Intel Atom X5 Z8300 Can Run 4GB of Ram it seems

Intel Atom X5 Z8300 Can Run 4GB of Ram it seems

Many of the new Cherry Trail Tablets due to be released soon like the Chuwi Hi10 have Atom X5 Z8300’s in them, but with 4GB of Ram. I originally thought this must have been a typo, or it was the Z8500, as it supports up to 8GB of Ram. Well it seems the X5 Z8300 can indeed support 4GB of Ram, although Intel’s Ark claims it’s limited to 2GB & single channel.

Atom X5 Z8300

But it seems Onda and Chuwi, maybe even Teclast has it running 4GB. I wonder if it’s running in single or dual channel. And if it’s only single then the memory bandwidth will be halved. Here’s proof of the Onda V919 CH with an X5 Z8300 (Wasn’t it meant to be a X5 Z8500?) and 4GB of Ram, From the Onda forums:

Onda v919 CH Onda v919 X5 Z8300 4gb onda v919 ch 4gb

Since the X5 Z8500 seems to be a hot chipset as seen in the X98 Pro and Asus T100HA, maybe the X5 Z8300 is the sweet spot without throttling and in the long run, might even perform better? Much like the Core M 5Y10, will get better scores over the faster (On paper) 5Y70 fanless tablets don’t have much thermal heat room. I’m waiting to receive my Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate with a X5 Z8300 or the Onda v820w CH, as soon as I do I will be able to test the X5 Z8300 out in person, but these only have 2GB configured.

By the way, the Onda V919 CH looks quite ugly with its HTC cloned look in gold and horrendous black borders. Oh dear Onda…

Onda V919 CH gold

Source: Onda Forums (In Chinese)

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  1. Seems interesting. It looks interesting to me:
    X5-8300 – Unknown heat
    X5-8500 – Is Overheating
    X7-8700 – Isn’t overheating at least in the Surface 3.

    How is it possible that the strongest processor doesn’t overheat and throttle but the slower X5 8500 does this?
    How great is the jump between 8300 and 8500? Is it a great performance and gaming improvement?

    • Maybe Microsoft just uses better cooling..

      • Or maybe the 8500 is Intel’s Snapdragon 810 😛

        Anyway I’m waiting for the X98 Plus.. Hopefully it won’t overheat like the Pro due to the 8300. A new design which might be better at cooling (again..hopefully)..and rest is the same (Same screen, 4GB RAM , I guess 32\64 and ~8000mha battery like on the air III). Anyway it will be faster than the Bay Trail, and the extra ram should be useful.

        So..X98 Plus vs H10 …dog fight 🙂 May the best one win!

    • Surface 3 using the whole metal back plate and casing as a huge heatsink, this is why I think. or the Z8500 tested so far are from a bad batch.

    • let’s clear things up a bit:

      throttling is absolutely normal for *every* soc out there. also, it depends on how the ODM has designed the device which may or may not be able to dissipate all the heat the soc generates.

      the fact that the z8500 throttles is absolutely normal. disappointing maybe but normal and to be honest far from the snapdragon 810 situation.

      just about every soc out there throttles unless it has a very efficient meaning of dissipating the heat. as for bay trails not throttling well, duh, it’s strange but perhaps they just don’t generate that much heat in the first place

      but anyway, rest assured that no oem would settle for the lesser model just because of throttling.

      • That is true, every fanless soc will throttle. What’s disappointing is the drop in battery life more than a bit of throttling, the trade-off for that extra GPU power has been the battery. Android doesn’t show any signs

    • About heating X5-Z8300. Found on Chinese forum quick test Onda V820w CH. If I understand correctly, the Z8300 is heated to 82-83 ‘C
      If this is true, I was expecting a lower temperature 🙁

  2. personally, i trust intel data more than this… it could be an error in the reporting of the soc by windows.

    looking at the datasheet it’s clearly stated that the T3 version of the soc (that should be the z8300) only supports up to 2gb of ram, single channel, ddr3l. the pin count is also very different, 1380 for T4 and 592 for T3. also, T3 does not support USB 3.0.

    so if a tablet has 4gb ram and usb 3.0 chances are it’s a z8500 rather than z8300 even if that’s what windows reports.

    OR, intel is playing some funky game regarding the soc and the package, meaning that a z8300 could be in either T3 or T4 package, with the latter being basically a z8500 with just lower clock speeds and the z8300 name.

    • if 8300 is just an underclocked version this is actually a good thing since z8500 overheats.

  3. HP has got something similar using a Z8300 and 4GB, the X2 210:
    As Patrick guessed correctly, it actually says LPDDR3-1600 in the spec sheet.
    One sexy tablet btw, with the front-facing speakers, full-size USB3.0 and USB Type-C. Any chance for a review? 😉

  4. Yep, it’s not the first time Intel ARK is wrong. They were wrong already about memory speed limitation on different CPUs.

    And as I mentioned before, Teclast (Official facebook page) wrote me that the Teclast X98 Plus will feature 4GB of RAM.
    I hope it’s true. They did write me the specification of the X98 Pro before any official statement (and it was correct) so I trust that the Plus will have 4GB RAM.

    Good times for us! 🙂

    • never seen ark being wrong. don’t confuse the processor’s officially supported ram frequencies with the max, out of spec frequency you can actually reach thank to third party motherboard manufacturer bioses…

  5. Thank you Patrick

  6. If you dig deeper on the ARK site and look at the Intel® Atom™ Processor Z8000 Series Datasheet (Page 17) , they mention that LPDDR3 memory is supported from 2-8 gigabytes of memory, and DDR3L is supported from 1-2 gigabytes of memory. Perhaps they are using the LPDDR3 memory?

    Here is an explanation of the different types of memory…

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