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Cube Confirm i7 Stylus Sale Will Have Licensed Windows 10

Cube Confirm i7 Stylus Sale Will Have Licensed Windows 10

After the mess Cube made of sending out their i7 Stylus last sale with Windows 8.1 without a legit license. Cube has confirmed that the i7 Stylus that’s going to be on sale on the 11.11 $285 sale will have Windows 10 with an official license. Great, so no KMSPico activation which should have never happened in the first place!

Cube i7 sale

This $285 deal is no doubt the best offer around on 11.11 for a Core M 5Y10, 4GB tablet with keyboard dock and full speed SSD. You’ll not find a Core M tablet cheaper than this and when compared to the likes of the Teclast X16 Pro which is going to be around $280 dollars, it’s a no-brainer to opt for the more powerfull Core M, Sata3 SSD over an Atom & eMMC drive. Be sure to check out my i7 Stylus review if interested.

Cube i7 Stylus 11.11 sale page.

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  1. Hey Chris, I purchased and received my i7 Stylus from the 11.11 sale. Sad to say, the vendor is a bad one because they provided me a OEM version of stylus instead of the original CEP01 (even acted blur when disputed).

    Anyway, I am writing in to ask you that my tablet comes with Windows 10 but it doesn’t come with a free year subscription for Office 365. Why is that so? Please help.

    • How do you know, that you have OEM version of stylus? I have received mine too yesterday. Stylus seems to be working fine, I like it much more than I anticipated and maybe it will stay with me (I wanted to sell it at first, because I have got crazy price with 120$ coupon). Mine came with genuine and activated Windows 10 Home and it made me happy and suprised.

  2. btw it starts at 9am europe central time +1 cet
    on aliexpress it says 0.00 pts time thats 9am over here πŸ™‚ will be tricky for me at 9am i will be in the car πŸ™‚

  3. hey chris on this video you commented about the surface pro 2 tempered glass screen protector did you buy one? and where? cause i found some on aliexpres for 7euro vs the original one for the cube i7 stylus witchs is 10euro. is it the right size? not too small or to big? cause the original on is a bit smaller than the screen that’s what they say and i saw a video it’s okay just curious if the surface pro 2 has the same size

  4. so are cube handing out legit keys for the stylus now?

    defender scan didn’t complain about kmspico but keyfinders show all B’s for license key…

  5. This tablet looks pretty solid.
    I’m trying to think if I need Android at all… I always wanted dual boot but now I’m not sure what I can’t do with Windows really.. Steam seems to have enough games and most apps are also available in mobile version of websites.
    So..why android then..?

    @Chris, do you even start Android on your dual boot tablets? If so, why?

    I guess the only thing better in Android is sharing. Much easier to share ..anything. Anything else I’m missing?

  6. So there are two versions of genuine cube i7 stylus or not? One of 9000mAh and the other with 4500mAH? Sorry for this question but I want simply to understand if this offer is a good offer or it’s simply it’s related to a downsized version of the tablet (so not genuine because on main company site speak about 9000mAh). Thx!

    • No two versions. This tablet has always 4500mah (33300mWh). Yes, many writes in specifications 9000 mah, but it’s not true value. I tried to explain that 4500 mah is a good value, because the voltage each battery are summed up and get 7.4V. If this 2 batteries connected in parallel, you get 9000mah, but you get voltage 3.7V, too low for work Core M.

  7. Wait guys, the seller tell me more than one time that the device has a 4500Mah (similar to i7 CM), not 9000Mah… some is wrong in this offer… and also didn’t answer about win10 genuine installation… I have sadly some doubts about product offer and related description.

    • 4500 mAh it’s ok. Battery voltage 7.4V, not 3.7V

      • I’m don’t understand much about it.. could you explain the whole 4500mah vs 9000mah and 3.7V vs 7.4V?
        I mean.. I understand that 2(4500, 3.7) = 9000 ,7.4 but what does it really mean regarding the device?

        • I read about it:
          This tablet use two batteries with 3.7V and 4500 mAh. They connected 2 batteries in series and received 4500mAh x 7.4V = 33300mWh. If batteries were connected in parallel then we would have 9000mAh x 3.7V = 33300mWh, but 3.7V is too low for Core M. In both cases we have the same energy 33300mWh πŸ™‚

          • So dear, do you understand the real battery dimension for the tablet in this offer? 9000mAh (also double 4500mAh) or only 4500 mAh? The seller don’t say me nothing about the double presence of n.2 4500mAh, speaks only about n.1 battery for a total of 4500mAh.

            • real battery dimension is 4500 mah, but in watt-hour it’s good value 33300mWh.

        • See my review for battery stats

  8. I bought a tablet a week ago from bangood and is fully activated (no KMSPico) πŸ˜€

    • What was the price? I’m asking because the Chinese websites like to raise all the prices before November 11th.

