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Jumper EZBook Air Unboxing and First Impressions

Jumper EZBook Air Unboxing and First Impressions

Jumpers EZbook 2 turned out to be an okay notebook for the price and I enjoyed mine. Which lead me to get this latest model from Jumper,the EZbook Air. It’s 11.6″ with a glossy 1080p screen, it comes in champagne gold only so far. Powered by an Atom X5 Z8300 & 4GB like the Ezbook 2. But the good things are, Intel wireless AC, 128GB eMMC and most metal housing. I say mostly as the sides and the large screen bezels are made of plastic.

The weight of it is really nice, under 1 kilo and that includes a 8000mAh battery that should last for around 7 hours. It’s also super thin. Just a real shame the bezels are so large, it’s taken me a while to adjust to it. After coming from a Mi Notebook Air with very thin left and right bezels this was a bit of a shock. I got my unit from Gearbest here.

My first impressions:


  • Super light and thin
  • Bright and sharp 1080p panel looks like a decent panel
  • The keyboard is good to type on with nice feedback and travel from the individual keys
  • Samsung 128GB eMMC ( speed will be coming )
  • Metal palm rest, lid and rear backing
  • Intel Wireless AC 3160
  • Web camera imagine looks just fine. (as seen in unboxing)
  • Fast Type-C charging
  • Feel faster than Z8300 tablets, just how the EZbook Air 2 feels.
  • Touchpad seems good, some gestures are disabled like swing down.


  • Massive 2003 style screen bezels. (Jumper should have used a larger panel?)
  • The color, it’s not for everyone
  • Only one port! (They copied Apple way too much here)
  • No HDMI out
  • No SD or MicroSD card slot
  • No USB ports
  • A bit price for the spec (It is an Atom Z8300)
  • Glossy screen, if it is a removable layer. I don’t see where to peel it off?



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  1. Do you have plans to review the new stream 11 ? It now has 4gigs of ram, wireless AC and a usb 3.1 port for 199 dolars.

    • Don’t think so can’t get it in Spain. Would have to import it. But does it still have a 768p screen?

      • Yes both 11.6″ and 14″ models have 768p screens.

    • Omer is it this? Hp Stream 11 Pro G2 4GB wireless AC I can get one for $130…crazy price. But I have to pay import taxes.

  2. There is a better option with a better price on gearbest.
    13.3″ 1080p , z8300, 4GB, 128GB, 2USB 2.0, mini HDMI on a sell 210USD

  3. No SD or MicroSD card slot
    No USB ports
    + at best 1989 look


    I just can’t see why would anyone buy it

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