2 in 1 Deals: Cube i10 Ultimate, Chuwi Hi12 & Cube iwork11 Sale

2 in 1 Deals: Cube i10 Ultimate, Chuwi Hi12 & Cube iwork11 Sale

Gearbest has a flash sale on the following tablets in limited quantities:

The Cube i10 Ultimate or Cube i10 Flagship. It’s a nice 2 in 1 tablet similar to the Chuwi Hi10 or Hi10 Air. It has much better build over the Hi10 and the keyboard is better with slightly larger keys, better build qaulity with metal and two USB 2.0 ports. A nice alternative to the Hi10 if you don’t mind the lack of full sized ports on the tablet itself.

The Cube iwork11 stylus, I reviewed this one a few months ago and it’s not a bad tablet. It’s like the more power i7 Stylus, without the SSD and Core M. You get Cube’s quality, Wacom stylus support and the 32bit Windows issue my review unit had is now fixed. So it has 64bit Windows 10 giving you full access to that 4GB of RAM.

Chuwi Hi12. The Hi12 is the first Chinese brand tablet to use the 2160 x 1440 Samsung PLS display from the Surface 3 Pro. A large 12-inch tablet, which has and optional keyboard and full sized USB ports is quite practical. If you’re after a high res screen Atom tablet, this is one of the best so far. See my Chuwi Hi12 Review here.

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  1. Still just waiting on the dual boot for the hi12 .

  2. Possible to flash iWork 10 win 10,to dual boot?
    Windows 10 version 160USD
    And the dual boot 200 usd

    • Yes if Cube release the files to do so, and they normally do.

  3. RE iwork11
    I have no luck getting the 64bit firmware throuh gearbest CS.
    For whatever reason Cube is not releasing it.
    For a 32bit win 10 tablet, I could have get a Lenovo for the same price with keyboard dock minus the wacom thingy locally!
    Those who are interested in getting iwork11…..it is 32bit still.

  4. Is there a coupon code or something? Hi12 is still 269.99 on gearbest?

    • Nope, but it seems the sold out of them at $249 so the price went up 🙁 There was only 10 units left when I saw this deal and posted it. If anyone finds a better price, please post it here!

      • Just bought one 30 seconds ago on everbuying for 239.99 usd.

        • How? I checked and it’s USD $ 257.76 All the Hi12 prices went up for some reason.

        • I still think it’s somewhat pricey at 240$. Sure it has that big screen, but the setup overall is in the lower-end.

          • Yes and no, that screen is quite expensive it seems. It is the Surface Pro screen and from Samsung. I hope the price lowers, I’m sure it will in a month or two when more Atom 12″ tablets come out.

          • Yeah, i would’ve preferred a slightly faster atom. Or even a Core M. But what the hell, i mostly just write, watch movies or program radios on it. I can make do with a Z3740 or the N2840 in my most low en laptop.

          • same here… same use… but i buyed it on fasttech for about 200 €

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