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Jumper EZBook 3L Pro (Yet Another EZBook 3!)

Jumper EZBook 3L Pro (Yet Another EZBook 3!)

What’s this? Yet another Apollo Lake Celeron N3450 laptop from Jumper? The EZBook 3L Pro is now a 14″ version of of EZBook 3 Pro (Which is 13.3″) It has the same spec, 6GB RAM, N3450 CPU, Intel Wireless AC, 1080p screen and two USB 3 ports. However, the port layout is a little different and it seems to have a micro HDMI out now and not mini.

The build looks the same, full metal and judging from the images on the Gearbest listing. It has a larger and different touchpad from the EZBook 3 Pro and hopefully a better one!

Thanks to Terence for the tip, he also thinks it looks like the T-Bao Tbook4. But in silver, maybe the same ODM, just customised for Jumper of course. Let’s hope they opted for a matte 1080p IPS and not the glossy TN panel that is in the Tbook4 (According to user reports) I should have my Tbook4 next week for unboxing. It’s in Spain, just have to pay taxes on it and then wait for delivery.

Source: Terence & Gearbest EZBook 3L Pro listing

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  1. So, in short, if need to choose between Jumper EZbook 3L Pro and PRO, then choose the 3 PRO?

  2. Has anyone see this on sale over at geekbuying? seems to offer a bit more information. Anyone give this thing a try yet?


    • sorry didnt put in the price, seems to be on sale for USD 209.99. Which seems great, but if its not as good as the Ezbook 3 pro (v4) not sure to get this thing or not.

      • It’s $260 there now. Btw, I never noticed before but based on the specs (true?) it says the battery is TWICE the size of that in the EZbook 3 Pro. but… the specs say that the 3 Pro is heavier than the 3L Pro with supposedly this bigger battery. Fcking annoying how inaccurate the specs often are.

        • They rarely get the specs 100% correct, its such a pain. For example first saying it had Wireless AC, to find later it is wireless N was a bit of a deal breaker on the Tbook 4 listing.

          • True, that and listing the panel as IPS when it was clearly TN. That’s why I sent my Tbook4 back for refund.

          • So figured it out. The spec’s on the EZB 3 Pro was wrong. Said the battery was half of what it actually is – about 9000mAh. So it’s the same as the 3L Pro. as Chris thought, it’s only difference is the screen size apparently. Though we don’t know the quality of the components… eMMC, screen, keyboard, etc.

  3. hello did you receive the jumper ezbook 3l? i want to buy a notebook rightnow and i am between 3l pro and 3 pro, can you please confirm if it has ips or tn panel ?
    best regards

    • I have a strong feeling that the 3L Pro is just like the Tbook4, but in Silver. Which isn’t a good thing, I hope I’m wrong. But it might have a great touchpad, but the screen could be at 48hz and it could have a bad keyboard. I hope to have it in a few weeks.

      • Sounds like you’re not keen in testing the 3L since it’s too similar to the other EZbook 3’s?
        What do you make of the battery size spec of the 3L Pro? Says it’s twice the watt/size of the 3 Pro.

        • Tbook4’s battery was the best yet, 10 hours+ but that screen at 48hz might have been the reason why. I don’t think the battery is that much larger. 11000mAh maybe. The EZBook 3L could be good if the screen is IPS and 60hz and also has the power limit setting option like the EZBook 3 Pro V4. But I doubt it can better the EZBook 3 Pro V4, this one without a doubt for the price is the best there is. https://techtablets.com/2017/10/hands-ezbook-3-pro-v4-best-just-got-better/

        • Oh and it’s basically confirmed it’s a TN panel, the same one as the EZBook 3 Plus (Core M3 version) so no, will not bother with this one. I’m waiting for Jumper’s Gemini Lake line up for laptops for Q4 2017 Q1 2018. Should be interesting, just more powerful than the Apollo Lake and native HDMI 2.0 and other various improvements.

          • Makes sense. No reason to risk buying the 3L then with a TN panel… given so many people now own the 3 Pro and (for me) knowing what works and does not work on Linux and how to do it.