  9. just for sure, this special price (11.11) is with keybard includet ?

  10. Keyboard for the cube i7 stylus is also on sale on the 11.11 sales. My currency on aliexpress is gbp and normally it sells for Β£45 but they are dropping it to Β£35 for the sale. A good price drop. I’m hoping for a bigger saving if i bundle it with the tablet.

  11. The ad says “TF slot which supports memory cards up to 32GB”. Really!? That’s a party pooper…

  12. I’m arguing with myself between the i7 Stylus and the hi10. How good is Cube’s build quality? How does the CoreM compare to Z8300?

    • build quality good

      Core M more than two times faster as compared with Z8300.

    • I recommend this over the Hi10, it’s a powerful tablet and cheap. But you do need to factor in a keyboard.

      • Its also 100$ more and has a bigger screen wich not everyone may like.

        • True it all depends on your needs in a tablet. The Hi10 keyboard isn’t included and looks to cost around 30-40 more. Not the $80 geekbuying have it listed at.

          • But the keyboard on the I7 is not included.

            Without keyboard on your link: € 353,53 / $381.32

            With keyboard: € 420,28 / $453.32

          • The i7 stylus is one third more expensive than the hi10 with keyboard.
            In the linked 11.11 sale, the cube i7 with keyboard is priced at 339 dollars, whereas the chuwi hi10 will be priced at 209 dollars (with keyboard).
            I dont know if its worth the difference….
            What would you advice in terms of battery time and price if one needs a tablet mainly for movies and Browning….

          • meant browsing …

          • ok didnt say anything. I was looking for the price without the discount xD.

          • And also the wacom stylus is another 30 to 50 dollars extra

  13. How good is the built in GPU in comparison to the one on cherry trails ?

    • Twice of powerful… In fact it’s really near to the Intel HD4400 of the Surface Pro 2 with i5 4200U.

  14. If this had android on as well I would be all over it, hoping instead for a good deal on the x16 power. Just wish there was a dual boot core m tablet out there.

    • Right.. I’m afraid the loss of Android (dual boot) is a bigger minus than the plus of having core M. IMO at least.. I never had Android tablet but I want to have all the apps and games in the playstore.. Not sure if the Android virtualization is stable enough and what are the downsides of using it compared to real Android.

      • Is it not possible to install it on a seperate partition?
        There is this: which supposedly can run many (but not all) Android apps.
        And as reported, Google will be merging Android and Chrome OS into one. But… it’s not here yet.

        • There are also Android emulator software you can run inside Windows that enable running apps.
          One that I have used in the past is Bluestacks. It worked OK for every app I tried.

          • test post (having issues)

          • I’ve tried Bluestacks. It was very laggy..and even when worked ok, it cant handle graphics i think. I dont think graphic performance would be any good on emulators. This tablet is so tempting.

          • amiduos, it’s not bad, not laggy but it’s $15 now iirc. same ami as ami bios.

  15. I’m not sure, if this is really a good deal.
    With shipping costs to Europe it will cost about 300 Dollar. On this you have to add your local import taxes. Then you are normally at 360$ or more. When you buy it on Gearbest from UK Warehouse you pay 370$ incl. shipping costs and you have no taxes. This are only 10$ more and you have not wait till 11-11.

    • If you get it sent without EMS, DHL or FedEx, just PostNL or RoyalMail you should have to pay the taxes. At least I don’t in Spain.

  16. I’d buy this in a heartbeat if they were shipping this to Croatia, unfortunately they aren’t for some odd reason. πŸ™

  17. Very interesting. They did’t say, but I hope that it’s not the Chinese version of Windows πŸ™‚ Thanks for the info, Chris. Before, I did’t want to buy i7 styles because pirated versions of Windows, but now going to think…

    • Well I assume it would be Windows 10 Home and not Windows 10 Chinese only version.

    • Hmm say this about the Windows 10 version: Please note:ONLY English and Chinese are genuine Windows os, if you change to other language, then the os will be become NON-GENUINE after activated .

      • This is strange. Ok, I want to ask the Aliexpress seller about the license, if I decide to buy;). While waiting for the presentation Chuwi hi10 (more performance I do not need, but want full-sizes USB 2+USB 3 and longer battery life).

        • I would post a question to Microsoft Support about this. It seems odd to me that they would have restricted licenses like that. Windows 10 as you know runs in almost any language and is changeable.

    • I asked the seller on Aliexpress (linda Tang from Shenzhen Ele Technology Ltd.), they said:
      “yes , it is official win10
      it has chinese and english
      you can install the other language
      maybe need you install language packing in it”.

      But I could’t know whether Windows will be licensed after change language or not.

      • I’m sure you can find out on Tenforums or Microsoft Support.

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