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[Updated] X98 Air 3G / Air II : Mirek190’s Android 5 Lollipop V4 Custom Rom Released

[Updated] X98 Air 3G / Air II : Mirek190’s Android 5 Lollipop V4 Custom Rom Released

Update: Download files updated to Mirek190’s Android 5 Lollipop V4.1, this is a bug fix release that fixes the freezing issues most were experiencing. I have just flashed this myself and it seems good so far with no freezing.

XDA member Mirek190 has recently released V4 of his Android 5.0 Rom for the Teclast X98 Air 3G and Air II over at XDA. It’s for all variants of the X98 Air 3G and Air II, download mirror links below.

3G Files X98 Air 3G Stock Win 100.1 MiB4767
Air 3G Updated WLAN And BT Drivers Nov 20141.4 MiB5058
Android Demo Vids And Images578 MiB1712
Android Flashing PARTITION TABLES18 KiB5967
CUSTOM CONFIG For X98 Air 3G Intel Flash Tools510 B4062
Dualboot Bios Tested C6J6 And C8J73.6 MiB8283
ISO2DiscSetup0.9 MiB3706
Intel Mfg Tools16.1 MiB8731
Performance Mode (High, Balanced and Power saving) ON-OFF658 B4175
Realtek BT 20140.2 MiB1647
Realtek Wifi 3007.10.1031.2014 20141.2 MiB2043
Teclast Air 3G Android 3D Freeze Temp Fix "FastMode"0.3 MiB1794
Teclast Bios Editor2.0 MiB2563
Teclast OS V210.8 MiB1432
Teclast OsSwitch Android To Windows27 KiB3204
Teclast Windows To Android Switcher2.3 MiB5363
Teclast X98 Air 3G Doubledriver Driver Backup84.8 MiB2813
TouchSetting Gt File For Air 3G Touch Screen Calibration1 KiB2430
X98 Air 2 Android 5.0 Mirek190320 MiB1091
X98 Air 2 Android 5.0 Mirek190315 MiB425
X98 Air 2 Android 5.0 Mirek190 V5.0-ultra-light246 MiB1071
X98 Air 2 Android 5.0 Mirek190 V6.0-ultra-light247 MiB864
X98 Air 3G (All Variants) Android 5.0 Beta V3.0 Mirek190336 MiB5229
X98 Air 3G (C6J6) Mirek190 3.0296 MiB1356
X98 Air 3G (C8J7) Mirek190 3.1296 MiB1257
X98 Air 3G (C9J7) Mirek190 3.1296 MiB1987
X98 Air 3G Air II Dual Boot Bios Flasher bat3.9 MiB4392
X98 Air 3G Air II Official Android 5.0 V2 Debloated With Root (Tecknight)406 MiB3657
X98 Air 3G Android 5.0 (c5j6) V2.00 Final568 MiB4679
X98 Air 3G C5J6 Doubledriver Backup July 201581.6 MiB1387
X98 Air 3G C5J6 Windows 10 drivers pack (29th July 2015)111 MiB13872
X98 Air 3G C6J6 C8J7 Google Play Fix Files32.6 MiB3670
X98 Air 3G C6J7 WIndows Bios And Flasher bat2.5 MiB1993
X98 Air 3G Dual Boot C9j7 Wifi Driver Fix0.6 MiB2031
X98 Air 3G Flasher Bios 2.02 - Works On 100 % On C5J6, C6J6, C8J713.3 MiB6660
X98 Air 3G Toolbox Zip38.3 MiB1956
X98 Air 3G Toolbox with Root36.1 MiB3186
X98 Air 3G USB Bios Flasher55.4 MiB2691
X98 Air 3G Windows 8.1 Drivers87.1 MiB6585
X98 Air 3g Android 5.0 Mirek190320 MiB2231
X98 Air 3g Android 5.0 Mirek190317 MiB649
X98 Air 3g Android 5.0 Mirek190 V5.0-ultra-light246 MiB383
X98 Air 3g Android 5.0 Mirek190 V6.0-ultra-light248 MiB1610
X98 Air 3g(c6j6) Ota V2.00 to V2.01_2014122514.1 MiB1724
X98 Air 3g(c8j7) Ota V2.01 to V2.02_2014122313.2 MiB1630
X98 Air 3g(c9j7) Ota V1.06 to V1.08_2014122512.7 MiB1347
X98 Air Dual Boot Bios For Android3.6 MiB2185
X98 Air II (HG6N) Bios File for Windows 8.1/102.3 MiB4030
X98 Air II Custom Rom (HG6N)321 MiB3542
X98 Air II HG9M Android 5 V3.00 Final580 MiB2232
X98 Air II HG9M Doubledriver Backup July 201580.7 MiB1463
X98 Air3G C6J6 Lite (JCEspi2005)322 MiB1527
X98 Windows 10 Stock Image Factory Drivers Dump84.4 MiB2971
X98-Air 3G (C8J7)-Android4.4.4-V2.00-(Official)556 MiB1426
X98-Air-3G 2.02 BIOS Flash In Android13.4 MiB3463
X98Air3G Android Only Bios2.4 MiB2594
X98Air3GW C6J7 WIndows Bios .bin file2.3 MiB1428
XposedForTeclastX98 UpR774.7 MiB762

Please note there have been a few comments about freezing. lag and camera issues by some XDA users, only older X98 models.. It seems it’s most stable on the X98 Air 3G C5j6 and HG9M Air II 64GB models at the moment. You  can flash it via the included bat file or via Intel MFG tools. There is an optionto flash just the rom leaving Windows untouched. And like always, please flash this with care. Tech Tablets, isn’t responsible lost data, bricked or burnt  Teclast X98’s!


If you’re after a more Offical ROM, please check out the Final v2 Android 5.0 Teclast X98 Air 3G / Air II ROM.

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  1. Chris, love the site and the videos BTW but enough sucking up ….

    Q1: Is the Android setup such that its a single partition (for apps etc) or is System and Apps on different ones?

    Q: Is it possible to adjust the partition sizes for Windows or Android (using a tool from Windows like Partition Magic or even a Gparted Live CD? I’m not sure what the spacing is but somehow I doubt it will be what I would want…

    • Hi, Android using a whole bunch of partitions. About 6-8 of them. Justing them just isn’t an option as I have always run into issues with tablets not booting or boot loops. With the dual boot you can delete Android and later increase the partitions for Windows using a partition manager. We have info on that here: http://techtablets.com/forums/topic/how-to-delete-android-and-merge-partitions-in-windows-for-more-space/

      • Thanks. But within Android, does it see it as one partition for data and apps or two? With phones some Lollipop ones have single partition which means no problems with running out of the right type of storage partition for installing more apps

  2. Sorry for probably easy question but I need to ask after installing this rom: what is the way now to install windows 10 as a second boot?

  3. Sir donyou observed android system tabs which were already closed, recent tabs in mirek 5.0 4.1, I observed earlier also but in lollipop only.

  4. Could you tell this software operating method for beginner ????

    • There is a flash.bat inside the folder. Run that and follow the steps.

  5. Will this or the 5.0 official room work on the 32GB variety of the Air II?

    • This rom will, but some have reported minor issues like inverted cameras and lag on first boot.

    • It works perfect. Ony issue i can see that you cant move your apps to an sd card. I cant manage to get this working with link2sd and an proper sd card with the right 2 partitions.

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