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Chuwi Hi13 Bios Update V1.14 & Windows 10 Image

Chuwi Hi13 Bios Update V1.14 & Windows 10 Image

I’ve just added to the Chuwi Hi13 downloads section the factory Windows 10 factory image files for restoring the tablet. Just format a 16GB or larger USB pen drive NTFS, make name it WINPE and move the fiels over to the root of the drive. Next boot your Chuwi Hi13 into the bios (Esc or DEL on boot) Then boot to the drive, the imaging service should then take over partition the drive and create the recovery partition and system C drive.

Below is the Hi13 bios version v1.14. Mine came with v1.12 from Aliexpress and v1.11 from Gearbest. So I’ll update my own unit and check as see what it changes if anything. My guess is it could be just a bugfix release.

As for the bios update, format and create a bootable fat32 pen drive (use rufus) and move all the files over. Boot this drive and wait for it to complete flashing the bios. I recommend only flashing the bios on a battery over 50% full, never do this is a flat or almost no battery life on the Hi13 or you could brick it!

CHUWI Hi13 Windows AP135 Part11.1 GiB25
CHUWI Hi13 Windows AP135 Part21.1 GiB11
CHUWI Hi13 Windows AP135 Part31.1 GiB10
CHUWI Hi13 Windows AP135 Part41.1 GiB10
CHUWI Hi13 Windows AP135 Part51.1 GiB9
CHUWI Hi13 Windows AP135 Part61.1 GiB10
CHUWI Hi13 Windows AP135 Part71.1 GiB10
CHUWI Hi13 Windows AP135 Part8452.9 MiB13
Chuwi Hi13 Bios AP1V114 X64 BIOSEC4.6 MiB38


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    Does this Bios version allow Linux installation?

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      So it seems that no matter what I try I can’t get the H13 to boot into the bios. This has all been through the micro USB port. I’ve tried various buttons, keyboards, cables etc. But no luck.

      Perhaps it only works with the keyboard dock?

      I also don’t have an USB 3 adapter to try my keyboard in that port.

      any suggestions?

      • Profile photo of Chris G

        I used the keyboard dock, esc or del on boot. Just keep tapping both keys until your in the menu. Works for me this way, if not try the USB type-c port.

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