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First Cube Mix Plus Intel Core M3-7Y30 Benchmarks

First Cube Mix Plus Intel Core M3-7Y30 Benchmarks

While I’m still waiting for my Cube Mix Plus to arrive from Banggood (Hopefully next week) xDragonZ received his Cube Mix Plus and ran a few benchmarks. The results look impressive. Even bettering the Teclast X5 Pro with 8GB of RAM I’m currently reviewing, which should be live in a few days.

A single core Geekbench 4 score of 3241 & A multicore score of 5960 is impressive. Max temps are 86 degrees, about 5 degrees warmer than my Teclast X5 Pro which has good thermals for a fanless tablet with this kind of power. So maybe thermals were improved over the i7 Book, it certainly looks that way. But gaming is where it really pushes temps. So I’ll find out soon when mine arrives.

It’s currently selling for $410 at Banggood with coupon da8982. And if you don’t mind last Gen, the i7 Book Core M3-6Y30 version is $269 with coupon ceb380. It’s the same tablet, just 64GB SSD and 6Y30 CPU.

Source: xDragonZ’s benchmarks thread.

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  1. Hi Chris, just thinking, is it enough 4gb ram on mix plus for windows normal use?
    I mean office, same time pdf, browser and probably youtube.

  2. hmm, the pricing for this looks decent, but still, why dual setup speakers on one side of the tablet. This is one of the reason why the i7 book turns me off despite it’s price being quite cheap for the spec

    • Seems they never updated it. All the ports on the left mean no room for the speakers, which is why they are both on the right side. It would have been great if we had a new design. But they wanted to use Wacom again so 10.6″ screen.

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