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Onda Obook 11 Pro – $299 Core M3-7Y30 Windows 10 Tablet

Onda Obook 11 Pro – $299 Core M3-7Y30 Windows 10 Tablet

Remember the first Obook 11 Pro design? Well, I sure do as it was a shameless Surface Book clone, it never made it past the prototype stage maybe due to legal reasons, but Onda now has the new Obook 11 Pro. This is thin 8.9mm all metal build 11.6″ 1080p tablet, it has the powerful fanless Core M3-7Y30 in it like the Cube Mix Plus. But unlike the Mix Plus, it’s got a full-size USB 3.0 port on the tablet. Other ports include mini HDMI out, MicroSD and USB 3.0 Type-C port for data and charging.

I turned away from reviewing Onda’s tablets in the past, but the Onda Xiaoma 41 laptop turned out to be alright and this tablet I hope is a new ODM for Onda and not like the past tablets which were so problematic. The tablet is only in gold, supports an optional dock and has wireless AC, 4GB of 1866Mhz RAM and a 64GB SSD which is upgradable. It runs Windows 10 home. I’ve just ordered it from Banggood for $335 but later found it’s only $299 with the coupon 7d62a7. It should be here in 2-3 weeks for review and in the meantime, I’ll try and get the keyboard from Aliexpress if possible.

Looks like a decent tablet, apart from the battery size of 6000mAh if that’s correct is small for a Core M3.  Still good to see another Core M3-7Y30 tablet as so far we only had the Mix Plus and Teclast X5 Pro.

Onda Obook 11 Pro images:

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  1. How to find the best Tablet Pc at the best price?

  2. By the time reviews popup, the pricing for these tabs jump up.

  3. I check some result from geekbench 4 for this tablet and the number is not as good as cube thinker and cube mix plus. the top result is only around 3000 single and 5600 multi. while both cube multi score is 6000++.

    • how much extra do you have to pay for that 10% bump in multi-core speed?

      • i think the lower number is due to the emmc storage on obook11 pro, the cube tablets have m.2 ssd. investing m.2 sdd for the obook11 pro will be the way to go i guess for that 10%.

    • Most likely due to thermals maybe? I’ll see when I get mine next week.

  4. Im looking forward to your review of this tablet. When will it be out? Am considering getting this onda obook 11 pro vs the Teclast X3 Plus + keyboard (Teclast X3 plus on offer now for $239 on gearbest, but expires in 5 days+. would your onda review be out by then?).

    Anyway, in your opinion, do you think ill notice any difference between the N3450 vs the M3 7Y of the obook 11 pro for web surfing/video watching? Or are the difference mainly felt only in games?

    • The 7th gen core M CPU is twice as fast as the N3450 Celeron in many tests. You will likely feel the difference even doing non gaming things. I’d go for it if the extra cost is reasonable.

      • BTW, I think that X3 Plus does not have an SSD expansion slot if that matters to you.

        • Turns out it does have one inside the X3 Plus. But not so easy to get too, have to crack open the tablet, needs an access hatch like the Lapbook 12.3

    • Just got mine today off the postman. So maybe a video on it today or tomorrow (First unboxing vid)

      • *drooling intensifies*
        Furiously waiting :p for first impressions, video or written

      • I hope it turns into a positive review. I ordered one too and mine is shipped already so I can not cancel the order anymore and returns are a pain in the ass because new IATA regulations.
        From what I saw in pictures the heatspreader is different from the Mix Plus. It is not just a small pad that connects the metal cpu cover with the outer case but a bigger pad that covers the whole metal cover and seems to be made out of graphite.

      • Hey Chris, how did that go? Any impressions? Can you tell us something in advance?

        • Not bad, editing my video so maybe tomorrow or Monday it will be online with first impressions. For the money, it’s not bad, like the fact we have a full sized USB 3 port on it. And type-c charging. The screen is okay, vibrant and bright. Look close enough you can see pixels.

  5. How does look on the inside? Has it the same heat problems like the Cube Mix Plus?

  6. I bought Onda’s oBook 10 Pro, because on spec it’s a cheap equivalent of Microsoft’s Surface 3: Z8700/4Gb/64Gb, smallish battery 6000 mAh or 6700 mAh depending on who you want to believe, but 3A DC port charging, Type C, haven’t got an adapter yet so don’t know what spec that is. It feels much snappier than Cube iWork 10 ultimate with Z8300, build quality seems good to me. Keyboard body is alloy rather than plastic like Cube’s and the key action is nicer and better damped than Cube’s. Onda and Teclast must be collaborating because this is the same as Teclasts tbook 10 keyboard too. Things to dislike: not a fan of that “champagne gold” anodising, very 15 years ago IMO. The keyboard axle design lifts the tablet higher and overhangs it further away from the keyboard than the Cube/Asus style arrangement and it feels topheavy in comparison because of it. The worst thing: the stylus, which is also shared with Teclast. If you’re buying this core m device and it’s got the same stylus, run away screaming. It’s active, got an internal battery microUSB charged, it’s some sort of bluetooth device that you switch on to use and it’s laggy, insensitive and IMO no better than a fingertip for writing on the text input panel. Useless, in every context. Unless it gets better with the plastic screen protector removed, which I haven’t done yet. That would be wishing for miracles, which I don’t believe in. Do yourselves a favour and get some decent stylus tech, Onda. Hanvon, as used by Vido in their W8S and Pipo’s W5 is excellent. electromagnetic but unpowered, pressure modulation great. Stylus is sized for onboard storage, it’s 105mm long, 5mm dia, the 8″ Vido fits it into a silo.

