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Cube Mix Plus & Unboxing First Look Review

Cube Mix Plus & Unboxing First Look Review

This is an unboxing video of the Cube Mix Plus, but due to the fact I’m so familiar with the design and it’s essential an upgraded Cube i7 Book it’s almost a review. So the Mix Plus, see the addition of 64GB of SSD sta3 storage bring that to 128GB and a faster Core M3-7Y30 over the i7 Book. That’s the only real change, the other is obvious. It’s now in white and silver.

We still that type-C USB 3.1, charging, data and display out all at the same time. Something the Teclast X5 sadly skipped. And the Wacom enabled 1080p 10.6-inch Surface Pro 2 screen.

First impressions:

  • 105GB free on first boot of the 128GB Forsee 128GB sata3 2242 m.2 SSD.
  • White bezels, seem to make them look even larger Vs black.
  • Boot time is very quick
  • SSD speeds (as seen in the video) are okay, writes are slow. 256GB+ drivers in the M.2 form factor have better writes
  • Wifi speeds and range as great (Just like the i7 Book)
  • Wacom stylus works just like the i7 book.
  • Speakers are very average.
  • The screen is bright with good colors.
  • Front webcam looks decent, 720p 30fps max.
  • Thermals. After this review unboxing, I tested Fallout 4 at 720p temps reached 89 degrees! So thermal mod is a good idea if you intend to game on it. No thermal throttling triggered, but it can be far off.
  • The RAM is clocked to 1866Mhz, maximum supported. Faster RAM speeds than the Teclast X5 Pro.
  • Touchpad, the keyboard is exactly the same as the i7 Book’s, just it’s in white and silver now.
  • The keyboard has very rigid and great to type on for its size.
  • The TouchPad is still average.
  • HDMI, USB 3.0 and charging all works via Type-C.
  • Geekbench 4 scores are the highest yet I’ve seen on a tablet. Very impressive.
  • All USB ports will power external spindle hard drives (USB type-c, micro USB 3.0 and dock USB 2.0 ports)
  • The tablet overall feels very quick.
  • The battery looks to be good for around 5-5 1/2 hours.

So the Mix Plus is looking really good, only the thermals are going to be the real issue I can see it getting to 90 degrees+ after a long gaming session. Besides this, the tablet is now even faster, larger SSD and selling for $359 (20% off coupon f82cbb)  which makes it the cheapest Core M3 7Y30 tablet around.

Looks like I’ll have to add a copper heatsink or even just a thermal pad between the heatsink and rear alloy housing to lower temps. The same thing I did to my Cube i7 Book and it worked well, of course, if Cube did their job right in the first place, we wouldn’t have to do this. I’m flabbergasted as to why they did not improve this or at least add a thermal pad knowing the i7 Book got a little too warm…

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. Thanks for the post, however i do have a question and i would really appreciate you answering my silly questions.

    -what stylus would you recommend to use with the cube mix plus, the cheapest, the best?
    -is the wacom bamboo smart stylus ‘for samsung’ compatible with the device since i read that the samsung variants are using EMR
    -is the wacom bambo feel really discontinued, if so what other ‘wacom’ pen and other brand pen can be its alternative

    sorry for all the question, i just have so many thoughts on it and and i couldnt find a direct answer with google since the mix plus isnt exactly mainstream 🙂

    • You could try the Surface Pro 2 stylus, I have only used the cube versions. And it’s okay, my Galaxy Note 4 stylus also works but not the best for pressure levels. WACOM enabled support stylus, any will do and work. As for the Bamboo smart stylus not sure sorry. I’m not a big stylus user myself.

  2. I’ve just received mine yesterday and so far it I’ve just received mine yesterday and so far it seems to be a good tablet, but as said in the review the cpu and the back of the tablet get very hot very quickly (without any gaming !) around ~90°C. Not sure I will do the cooper heatsink mod because I’m afraid I’ll break everything…

    One question, I’ve tried 3 usb-c chargers (1.5A and 2A, and a Dash Charger for Oneplus 3T) and none are charging the tablet, Windows says detect something is pluged in, but it says “Not charging”, anyone manage to charge via usb-c ? And if yes, with what kind of charger ?

  3. Hi.

    Does anyone knows if the USB-C port of this table Works with usb 3 speeds or is it just a USB 2.0 port with USB C shape? Thx in advance.

  4. Hey Chris,

    When can we expect a full review and gaming test of the Cube Mix Plus?

  5. @chris Regarding the screen protector, should I remove the original one before installing a glass tempered protector?

  6. I want a fully laminated 4:3 Display with Stylus-support and no thermal issues. 12” would be great. Hopefully Cube will releases something new this year. Not sure, if the Mix Pluse convinced me over the much cheaper i7- Book.

    Thanks Crhis for your little review.

  7. Chris,
    You said the Teclast X5 sadly skipped type-C USB 3.1 for charging, data and display out. Could you expand on the reason for that? Personally, I am more than happy to have these 3 functions on separate ports on my Teclast X4.

    • Well with Type-C USB 3.1 like on this Cube Mix Plus and the Cube i7 Book I can connect just 1 plug using my type-c doc and have it charging with my mouse and keyboard, display out on my monitor. A one plug docking solution, with the Teclast I have to connect up the power plug, USB and HDMI.

      My X5 Pro will not charge via USB type-c.

      • what are you using for charging and as a hub? thanks!

        • I use an ivoler type-c charger and havit USB 3.1 type-c hub.

      • I can see your point if your workplace is a permanent docking setup. I want more mobility/flexibility without always having to carry a type-c 3.1 multiport adapter around. So it depends on what kind of user you are. Ideally, the one should not exclude the other.

        • True, but if you want to use USB 3 you’ll need a type-c to USB adaptor or that USB 3.0 to micro USB 3.0 adaptor anyway right? And my hub I have has it all, type-c in for charging, HDMI, SD card reader and 4 USB 3.0 ports.

  8. Hi Chris. To use cooper heatsink mod, you recommend the same size as the cube I7 or cube i9???? My Mix Plus will arrive this week and I want to buy all of the stuff necessary to do the mod asap

    • I would recommend just like the Cube i9 or just use a large thermal pad would be fine. I’m thinking about just doing that myself.

      • Hey Chris, just watched your thermal mod video and wanted to ask… what thickness and size is the copper pad you put against the back cover? I mean the biggest one (something like 100x100mm), the others I’m pretty sure you stated are 1mm thick).

        I was thinking it could be a cool addition to your thermal mod videos some specs in the video description, even a link to aliexpress or whatever, just to see the size!

        Bought today the Mix Plus from BangGood CN warehouse, obviously GearBest put it on sale for the same price and from Europe warehouse, damn them 😛

  9. nice 2-1 tablet.
    i don’t understand why they continue using that f* 16:9 form factor.
    i really hate it

    • Because they have to save money to make the tablet so cheap

    • ‘couse that screen model is already sold in huge quantities so its costs have been absorbed.

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