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Tbook4 N3450 14.1″ N3450 Laptop with 6GB RAM First Impressions

Tbook4 N3450 14.1″ N3450 Laptop with 6GB RAM First Impressions

So here it is (took a while) this Tbook4 got stuck in customs here in Spain so was delayed a week longer than expected. So the laptop looks great in gray, a great change from gold and silver. The touchpad on this is large and maybe the best I’ve used on an Apollo Lake. Precision touchpad, so gestures can be disabled.

Unboxing time codes:

01:35 – Unboxing starts
03:05 – Design
05:04 – SSD bay
06:10 – Bios
07:00 – First boot
09:23 – Screen
10:58 – Geekbench 4
11:27 – Touchpad
12:16 – Keyboard
12:50 – Speaker test
13:29 – Linux test
13:50 – First impressions
14:13 – Pros & Cons (So far)

The build quality looks very decent for the $239 I paid for it from Geekbuying. The box arrived quite beat up, lucky for me the laptop did have some of that super bubble wrap around it. The USB 3.0 power external hard drives, the screen is IPS and a matte anti-glare one. However, the Wireless AC it was listed as having turned out to be wireless N.

But one positive is the range is very good, one of the best I’ve seen. Same for battery life, it looks like I can get around 9 hours of use on a single charge maybe even more at 25% brightness. The bios is fully unlocked, however, it’s lacking that one performance boosting setting as present in the Tbook Air – Power limits.

Things that aren’t good: No valid Windows 10 home key was used, but a temp one. And the space bar while it’s working fine, isn’t sitting as flat as it should. But so far the keyboard is good to type on. The rest will come in the final full review video, thermals, full battery life, gaming and my final opinion will come in 1-2 weeks time (So many devices on the go right now and it’s summer :(). But it’s looking great so far, if you don’t mind wireless N but with a really good range.

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  1. Hi Chris.
    I am in doubt.
    The Teclast F7 is overall the best N3450 at this time. I can buy it for 245 US…… BUT i have to pay 30 US for shipping.
    The T-Bao Tbook4 is available for 250 US and FREE shipping…….
    What is the better choice now ? Considering the F7 has a glossy screen but AC wireless, and the Tbook4 has a nice matte screen but only wireless N.

  2. Ha…the logo is a sticker. My “T” wasn’t on properly and I could peel it off. The other letters can come off too, you just have to work at them a bit

    • Ah okay, to think I was picking away at it with my finger nail and it didn’t budge. Thanks for the info.

  3. When the drivers will be available in the download section?

  4. Full review coming soon. Maybe next day or two.

  5. Is it better than Ezbook 3 Pro? I seek best laptop 13-14” in this range of price. Do you have other models to advise me? (I have already a licence Windows 10) Thank you!

    • Not any better than the EZBook 3 Pro. The thing the Tbook4 is better at is battery life, much better trackpad and in grey. That is it. The keyboard is better on the EZBook 3 Pro and it has wifi AC.

      • Ok thank you for the details! Difficult choice Is it possible to have pictures of these laptops one beside the other?

        • So this is the same as an Ezbook 3 Pro version 2 but with a better trackpad and 14″. But lacks the ‘ac’ wifi of the Ezbook 3 Pro version 3.
          Think there needs to be a table of all N3450 laptops and then a series of tick boxes for:
          IPS or TN, ac or b/g/n or a/b/g/n wifi, type c usb, M.2 slot, eMMC or SDD main drive, 4gb or 6gb RAM. Any others?

  6. how did you managed to boot manjaro ?I tried many ways with rufus but freezes at cursor right at the beginning.. a little help would be appreciated? thanks

    • What kernel does your manjaro install have? you may need a linux installer with kernel 4.12.

      please post back if you get it working!

      • I believe it’s the latest stable one, which is 17.02.. and linux installer? i’m not really familiar with that. I just want to dual boot something. but no success so far with whatsoever.

      • no luck, I even tried REFind, but it doesn’t seem to boot ..

    • i had the same on manjaro 17.02, something seems to be up. could be the kernel – not sure which one it uses

    • GPT formated for UEFI bios and used rufus with the R17 Manjaro ISO.

  7. Is this dual band N?

  8. Interesting nice notebook.
    But the logo on the back is so ugly, I will not buy this thing. Geez… what where they thinking?

    • Just got mine today, haven’t had a chance to play with it yet but one of the things I really didn’t like about it before I got it was the logo and I have to say that in person it’s not nearly as bad as it looks in the pictures, and it’s quite flat too so you could cover it up with a nice sticker if you wanted to. It’s actually a nice finish on the logo…just a pity the logo itself is ugly…but it is quite subtle

  9. I’m just wondering if you can somehow put there 2280 ssd. The bay is located quite too much to the side of the notebook. Would you please check it?

    Also that ugly logo, I wish it weren’t there. Is it 3D logo or you can cover it by some less ugly sticker?

    • It’s a 3D logo but not much thicker than a sheet of paper (so very thin). Covering it with a sticker could work, you may see a small bump underneath it. It’s about 5.5cm long x 1.5cm tall, hope that helps.

  10. Chris, quick question.. Is that ugly T-Bao logo removable?

    • I have one as well and it doesn’t look removable. I thought it was weird at first but I’ve grown accustomed to it. It has a chrome silver finish to it.

      • I was really hoping it was removable…in the video it almost looks like one of those domed stickers

  11. Hey, Chris. Thanks for the video. Please check ALLDOCUBE iwork5x laptop. Looks like it has exactly the same keyboard and touchpad as Tbook4, but it has 360 degrees design, 13.3″ IPS, AC wifi and better sound. Could be a winner? Only 4 GB of RAM is a bit dissapointing.

    • Will have one next week for unboxing and preview. The review will follow later on, quite a backlog at the moment.

  12. I went ahead and went within the jumper ezbook when I saw some users mentioning the wifi wasn’t actually. Looks good so far tho.

  13. It’s look like the ezbook 3 Pro ac Wi-Fi has a contender, hurry to see the full review.

  14. Totally agree with your first impressions. Interesting to note however in my case (having it 4 days so far) Windows has not told me my license is expiring. Perhaps tempting fate? We’ll see. I’ve completed all required Windows updates & removed the T-bao account it came with, replacing it with my own Microsoft Admin user account. I’ve not noticed any vertical bars on the display (maybe you need to go on holiday? 🙂 ) however when I first started my unit I did notice a very thin horizontal white bar across the very bottom of the display, but that hasn’t resurfaced since. Since you mentioned the space bar I looked carefully and yes it is raised slightly on the left side on mine too.

    • Maybe some license keys work and others don’t. Mine clearly doesn’t. I found out the reason I see the flicker, the display is running at 48hz and not 60hz.

  15. is the wifi card soldered in, or could you upgrade it to 11ac?

  16. No Windows license? Oops, the price is increasing a lot 🙁

    • Lucky it’s a $5 fix buying one from eBay… But for $239, it’s not bad at all so far. No majors apart from the wireless N could be a deal breaker for some. The more I use the touchpad the more I like it.

      • Chris you must know these are not legal even if they do work. Is there linux support?

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