  7. does anyone knows if it has fully laminated display? concidering the normal price without discount, i think it should

    • Turns out it’s non-laminated and the 64GB is eMMC. Still, it has an M.2 slot at least for upgrading to an SSD.

      • great! Is the non-AC wifi NIC soldered down or in a slot where it can be replaced?

        • Brad, I think the listing has it wrong. It’s Wifi AC as far as I know. But it is most likely soldered in.

      • I was going for Mix Plus however I didn’t like the 10.6, preferred 11.6+… Waiting for banggood reply regarding WACOM/stylus support and screen lamination.

        • It’s non-laminated. Basic (Dumb) stylus support with no pressure levels. Mix Plus is a better choice for the pen if you need a good pen.

      • Whats the difference between laminated and non-laminated?

        • Laminated – touch digitizer and lcd are glued together, no distance between touch point and the lcd, no gaps.
          Non-laminated – fair air gap between the glass and the lcd, screen brightness is lower afaik, cheaper and easier to repair.

          • can we glue it ourselves? ???

  8. almost perfect

    only need 6GB ram, and please change that color.

    the price is quite reasonable (usd 300), although the keyboard is on very pricey side (usd 45).

    • If you want more ram and bigger screen then go for the Teclast X5 Pro. It was too big for my taste so I returned it. But it has 8gb ram and 256gb ssd.
      The keyboard cover maybe could be better.

      • Teclast X5 Pro
        it doesnt connect hard to the dock and make you a laptop
        and the price is 480$, come on, for bigger screen and more RAM, i will not pay an extra 180$

        • i dont need 256GB SSD, but maybe 128GB SSD could be nice and better then 64GB
          BTW i use external HDD 1TB

          • Yes this keyboard dock is rubbish. I saw some real good offers for the tablet on gearbest, I think I saw it once go down in price down to 380€. Maybe around 400$.
            The more RAM is nice especially because it is a Windows system. 4gb is in my opinion minimum.
            I saw that the Onda oBook has an internal M.2 port for an extra small SSD up to 2Tb. Mix Plus and I think even the X5 Pro have changeable SSDs. But sadly the RAM is soldered.

  9. You can get this tablet for 299.86 usd just use code 7d62a7 find it by click banner Banggood’s Clearlance Tablet Pc in the first page of tis site.

    • Oh great thanks, shame I got it without knowing about this coupon. I just used the one in the listing.

  10. its about time, now if only the screen was 13.3′ and the RAM was 6GB, people will agree to pay 40$ extra to this 336$ price, and if they give us a bigger battery people will pay 399$ easily

    • for people that want bigger SSD, its upgradable and as most people just use external HDD, its cheaper and you can unplug and plug it to other pc or router

  11. don’t onda always disappoints?

    • Yes, I haven’t reviewed their tablets for so long as they had so many issues Onda in the past. The worst the v919 Core M 3G version of the v919. It was a disaster, wasted a lot of money on that one. But then the new 2017 models seem to have used a new factory, the build of the Xiaoma 41 laptop was fine. Decided to risk it as this has a decent price for a Core M3-7Y30.

  12. Nice. Good to see a new Core M that is not over priced relative to the big name brand Core i3 and i5 machines out there.
    $335 is a very reasonable/competitive price.

    At twice the processing power of the Celeron N3450

    • ugh… hate that I cannot edit my post…

    • Yes the power of the Core M3 is good for everything I feel, apart from gaming and video editing. My favourite fanless CPU and if you consider that some of the Apollo Lake N3450 power tech is selling for around the same price it’s not a bad deal. But hopefully it has no issues, we also have to factor in the cost of the keyboard and SSD if you want more than 43GB-45GB free.

  13. do you just resign yourself to having a US keyboard map when buying the keyboard docks?

    • Yes, well it’s good for me because in New Zealand we use the US layout and not the UK one.

      • Nobody used bluetooth kb’s and mice?

        • Sometimes yes. But Android taught me to be cautious in regard to bluetooth keyboards because of unforseeable incompatibilities. I use the QWERTZ layout with german special letters and a tablet released in Germany has problems using that keyboard correctly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Windows shows similar behaviours.

          • The trouble with the BT keyboards was when it was just the Realtek Wireless N and BT 4.0 combo cards. The BT use slower wireless speeds, but with the Wireless AC chips it’s not an issue. My Logitech BT keyboard works great with them and my BT mouse, no slow down when on 5Ghz.

      • You lucky one. How is there a difference between UK and US one? I thought that both are QWERTY?
        I plan to use special keyboard stickers for changing the layout, do you know someone who has experience with these?

        • UK keyboard has the the pound symbol and the main issue for me is the UK layout has a half sized left shift key, US layout is the full size.

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