reviewed this tablet myself here in this original Windows 8.1 config. Well dual is all fine and dandy, the limits this puts on the storage capacity isn’t. Personally, dual boot tablets need a bare minimum of 64GB.

Chuwi Vi8

And here is a demo of it in action (speed up)

Source: Mike Cane X Blog


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  1. Hi, I have a problem when using hdmi monitor, the screen is going in portrait (flipped) mode. Do you have ideas why?

  2. hi, i have no luck rooting this device, any specific step/app used would really help.?

  3. I have 4 specific question :

    1. How I boot from an external USB – with windows on it ? I do the same like in your clip and didn’t succeed.
    When I do normal boot I don’t need to press up volume to get the screen for log in into Windows or Android .The BIOS COUNT TO 10 AND BOOT THE LAST OPERATING SYSTEM I used or I can choose – (C9j8)

    2. If I want only Windows – no more Android on the Tablet –I can delete from windows all Android partition and then to extend the Windows system partiton C: ? It will work ?

    3.Last update for windows 8.1 is around 400+ MB can’t be installed bcz not enough space … so I reduce the space for Backup and recovery .. seems too a bit faster ( think more space for swap and less page faults )

    4. If we connect an external SSD the performance will improve In Windows ?


    • Answer for #3:

      Yes. I used windows diskmgmt to delete all of the “RAW” partitions, and then created an NTFS partition and it worked beautifully.

    • hi how reduce backup or resize partition? i’m interesting to installing only windows.

  4. chris do you know what are the dimensions of the screen of the chuwi vi8? thanks

    • Well 8″ diagonal

      • hi chris do you know what’s the length X width of the screen only? was thinking of shopping for a screen protector whilst waiting for my vi8 to arrive..:)

        • Sorry I don’t have it on hand anymore to measure the dimensions. But you can find Chuwi Vi8 screen protectors on Ali Express and I think mine even came with a screen protector on it.

  5. thanks again for all the info and reviews chris.. ive just placed my order.. theres a one day sale of $96.99 for the dual os version with hdmi.

  6. hi again regarding the installation of the 64gb card its stated here that the machine can accept such a card..



  7. hi chris and owners of chuwi vi8, has anyone tested if the following works?

    – 64gb card
    -clear listening of mp3 audio using 3.5mm earphone jack(ive heard some people mentioning there was distortion)
    – installation and use of programs such as klite codec pack,media player classic hc, winamp and utorrent.

    thank you chris for uploading really deep analysis on these affordable Chinese tablets..

    • Yes, I have tested a sandisk 64GB extreme card in it and it worked just fine. The sound was fine on my unit, but like the X80h I think it depends on if your unit has a hiss or not over the headphone jack. I also installed Klite codec pack 10 I think it was all good. Utorrent 2.0.4 ran fine as well. MPC also no issues. Winamp I didn’t run on it, but don’t see why it would not wouldn’t work.

      • wow dats really amazing chris… its like getting a full fledged laptop for under a hundred bucks.. my asus laptop is able to connect to the my iphone’s 4g signal via the iphone’s hotspot so I guess the chuwi will be able to accomplish the same feat right? and another thing is the windows on the chuwi is licensed rite? saw an uploader who reviewed the chuwi and it had “windows with bing” on the bottom right hand corner of the desktop background.. keep up the excellent work chris!

        • Yes the Chuwi will connet to your phones hotspot no promblems there. It’s a licensed copy of Windows 8.1 Bing, Bing just has the search provider in IE11 set to Bing.

  8. Chris i was able to boot windows. Connected an usb hub whit keyboard and mouse.

    booted windows bios, changed boot priority back to windows. In windows installed a tool to browse android partition. Edited back the build.prop. Win!

    Thank you for the support mate

    • Great, glad to hear!

    • Hi christian, I know you need root to edit the build.prop when using the android os, but does the android side need root for you to edit the build.prop using the tool in windows? Thanks in advance.

      • Need to do it from Android, you can’t access it from Windows.

        • Hi Chris. Thanks for responding. Christian said ” In windows installed a tool to browse android partition. Edited back the build.prop. Win! ”

          So the tool is only for browsing? Then you have to boot back to android to make the change?

  9. Thank you Chris.
    Boot holding volume + doesnt help. Power volume – brings me into recovery. So no progress whit that.

    hoping they can help me, otherwise.. i contact the seller and ask for repair? Hope the shipment prices to send it back are not expensive…

    thank you

  10. Hello Chris. Thank you for your answer.

    The root worked following part of your advice + a korean guide about the vi8 and other programs to root.

    Now i have a BIG problem. I cant boot andorid anymore after i have edited the build.prop (korean guy had a guide about editing the dpi from 160 to 200) did that, build.prop problem and it doesnt let me boot.

    Now… i can enter the recovery and i can try ADB (but apparently doesnt let me pull/push) and anyway i need a working build.prop (could you please upload yours!) to really give it a shot.

    At this point.. could you please be more specific about the partition thing you said before?

    If im not able to recover android i could really delete the android partition and oly use windows.

    Is there a way to manually choose what OS to boot? or im stuck on android side untill it boots?

    Help me please ;_;

    • Sorry, I had to sell my Chuwi in order to help fund the Teclast X80h, try XDA for a build prop? As for the boot menu I’m not sure this will work but it’s worth a shot. Power it off, and then boot it holding the volume up button. Works on the Onda’s and Teclast Dual OS tablets, so it might just work!

    • Hi there, I got the same problem, just switch it on and keep pressed the LOW volume switch, it will offer the choice to choose betweem the 2 systems

    • Hi there, I got the same problem, just switch it on and keep pressed the LOW volume switch, it will offer the choice to choose betweem the 2 systems

  11. Hello Chris. Im searching like a madman but so far i havent found anything about gaining root access and eventually removing dual boot and installing only windows on my dual os vi8.

    Can you help me?

    Im a big fan of yours, got my vi8 after your reviews 😀

    Thank you man!

    • Hi, you can try Root360 or Kingroot for root. As for just installing Windows, using a partition manager delete the Android Raw partitions and then create a new partition for Windows or Resize the current Windows partition and increase it’s size. I think this is the best way to do it so you keep your Windows 8.1 bing license and don’t need to do a fresh new install.

  12. Hi Guys,

    Im considering getting a Dual Boot Chuwi Vi8.
    Does the HDMI port work well, i wanna use it to browse around, do my home administration. some little games but also i wanna be able to connect it to my TV and watch videos etc.

    • Yes I hear it works well, if it’s anything like my Teclast X80h (Same hardware & Dual OS) It will be a nice little tablet for hdmi out.

  13. I think this looks like an interesting, cheap, tablet. Was wondering what your experiences with the Win8 version have been like? I’m tempted to pick on of the dual boots up as a device to carry around some books and magazines when I travel and to edit office documents on from one drive. Watched your review and was pleasantly surprised considering the price.

    • Just a heads up I’ve got one of these dual boots and I’m pretty impressed. Switching OS is a little on the slow side (maybe 45 seconds?) but otherwise I’m pretty impressed with it’s performance for less than the £100 I paid.

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