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Chuwi To Hold Online Release Event for Hi10 and Hi8 Pro

Chuwi Hi10

From Chuwi’s Weibo, looks like the will have a release or press event on Weibo for the Hi8 Pro and Hi10 models on the 5th. No doubt it will just be a nuch of promo images and hype. But I hope they do release the full specs on the Hi8 Pro, if it has USB 3 type C or not.

Confirmed USB 3 Type-C:



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  1. Leaning more towards the Hi10 now. Just waiting to see info on the availability as I want a tablet before christmas, and preferably this month.
    Has a time been published for the announcement on the Hi10, I know its sometime tomorrow.

  2. So a Z8300 chip doesn’t support 4GB of RAM?
    Does that mean you cant utilise the extra memory at all?
    Looking to upgrade my Vi10 you see…

  3. One Aliexpress seller claims they have this tablet (hi8 pro) on stock, which is kind of strange when this tablet has not been officially announced. Other Chinese webshops have a pre-order at the moment and they ship the tablet end of November.

  4. I am still up in the air as to ordering the Teclast X98Pro or waiting on this Chuwi Hi10. Are there still major issues with the Teclast X98Pro overheating?
    The Full size USB on the Hi10 is tempting but I prefer the IPAD form factor.
    Which one do you think is better?

    • I’m having the exact same problem. Hi10 vs X98Pro. Full size USB vs 4:3 screen ratio.
      The X98 Plus (Z8300 + 4GB) is also an option which you didn’t mention though.. and the X16 Pro too.
      I already ordered the Sandisk 128GB microsd card.. just missing the tablet now!

    • get the x98 pro then. also, it’s really easy to put a thermal pad inside to get rid of any throttling

  5. any update concerning if it will be dual OS or only WIN10, it will be deal breaker for me if WIN10 only.
    does anyone suggest to wait until this 11.11 sale, i was lanning to buy vi10 64gb bundle with really good offer, should i wait until 11.11 ?

    • Looks like it’s Windows 10 only for now.

    • I’m guessing it will be windows only, and then they’ll release a dual boot later, like they did with the hi8 before it.

    • i care about dual boot too, but atm the only one is x98 pro. weird, anyway i expect atleast another one of the new cherry trails to be eventually upgraded to dual boot, sure hope it will be Hi10 or W1S

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