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Jumper EZBook 2 Windows 10 Image – Restore EZBook 2 To Factory

Jumper EZBook 2 Windows 10 Image – Restore EZBook 2 To Factory

Since Jumper hasn’t given us a stock factory Windows 10 image, I’ve created the next best thing that should work. I did a fresh Windows 10 install on my EZBook and it wasn’t as fluid, had driver issues and the screen looked like it wasn’t running full colors only half of them. Plus the most annoying part, the screen made a high pitch noise. I tried all the Intel GFX drivers you can think of without any luck. Only the stock image seems to run best on this Atom X5 ultrabook.

Download mirror: https://mega.nz/#!RAE0XAKD!xbN9W5qpmevJnBrjxoTWAS_hY6uEt5Z6_39HjI-KXT0

EZBook 2 Drivers Dump220 MiB10710
EZBook 2 Windows 10 Acronis Factory Image Backup5.1 GiB4766

Instructions: (Also in the download)

Backup made by Chris @ techtablets.com & tested working 18th July 2016.
Please consider buying me a coffee if this restored your Jumper EZbook 2
here: http://techtablets.com/support-us/
How to restore your EZBook 2 to factory Windows 10 image:

  1.  Download Acronis / Acronis True Image 2016 trial
  2. Install Acronis and created a bootable media USB (8GB or larger stick)
  3. Place the two backup image files on this USB drive, EZBook 2 Factory Image_full_b1_s1_v1.tib &
    EZBook 2 Factory Image_full_b1_s1_v2.tib
  4. Place the USB pen drive created with backup files in the USB 2.0 port (Very important) USB 3 has issues on boot
  5. Plug in a USB mouse in the USB 3 port or you can restore just with the keyboard, but it’s a mission. The touchpad does not work in Acronis!
  6. Enter the bios with Esc on boot. Go to boot manager
  7. Boot the Acronis recuse media you created with the files on it and then go to restore and restore this backup here you download. Overwrite your current C drive (64GB eMMC) Copy the WHOLE disk.
  8. Your EZBook two will now have the factory drivers and Windows 10 with an intact working recovery.
  9. Windows will fail to activate. Don’t freak, if your bios is the original one the key is there.
  10. Go to setting and perform a factory reset. On reboot after the reset Windows will read the SLIC Bios key and Windows 10 Home will activate once connected to the internet.
  11. Please consider buying me a coffee here: http://techtablets.com/support-us/ if this restored your Jumper EZbook 2. This site survives off donations and affiliate link purchases, without your help the site would close down.


Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. ciao io ho un problema, dopo aver pasticciato con il bios la scheda z8300 non si accende più e collegando la corrente non si accende nemmeno il led di ricarica, è possibile fare qualcosa per riprendere il mio jumper?

  2. I have a similar trouble with my new jumper ezpad 4se

    i am able to go at boot section pressing ESC key in a keyboard
    i am able to boot Android O.S
    i have a fresh windows 10 home 32 bit iso on a bootable usb key

    I AM UNABLE TO install a fresh copy of Windows 10 on my tablet..
    Specifically i am unable to find the option in BIOS page..

    That what happen


    When i try to boot in windows 10 i have always the same error message

    i am unable to boot a fresh copy of windows using my usb key..

    Please Chris Help me..

  3. I was happy with the Ezbook I bought in September, it had no issue with External USB HDD and it worked fine… but I really never used it that much.
    One day it began with frequent blue screen, so I decided to reinstall Windows… and it’s stuck on 64%!
    Hope I’m gonna fix it with this factory image…

    Mega.nz link does not work since I don’t own a Pro account and I can download a maximum of 5 GB per 6 hours.
    Google Drive Links here are the same ones?

    • Acronis let me choose only one of the two files you shared. Which one should I choose?

  4. you can reset bios without complicated procedures, only by shorting 2 legs of the bios, look for my comment in this forum

    • Can you confirm that works?

    • Where is the bios chip located and where is leg 7-8 can u show me a drawing or a picture pls this is my last try before i will brake the ezbook 😉 Ty.

  5. You can reset BIOS by shorting leg 7 and 8 while pressing power button, be advised

  6. Hi! I’m trying to restore my Ezbook 2 with your guide! When I create a bootable USB media with Acronis, my USB drive isn’t recognized in the boot manager of the Ezbook. What is the procedure in Acronis to make a bootable USB media? Thank you!

