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Chuwi Hi10 Unboxing And First Impressions

Chuwi Hi10 Unboxing And First Impressions

Been a while coming, but I finally got my Chuwi Hi10, the Vi10 successor. After reports of the first batch running only 32bit Windows with 2.9GB of the 4GB of RAM usable, so I held off on my order as I didn’t fancy having another first batch to deal with the problems that arise.

So my Hi10 is here, sorry for the delay. Unboxing, hands on, storage benchmarks and speaker test is below.

First impressions:

  • 100% plastic build with a textured matte pattern on the rear, still shows fingerprints but not as bad as the Vi10’s glass.
  • Much lighter than the Vi10
  • The screen is nice. Sharp, bright and very clear compared to the Vi10. (As seen in Video)
  • One port is USB 3.0, it’s the blue one.
  • MicroSD card sits in flush and is hard to remove without the help of another MicroSD card or long finger nails.
  • Build while plasticity seems well put together.


I’ll have more on the Hi10 soon as I put the tablet through some benchmark tests and gaming.  The Hi10 64bit model is available from for $180

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. Finally got my chuwi hi10.

    The only thing that I’ve a problem with is when it is plugged into an external monitor and the external one is being used only the chuwi hi10 screen appears to be back lit and thus slows down the charging of the tablet. Using a blitzwolf charger max output 2.4A and a decent micro USB cable that can hold a 2A charge. Never had this problem with the chuwi vi10.

    Also another thing (more than likely a connected issue) is that when it goes into sleep mode while connected to the external monitor, the screen flickers every so often thus draining the battery. The only way to reach a full charge on the chuwi hi10 is to have it completely off.

    • Using the chuwi hi10 for a week now and the MicroSD card slot has stopped working. Took out microsd card and tried it on another PC and it works with no issue, looks like I managed to burn out the MicroSD card slot by watching too many videos off the microsd card.

    • Now had the chuwi Hi10 just over 5 weeks and now the screen is gone, not a very happy camper with this product.

      Better get a decent response to this problem unlike the response to the micro sd card slot failure which was a sobbing emoji.

  2. Who ships the safest for the long trip to the US? I didn’t like the way your shipping from GearBest looked. What are your suggestions?

  3. Hi Chris, I finally received the HI10 yesterday, but it doesn’t work properly. On first boot, I noticed that the seller already set up the the tablet and it had some application bloatware so I decided to reset it with the win10 reset option (keeping only the OS+driver) and then it took forever and stayed in chuwi logo screen so I decided to reboot it then it is now stuck in boot loop, showing chuwi logo, shutting down then rebooting, again and again… I think windows wiped some system files. Are you going to release the windows10 64bit image and the drivers for this tablet?

    • Mm I was also wondering if the VI 10’s image and drivers would work on the hi10

  4. Chris, you mentioned that you ordered the keyboard dock for the Chuwi HI10. I just purchased the tablet from Banggood but I’m not sure where I can find the keyboard dock to purchase it. Would you happen to have a website where I could order it? I know it will probably take some time to get to me but I’d like to have it since it will be quite helpful.

  5. Hi Chris,

    Is there a way to make sure that Hi10 I buy is not from the “first” batch that suffers from overheating and has unlicensed Win10?


    • now sell the 64bit version. And VC Mall on Aliexpress also do, might pay to ask them first.

  6. Chris, thanks for this.

    What’s your favorite tablet? I understand it was the Vi10 last year but you always said the Core M was twice as fast.

    So what’s your favorite tablet and why?

    • Hi, 8″ tablet the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 awesome quality for the price. 10″ tablet with keyboard, Vi10 Ultimate and maybe this Hi10 now that I can charge it just fine when in use. But I haven’t seen the keyboard yet. I like the Vi10 Ultimate for it’s battery life, keyboard and 2 x USB ports. Same goes for the Hi10 (Minus keyboard).

      Core M, the Teclast X2 Pro -> Good power, nice keyboard and two USB 3.0 ports.

      9.7″ dual boot Retina tablet, the Teclast X98 Pro. Powerful for what it is even with the poor battery life and heat, I like it. I’ll be updating my recommend tablets page soon.

