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Teclast X98 Plus v1.02 Bios update & Windows Drivers

Teclast X98 Plus v1.02 Bios update & Windows Drivers

Teclast have released a new bios update for the X98 Plus, I discovered it on the Official Forums here. No idea on what it fixes, something to do with slowness bug? Maybe slow wifi, although I haven’t experianced this myself.

The update tool is in Chinese, but I figured out how to use it using google translate. When you come to a screen where it asks for data to be added. Type in your X98 Plus model number. A5C6 is my X98 Plus’s, this worked and the bios updated without a problem.

Make sure you have at least 80% battery just to be on the safe side.

I have also uploaded my X98 Pro Windows 10 drivers for those that want to do a fresh Windows 10 install.

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  1. hi guys,

    have this tablet for two days now, not been able to put it through all my usual passes, but I already realized that it behaves “choppier” than my wife’s toshiba encore 2 tablet – Z3735 + 2 GB RAM…isn’t this tablet supposed to behave at least, on par with this lower specs tablet?!

    tonight I’ll try putting his resolution to half to see how stuff behaves, but it shouldn’t be like that!!

    is there any crazy tweak that ‘m missing to have him behave snappier..? when i got him, someone had already fully installed windows (which I didn0t like) so I did a factory reset (didn’t require any drivers for him to function properly)…if I do a CLEAN install and then install the drivers you provide here, will it do the trick?!

    kind regards and keep up the great website

  2. These drivers also works for Windows 8?

  3. Hi Guys,
    I currently have the teclast x98 Plus A5C6 and I have reset the Windows 10. Now, I can´t access windows… Any input on this?
    And how to solve it?


    • i found the way to make it clean version of win 10 for X98 plus

      In order to revive your touch screen input, u have to reinstall x98 plus’s bios

      and then u will face new problem that ur touch screen input doent work after long time of lock screen of window,

      so u need TouchSetting.gt file pasted in INF folder easily found from Windows folder ,

      TouchSetting.gt file can be found from x98 plus drive’s folder

  4. message: upgrade error :/

  5. Fixed it, I just used the drivers for the X98 Pro and used the added installer 🙂

  6. Also the screen is upside down when you rotate, these drivers dont work with the X98 Plus (

  7. Ok, Did A complete reinstall of Windows 10 again with a bootable USB, Everything great UNTILL I install the Goodix Touchscreen drivers, they dont work , the tablet is inverted!! (((

  8. Now my screen keeps going upside down and the touch screen is all inverted, battery at 19% now, will have to except not going to get it up and running tonight, will do a complete reinstall tomorrow and hopefully will be more successful installing the drivers, I also couldnt get the display driver to install, might be because net framework isnt installed yet, was definately alot easier with my Onda v919 Windows 10 tablet

  9. Could someone please tell me where the Goodix driver is in the driver folder, I can see the GT file at the bottem but I cannot see the Goodix driver for the touchscreen

  10. Thanks for this info! Does the dual boot X98 Plus A5C8 version will also benefit from this BIOS update? Or this update is strictly for A5C6 only? Thanks!

  11. HELLO I have downloaded the program x98plusbiosupdatetool I run it on the tablet as an administrator , I get a screen where you ( yes -no) I give yes .
    I then leaves a gap to fill which puts up 107 106 and higher .
    there that I have to put ??
    Someone can guide me. Thank you.

  12. What???? I don’t understand anything in the Chinese forum can you please put a link here to download the bios update ?

  13. Chris I hope you have the time to give it another go with the new firmware to see if anything improved.

    I personally don’t care about games but your review showed that it might be too show even for web browsing

    • I’ve given it a go and it feels smoother, benchmark scores remain the same.

      • Thanks. That’s what matters at the end of the day, perceived performance.

        Would you day it’s x98 air 3g smooth?

      • Hi Chris, Can you guide me to upgrade Bios??? etc: video or text…..
        sorry my English is bad, thank you

  14. That BIOS update is to fix (台电X98 Plus Bios 修复卡机充电慢等BUG)
    1) charging not constant
    2) stuttering or hanging during operation
    3) the rest are not mentioned.

    Anyhow, please find the link below to download the Drivers for X98 Plus (approx 300mb)


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