  7. Been having problems with my EZpad5S. Was wondering if this EZBook 2 image could be used to restore my EZPad?

    Keep up the good work Chris

  8. Hello,
    I’ve just gotten an EZbook 2 (2nd hand), where they installed Ubuntu.
    I did a clean install of Windows 10, but there’s no way to have the touchpad working (I’ve already tried many times to use Fn + F12 with no luck).

    Do you know by chance which driver I could try to use?

    As a last option I was considering to use your factory images, but I actually didn’t understand where I should create the USB key, in another computer?


    • I recommend using the original image. I had issues with my own fresh install. Use make a USB drive on other PC and follow the instructions above.

      • Hi Chris,

        thank you, I will try that tomorrow morning!

        So basically I have to install Acronis on another PC, use acronis to create a bootable image and then simply drag & drop the image files in the usb key? (and then follow the instructions).
        I’ve never done it so I don’t know the exact steps 🙂


      • Hello again Chris,

        I’ve done everything with the acronis image, but still the touchpad doesn’t work.
        I’ve written to the person who has sold it to me and he confirmed that it was working before installing Ubuntu (don’t know if to believe that, but still).

      • Hello again,

        tried for the 2nd time with the image, but no luck. Actually now the computer keeps getting BSOD after a few minutes of usage (that happened both with a clean install and the Image install)…

  9. Please note my model is jumper ezbook a13

  10. I hope my reply is posted

  11. Hi im glad iv found this post .so i got my laptop all in chinese .got rid of the old windows and fiddled around with the bios and ended up with (no bootable devise hit any key)
    First it uss to respond to pressing keys but after messing around with the bios i have ended up getting the notification box for good.
    The key board does not respond except for the power on and off. The screen comes on and both usb ports are giveing power but are not picking up any usb device that i hook.
    I have taken time out to visit a few repair people all have reaised their hands way up high and and stated they can not find any info on the net about this .however they did diagnose and stated they needed bios bat file to flash the bios again to see if that will get any responce from the usb ports and keyboard. Other then that the processor is heating up and it has had no other faults before i fiddled.they stated the bios is not available .
    Please help me in finding a solution to this

  12. Hi, your website and reviews are excellent, thanks! On paper the Ezbook 2 is exactly what I am looking for in price and features but sadly it appears some things still don’t work as well as they should. Could you tell me what you consider is the best Chinese alternative that is a similarly-specced thin, fanless laptop?
    Thanks from London UK

    • Well, the Jumper EZBook 2 will now have the Z8350 (fixed and slightly faster Z8300) if the USB ports power external drivers and the temps have improved it’s hard to beat. There is also the YEPO 737S, I just got mine, it looks to have cooler temps (Thanks to rear metal back cover). Very similar machines but the screen on the EZBook 2 is definitely better I feel. More on the 737S soon on the site.

      • Great thanks. I’m not in a super hurry so I’ll definitely wait for your follow-ups!

        • Not looking good for the 737S so far, Windows isn’t activating, USB 2.0 ports (No USB 3.0) and RAM is set to 1066Mhz instead of the top speed of 1600Mhz.

          • Right. I hope the next Ezbook 2 revision is the one to get but the minor processor upgrade seems irrelevant. I quite like the Ezbook Air but the lack of SD card slot seems ridiculous, let alone the single USB C, and I’m looking for a 13inch screen preferably.

      • Hi Chris.
        Thanks for your reviews and the info you provide.

        I’ve read what you wrote regarding the Z8350, but Gearbest’s listing doesn’t say so.
        In fact, what they say for the new version is:
        “Please note that the difference between Old Version and New Version is the appearance.”
        Seeing the pictures, I wasn’t able to notice any difference in the appearance.
        What I’ve clearly noticed, is that in many places they say that it has the Z8300 processor.

        Note: I got my EZbook about 3 months ago. It’s the second batch (Toshiba eMMC, blue USB3.0 port), but I was also unlucky like you, as it also has the USBs lack of power (and overheating) problem.

        • Like my own …cannot run external hdd usb 3.0
          Did someone can solve this?
          (Without adding another hardware)

          • I don’t think so.
            The only solution I found was by using a powered USB HUB, so I’ve ordered an ORICO H4013-U3-V1 4 Ports USB3.0 HUB from Orico Direct store @Aliexpress for $12 (a couple of days ago).

          • I never solved it, I tried power hubs with no luck what-so-ever. Just a waste of money.