      • What about Pipo W1S and Cube iwork10 ultimate as competition to Chuwi Vi10 or Hi10? Pipo W1S is about 50USD more expensive and has smaller battery, but it seems it is only tablet with speakers on different side of the screen. Without a proper review it is hard to tell about the quality of the audio, but I guess it is not worth for the price difference. Cube iwork10 ultimate seems to be out (TinyDeal says it is in stock) and there are pictures of it on XDA developers which I suppose are from a guy that has it. Since Cube is a great tablet maker it can be a great product in that class.

        Do you plan to have a review for those two tablets?

  7. Thanks, looks great (as opposed to the first batch ). Looking forward for the full review.

    BTW Chris, yesterday I pulled the trigger on the X98 Plus Dual Boot. Ordered it yesterday with a case and screen protector for total of 200$ (I had 7$ worth of GearBest points). Thanks for all the help, crossing my fingers now for some luck in the Chinese roulette 🙂

    • Might be some wait on the X98 Plus dual OS. It’s no due until the end fo the month I think. Should be a good tablet, my Windows 10 version had crazy battery life, over 8 hours. Nice build and screen, you’ll like it.

      As for the Chuwi Hi10, it looks good so far apart from not charging when in use with the stock charger and cable. But my Bliztwolf charger does charge it, so the supplied one is crap.

  8. Quick question it says it’s a Z8300 processor but according to intel’s web site it only supports up to 2gb ram is this correct or am I mis-reading it?

    • Yes, we thought the same but it does support LPDDR3 4GB of RAM.

  9. Hello all,

    I ordered a Vi10 Ultimate 64gb a few days ago from Banggood, unfortunately the Hi10 got in stock right after… I was thinking about cancelling my order and getting the Hi10. But with all the negative reports I’m scared off switching… What do you guys think?

    With the 10% coupon for 1st order with the app the price is similar. I’ll wait a couple off days for the Hi10 keyboard. I’ll use the tablet to take notes for my courses and browse the Internets. Do you think the Hi10 can run photoshop?

    Thanks for everything, happy new year!

  10. Chuwi hi10 or Teclast x98 plus , which one is best ? (better battery Back up ,performance, storage speed, less heating )
    Thank you.

  11. A little bit off-topic, but will you test some new Skylake Iris Mini-PCs soon?

    • Yes, do you have a link to them? I can’t find any for sale yet.

      • I saw a couple PCs and laptops and convertibles from HP etc.

        I assumed the Chinese sellers would have catched up to the new CPU?!

        • Oh they should soon, next few months. I think they are waiting to get the Core M3-6Y30’s at a decent price before they switch over to it.

  12. Thanks dor your info!!

    I’m not sure if i should buy the Chuwi Hi10 or the Teclast X16 Power. Is the 8GB RAM really worth it or is the problem with the heat to big?


    • If you’re looking to spend that much on the X16 Power, I recommend getting the X2 Pro or Cube i7 Stylus with its Core M 5Y10. It’s twice as fast. Which is why I won’t review the X16 Power as for that price you might as well get a Core M. I don’t see the point of it.

      • It’s OK saying that but they don’t support android. I’m sending my x16 back due to numerous faults, the latest is the screen going off with lines running through it. Don’t know what to go for now as I found the screen disappointing on the x16, also I haven’t bothered using Windows as I don’t like the interface on a tablet. Unfortunately there are no decent 11″+ android tablets out there. Hoping the new Skylake come as dual boot.

  13. is the screen plastic or glass?

  14. The packaging seems to indicate there may be a dual boot version. Do you know if you can get this with Windows+Android?

    • Not ,yet. Not sure when or if Chuwi will release it in dual boot.

      • So am I right that CPU wise it’s a step down from the vi10?

        • Yes weaker than the Z3736F on the CPU side of things.

          • Wow. I always thought that Z8300 is a step up from Z3736F…

          • No, well it is clocked much slower than the 2.16Ghz Z3736F. I would have like then to have gone with at least a X5 Z8500.

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