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Chuwi SurBook Indiegogo Crowdfunding

Chuwi SurBook Indiegogo Crowdfunding

Chuwi is preparing their latest 2-in-1 Windows 10 tablet the Chuwi SurBook, it’s going to start out as a crowd-funded project on Indiegogo. They have a promo page up for the SurBook here also asking people to leave a comment on what they would like to see in the SurBook.

Chuwi SurBook

The Chuwi SurBook

So far it’s shaping up to be possibly the best Apollo Lake Celeron N3450 tablet to date, premium Surface Pro 4 screen (2736 x 1824 12.3-inch with 450 lux), 6GB of RAM, 128GB eMMC 5 spec for storage,  2x USB 3.0 ports, Intel wireless AC, 37Wh battery, kickstand and a backlit type cover. And it supports the HiPen H3 1024 level pressure sensitive stylus.

What is really lacking from this tablet I feel is something more powerful, a Core M3 version of it, something with more power than the N3450 would be great with 8GB of RAM. So let Chuwi know this in the comments on their website and maybe we might just finally see a Core M3 tablet from them.

They are also giving away 2 Surbook’s, taking place from the 19th to 29th. So you have ten days for a chance to win one here: Indiegogo SurBook press page. (Details are on the page)

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  1. How’s the battery???

  2. Would like to buy this tablet how much will it cost me to Kenya?

  3. get an update from Chuwi official , 349 for the Surbook,keyboard not included

  4. Chris there is smallest laptop in the world form GBD its name gpd pocket very promsing laptop i hope to get it to review

  5. Would be better if they focus on their existing products, give the best service and make existing customers happy. I have hi10pro in a week the SD card stop working. Okay I guess. In a month the touchscreen stop working. I angry at myself but I spent a lot of money In this garbage. I uninstall android and make it mini laptop using Windows only and keyboard. A weeks later the windows capacitive button is out of control, making start menu pop up every 5 second or so. I use registry to disable it (which is not easy to even access registry while the start menu keep popping up every 5 second or so). I guess my problem is over then a week later the keyboard, which is an add on but still chuwi product, stop working. So I couldn’t use my hi10pro without touchscreen and also without keyboard right? See how much I adjust myself just to be able to use this device. I spent about 300 or so for the tablet, stylus, and keyboard. Now all I got is 300 worth of the most expensive garbage in the world. Every penny totally not worth it. And customer service? They are not helping. So if u want to buy chuwi products, think million times. Are u happy with high possibility of losing your money and convert them to some metal garbage? If u are not, my best advice is DONT BUY CHUWI PRODUCTS. THEY ARE RUBISH. Thank you. Have a nice day.

  6. I would appreciate a keyboard dock (maybe with a little extra battery, at least to upgrade the battery life upto 10h and maybe a full size card reader….)

  7. Chris do you think getting it at a discount is worth the risk? Not super stocked about using these crowdfunding sites like indiegogo because as far as I know they don’t have to give out refunds for stuff.

    • With Chuwi behind it, I don’t think there is a risk, I do however see the possibility of delays. So it could be some time before we see it after putting down our hard earned cash. I’ll be backing it because I want to review it and get it for cheaper than the full price.

  8. I’d love to see at least one detailed review on YouTube of the new stylus, the HiPen h3. Compared to Wacom AES/N-trig/EMR (Cube i7), failing that at least with the previous h2, which had problems.

    Nobody seems to know which technology they’re using.

    Accuracy, palm rejection, pressure, lag, parallax.

    Many reviewers seem to be shy in reviewing styluses because of their professed lack of artistic skills. (Even though nobody cares…)

    After all Chuwi is competing with the big boys here with these digitizer tablets. It’d be nice to see how they stack up.

    • The trouble is (for me at least) I don’t use a stylus, I’m not an artist or ever need one apart from basic things like signing a PDF file. I’m not going to claim I know stylus’s and I use them when clearly I don’t. I’ve covered what I can to the best of my ability of the HiPen H3in the Hi13 review. Mischief, OneNote, photoshop etc. Pressure levels, design, lag & lag in PS accuracy etc.

      While it’s good for the chipset and price, it’s not great. But as mentioned my old Surface Pro 4 Ntrig feels better due to the rubber tip, it’s faster too, even the Wacom stylus in the Mix Plus and i7 Book etc is much better I feel.

      For what you’re after you need a review of the stylus from a professional that uses a stylus daily for their work. CAD, photoshop, cartoonist, some other art professional. I doubt they will be using cheaper low powered tech such as this. More likely a Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 with the i7 & 16GB. Finger crossed someone like that can post a detailed stylus review of the HiPen H3 for you, comparing it will all their other stylus-enabled tablets they work with.

    • Here is the detailed YouTube video you are after of the HiPen H3:

  9. there are plenty of tablets with this spec, i should be more powerful

  10. As I said before. Any new device loses my consideration if it is missing a USB Type-C port. Maybe, MAYBE, I would consider it if the price was really low. JMO.

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