          • @Chris G
            But I saw on of your videos a couple of days ago, showing that with powered USB HUB an external HDD gets connected.
            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cls95sY3wc [2′:10″-3′:00″]
            Somethnig changed after that and even that solution doesn’t work, or you simply forgot it? 😆

            • Oh 😐 I get confused, after all I’ve seen more Atom Z8300 tablets that any sane person would, it’s a bit of a blur at times…

          • If Jumper can sort out the USB3.0 issues, heat (maybe with a aluminium under side like the Air/YEPO) add a branded 128GB eMMC to the Ezbook and (hopfully) a better processor then I’ll be buying them till the cows come home. I’m sure it won’t be long before they or someone else does.

  13. Hi Chris G. Thank you for this super-contribution. Thanks to you, I have again running my Jumper EzBook 2. My problems started when I installed Ubuntu Elementary OS in a new partition on the disk. Since then it ripped blue screen windows in an infinite loop and could not configure the grub.
    So I found this reference, I prepared a usb, as you say here, and restored the entire system. And it has been working perfectly well !!!!
    I am very grateful for your contribution. Thank you very much.

    • Glad it worked, it took quite some efforts to prepare the image backup and write this up. But I used it to save my own EZBook 2.

  14. Hi there,

    I’ve got mine 2 months ago. The quality is fine, even if it’s totally made in plastic, not metal. But mine recognize my external 1TB HDD without problems. (maybe it’s not exactly the same model).

    First of all,I tried to up to date and got a bluescreen (probably due to wifi adapter).

    So I used your image to restore my laptop (thanks a lot btw) and updated it to the last anniversary w10, everything seems to work great, but:
    -My wifi adapter is really weak. I mean it’s ok when I’m in the same room as my router, but in my bedroom (15m and 2 walls away) I almost can’t watch youtube videos in 720p, while it works well with my others laptops or smartphones.
    -I think my screen don’t display all colors as well, I can particularly see it when I watch movies. It hard to explain, but it looks like the difference of colors is not smooth but degraded. What a shame for a such beautiful screen.
    -Some times, while it’s charging, I’ve got a lot of parasite noises, through headphones or speakers. really disturbing.

    Have you guys got the same problems or maybe you hove any ideas to resolve it?
    Thank you in advance and sorry for this long post.

    • Glad the image worked, if the colors look odd it’s due to the driver. The original image driver the screen looks good, but when I did a clean install it seems to be running lower bit of colors. (Displaying less) that’s the issue. And then that high pitch noise started.

      My Wifi was good, maybe open it up and take a look at the antenna? This could also vary unit to unit.

    • For the color display, I think it’s normal because of VGA onboard Intel atom series, so it cannot compared to other devices with dedicated vga
      And the color u can adjust by display profile.
      For WiFi weak signal, just search on YouTube to mod WiFi antenna for better signal reception.
      And noise sound while charging, on my unit, I don’t feel that…
      But my unit cannot power up external hdd usb 3.0

      • Thank you for your feedbacks guys.

        For my screen, it looks like it displays only 16bits instead of 32, but I really don’t know how to fix it, because everything seems to be alright in display settings.
        Maybe it’s my monitor PnP Driver, which is generic and from 2006.
        I’ve also seen that some of video settings can’t be changed in BIOS (graphical/video settings or something like that), so maybe one of you guys could take a picture of this tab in BIOS so I could compare with mine please? (mailto:[email protected])


  15. Hi Chris. The challenge with my EZbook 2 is that I upgraded the original windows 10 with a version that still experimental so now no keyboard nor usb ports working. On/Off button only working. The computer is stuck at the welcome screen, cannot login mouse and keyboard not working.

    Is there a way out to this? Than you in advance

  16. hello 🙂

    so what are the difference between the windows image on the ezbook
    to the image im going to install here :)?

    after the manual i got all driver working properly??
    or whats the point of installing this?


    • They are the same. This image here is the original, and since Jumper has not release their WIn 10 image for this notebook it’s the best we have. It also works!

