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Chuwi Online Press Event: Chuwi Hi10 Details Released

Chuwi Hi10 - full detailed released.

Chuwi Online Press Event: Chuwi Hi10 Details Released

Today Chuwi held an online press event on Weibo (Chinese micro-blogging platform) they released full details on the Chuwi Hi10 via several posts. They have confirmed it will have two full sized USB 3.0 ports, 2 x USB 2 ports, one microUSB for charging and data, the other full sized on the keyboard dock. This is good news, the more ports the merrier if you ask me, I personally think all tablets should have at least one full sized USB 3.0 port if the platform supports it.

USB 3.0 ports Confirmed.

USB 3.0 ports Confirmed.

Now the keyboard dock is indeed an Asus Transformer Book style giving us more than just one angle, up to 120 degrees and that full sized USB 2.0 port mentioned for your mouse or wireless receiver.

Chuwi Hi10 keyboard

The Chuwi Hi10 Keyboard can be moved upto 120 degrees freely.

Chuwi claim the 1920 x 1200 16:10 screen can go up to 400 lumens in brightness, it’s bright enough to see in the sun they claim and it supports 10 touch points.

The screen is 400 lumens bright and supports 10 touch points.

The screen is 400 lumens bright and supports 10 touch points.

The rest of the specs we already know, Atom X5 Z8300 (1.84 Ghz Boost) Intel Gen8 GPU (12 EU cores) 4GB of RAM,Wireless N 150mb/s, Bluetooth 4.0, micro HDMI out and Windows 10. What’s a tad disappointing is still not dual band wireless. The price? $188.99 over at on preorder. It should be shipping by 16th I would imagine if its due to release on this week in China.

Edit: Actually the battery I’ve read to be 8000mAH, but as comments have pointed out, the battery is listed as 6500mAH on online listings. I can’t find anywhere where Chuwi have confirmed the capacity.

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  1. Does anyone have any information on the official Chuwi Hi10 keyboard / dock? The reason I ask is that there seem to be 2 different ones used in all the online adverts I have seen (not including bluetooth ones). For example in the images at the top of this page its a black keyboard with an extra USB on the right hand side near the back. Where as on the ‘Official Chuwi Hi10 keyboard / dock” on its grey with the USB again on the right but this time near the front. Its a bit over priced but looks to have a much better keyboard (no visible gaps down sides / under keys). All the pictures of the black keyboard make it look much more similar the the Pipo W1S keyboard and dock (full size arrows and tiny right shift key).

    GeekBuying grey keyboard dock:–Tablet-PC—Gray-355549.html

  2. Does anyone know if any reseller online actually has physical stock of these and is able to ship out instantly?

  3. why should i buy this tablet and not the vi 10 ?
    this is true that in this tablet they dont have windows 10+android ?

    • 4GB of RAM instead of 2GB, Full HD resolution screen instead of 1366×768, 16:10 ratio instead of 16:9.

      Yes, for now it is only Win10. Maybe later they will release Dual OS.

  4. What do you préfet Chuwi Hi10 waiting double boot or Teclast X2 pro?

    • Sorry I mean the choice between Hi10 and X98 pro?

  5. Whats up Chris,

    Love the site, I pretty much visit it everyday. I pre-ordered the HI10 on gearsbest for 185 USD this is going to be my first chinese tablet. I was hoping if you or anyone else can send me the link to the keyboard. So I can get both products! I noticed there was a link on ali express that sells both products for 209. Should i cancel the order on gearsbest and get the other deal instead? I copied the link under this message for reference.


  6. So far as I can tell, the tablet is on pre-sale, but the keyboard isn’t. Which is a little frustrating. Great about the USB 3.0 ports.

  7. I read somewhere that Original CHUWI Hi10 Removable Magnetic Docking Keyboard–Tablet-PC—Gray-355549.html
    is over priced $78.09 at geekbuying?
    Or is it the black keyboard that cost around $40?

  8. When the screen is of normal glass and use hinge as Asus T100HA and Acer Switch 10E.
    Asus T100HA have glass front and it crack the bottom glass when you bend the hinges.
    Acer Switch 10E have a plastic border at the bottom to probably prevent ghost touch (glass crack)
    I think if you have a tablet with glass even on the hinge area you need to be super carefully and not close/open it to hard
    Hopefully this is not an problem

  9. I was thinking of buying the Cube i7 Stylus during the 11.11 sale, but now I can’t decide between the i7 and this one 🙁

    I’m looking for something that can handle heavy multitasking and that is not too chunky/cumbersome.
    $188 is incredibly cheap for those specs, but no reviews yet…
    In the other hand, the i7 looks really great and somehow has some sort of a -chinese- premium feel, but it’s slightly too expensive, outside of a big sale like 11.11.

    Any advices?

    • As soon as ou said “heavy multitasking” Core M is the way to go. An Atom can’t handle heavy multitasking well.

      • Thanks for your reply, I’ll try to grab a Cube during the sale 🙂
        Nice blog by the way, visiting it daily.

  10. Do you know if the Vi10’s keyboard will be compatible with the Hi10 tablet ? Because the Vi10’s keyboard is cheaper and protected the back of the tablet.

    • No, Vi10 is not the same size.

      • That’s disappointing. I loved the keyboard Chris showed on his videos! The new keyboard doesn’t look protective at all. I liked the premium look of the cover in the vi10 keyboard.

  11. What about Z8300 + 4 GB RAM ? Is it possible ? According to intel – Z8300 supports only 2 GB of RAM.

    • This was discussed previousely. I beleive Z8300 is able to handle 4GB memory, but only in single channel mode.

      • Can you point me out to that discussion? I could not find it anywhere. Also according to Intel page:
        Memory Specifications
        Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type) 2 GB
        Memory Types DDR3L-RS 1600
        Max # of Memory Channels 1
        Max Memory Bandwidth 12.8 GB/s
        So it only supports single channel memory by design unless Intel’s page is wrong.

  12. With another specs i mean they dont mencioned the usb type c, the most important for me

  13. Hello Chris, i saw the event Last night and Im thinking to buy the hi8 pro on gearbest pre-sale, do you think there are the same specifications? Because in gearbest page they have images of the hi8 with android and another specs, thanks in advance.

  14. Will order this one and for a Screen Protector and case, as there are none available, I’ll order for a Pipo R9 as its got the same size screen. (Fingers Crossed)

    • Or the Pipo W4, W4S should be the same as that model has a 16:10 10.1″ screen. No doubt the same exact panel this Hi10 will have.

  15. Does it support any stylus ?

    • No stylus support. Look at the X16 pro and Cube i7 for that.

  16. Think I’m settling on ordering one of these beasts.
    I do not see a keyboard on BangGood listed, unless it comes with the tablet for $188?

    • BangGood page says “Attention: The keyboard is not included in the package.”

  17. T”he rest of the specs we already know, Atom X5 Z8300 (1.84) Intel Gen8 GPU (12 EU cores) 4GB of RAM, 8000maH battery. Wireless N 150mb/s, Bluetooth 4.0 and Windows 10.”

  18. What, no dual boot? Why does every tablet release have something missing?

    • Dual band Wifi and Dual OS is missing, but Dual OS might come later on with a new bios and frimware. We will have to wait and see.

      • Hey Chris, pls is there a pronounced disadvantage of a tablet not having Dual band WiFi like in d Hi10 as u pointed out in ur post?
        Been waiting for a Tab like this one like all my life :D. Hoping the WiFi stuff ain’t nothing serious.

  19. The battery capacity has been confirmed? I hope its 8000mAh too but in some retailers they claim it has 6500mAh which would be a dealbraker for me…

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