  17. HI guys,

    I got an Ezbook 2 a few days ago (I read on gearbest that it’s the third batch, it says Ezbook 2 424 in the back, it is all plastic – no aluminum) and while the pc runs well, it has a very weird issue that makes it practically unusable:
    if i press CTRL + Shift + Arrows, nothing happens (normally it should select the previous/following word). CTRL + Arrows works, Shift + Arrows also works, sames with CTRL/Shift + PgUp/PgDown/Home/End…
    I tried installing a brand new Windows 10 (it was tough battle with UEFI to get there) but no improvement…

    Any hint would be most welcome, definitely worth a coffee!!! 🙂



    • Same issue here, though mine doesn’t say Ezbook 2 424 in the back.
      I thought it’s a W10 issue, Iso ‘ve tried to find a solution… but I didn’t… 🙁

  18. The ezbook 2 is good?
    I’m thinking of buying, he has a lot of problems?

    • It’s not bad for the price, good screen, great battery life. But it gets hot and couldn’t power external hard drives. Check out my review: http://techtablets.com/jumper-ezbook-2/jumper-ezbook-2-review/

      • Thanks for replying, I would like to know which is better, EzBook2 or Pipo W9s Work

        • Ezbook 2 buy far, better screen and metal build.

          • About the EzBook2 I can change the processor cherry trial by another better? It is possible ?(INTEL 2 3 DUOS. GHZ)

      • Sobre o EzBook2 eu posso trocar o processador cherry trial por outro melhor ? É possível ( INTEL 2 DUOS 3. GHZ)

        • You can never change the processors in this tablets.

          • OK thanks for the information (BR)

          • You would be much better off to just buy a real macbook air.

            You get what you pay for with this laptop.

            Its probably really only worth less than half of what they are selling it for.

  19. Microsoft has inadvertantly released the code to unlock the UEFI bios Secure Boot. They are desperately trying to put the jeanie back in the bottle.


    I ran the code on my Jumper 2 EzBook.

  20. Hi Guys,

    I wanted to install windows 10 by clean installation.

    But I am not able to boot from any USB stick, do you have a tipp?

    (Like BIOS Settings)?

    I normally press “ESC” and go to the Boot manager but I just have the default options (Windows Boot Manager or UEFI Shell)…

    Thanks for your help.

    • I assume you are using a usb drive to install windows 10.

      When you set the .iso image to the flash drive, use Rufus USB tool. Under the “Partition scheme and target system type” drop down menu, use either “MBR partition scheme for UEFI” or “GPT partition scheme for UEFI” NOT “MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI”.

      Then go into the bios and select “Boot From File” and you should see your USB drive there. Boot from it to install windows 10.

      There is a learning curve to this type of bios. It can be difficult to use.

  21. Hi There!

    I did run into a problem with my new EZBook 2, after fiddeling around within the bios, it won’t boot up anymore. Only the Power indication LED is lit. Display stays black, batteries disconnected and reconnect and charged! I still opened up the case to search for a CMOS Clear jumper, but did not succeed. Any Ideas anyone?

    Thanks in Advance!

    • Its difficult to know what you changed in there. If the screen won’t light up, that sounds like its not getting any power. Is the cable seated correctly?

      You need to be able to see the bios on the screen to be able to change anything.

      Perhaps the display screen connection was disconnected somehow when you disconnected and reconnected the battery?

      • Another thing to try might be to use the mini HDMI port to an external monitor and see if you can reset the UEFI bios from there.

    • I had same problem too, but I luckly fixed it.

    • Hi, u solved your problem with the black screen?

  22. My jumper does not have the option to boot from USB in the bios, anyone have any ideas ?

  23. After many attempt I was unable to install using aronis. However, I was able to extract all the drivers for this jumper 2 ezbook from your image files.

    Open the first. (Image files open easily in Windows 10)
    Go to:
    copy all the folders there to a usb drive
    (You will now have a usb stick containing all the drivers for this device)
    plug drive in usb 2.0 port on the ezbook
    After installing any version of Windows 10 (only home edition will activate unless you have a product key for other versions) and go to control panel/Device Manager. Right click on any device flagged with a yellow triangle. Click on Update driver software/Browse my computer for driver software/Have windows set to look for updated driver in D: or whatever letter is your usb stick.

    It will then install the correct driver.
    Do this for each flagged yellow triangle as well as Display adapters. Yeah its tedious but will bring this pc back to original. Drivers do not work in Windows 8.1.

    Perhaps make a cd/dvd of all the drivers for future use.

    Thank You for these image files. They prove to be quite valuable to anyone who owns this device.

  24. Thanks Chris. Worked like a charm. What email address can I use to buy you a cup of coffee thru PayPal?

  25. Hi Chris, links don’t work. Do you have a mirror?

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