  4. Hello all,

    quit good price on geekbuying right now – with shipping it is 284 usd for me.

    But unfortunately it looks it is a TN -> http://prntscr.com/g8mbfs. Which is a con but I will probbably risk pre-order anyway.

    • Hope they are wrong there, often they are. I’ve ordered one to review so will find out in a week or two.

      • Yes, on GB it’s on sale at 263€, it seems to have 64 SSD + M.2 spare slot, and, looking at the pictures it looks identical with 3 Plus except for the internals, so, maybe the best Apollo-Lake Jumper?

        • Maybe, well I hope it is the best yet. I ordered one, should ship next week. I think it’s 64GB eMMC and then M.2

  5. Is this a metal safe?

  6. They somehow manage to all skirt around the perfect set of features.
    My perfect Apollo Lake should have:
    – 6 GB RAM
    – BIOS settings for a fast GPU, and sufficient cooling
    – M.2 slot
    – AC Wifi
    – sub-14″ display, but not the obnoxious bezels of the Lapbook – and preferrably 1920×1080, to save battery
    – small: ~13.x mm thick, 1.0x kg weight
    – at least one USB type A port, and at least one HDMI (mini or micro)
    – Home/End/PgUp/PgDown keys, preferrably physical, not on a Fn combo

    My impression is that some of the laptops hit some of these points, but none matches all of them.

    • Oh, and properly activated non-Chinese Windows, of course.

    • The EZBook 3 Pro is almost there. Just lacks those bios settings for max GPU performance.

      • Don’t forget a Type C usb.

        The Onda Xioama 21 is close, just lacks the 6gb Ram.

        • Why exactly is the Type C necessary, except for being the future etc.?
          The Onda Xiaoma 21 is only available in golden, which, while tolerable, is not great.

        • If it’s Type-C it’s got to be the proper spec, USB 3. gen2. None of this for charging and audio or USB 3.0 only. Displayout, data and charging!

  7. From that bunch of alike models is there any with decent screen and full size SD slot?

    • Full sized SD, none. Decent IPS you got a few. Chuw Lapbook 12.3, EZbook 3 Pro, Tbook4. The Lapbook 14.1 and Onda Xiaoma 21 both have fantastic matte IPS panels too.

  8. There is also a Company called Bben on aliexpress, have variety of laptops using the N3450, they all appear to include a usb type C.

    • They do look pretty good, I like that Tarnish color, looks to be like a green y gray color. Only 4gb ram options though, ok price too. Some of those BBEN Gaming laptops look cool.

  9. Looks like the right hand at Jumper doesn’t know what the left hand is doing 🙂 . How many different EZbook 3’s can they offer? It’s getting a bit silly.

  10. http://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_672998.html
    Another N3450 14″ to add to the list, use coupon GBTPC to get 13% off.

    • Oh boy yet another. Well I have the Onda Xiaoma 31 N4200 coming. Tbook4 and maybe these two more to review? I’ll find the best for the price.

      • If you are going to review another I would go the Air3, better specs. But if its like the other T-bao Air with no licence Win10, is it worth it?
        Hopefully the Tbook4 has a licence and it just has a glossy screen protector on a matte IPS screen, then the Air3 might be a good contender against the Ezbook 3 Pro.

        • We have a forum user with the Tbook4 now, and it’s a Matte screen. But Wifi N only. Not AC. Otherwise seems really good. Tbook Air3 might be good, but looks to have large bezels? Not sure at this point I will get another.

    • Looks good, just a bit pricey. It’s more than what Amazon list it for me in Europe.

  11. Also interesting from the listing: a SSD instead of eMMC, and keyboard including PgUp/PgDn/Home/End keys

    • Pretty sure it will be 64G eMMC, as it should have the M2 slot to install a SSD. Yes has same keyboard layout same as the T-bao Tbook4, could be better if you use those keys, also proper size up/down keys. Looks to be a different track-pad than the original ezbook 3 pro, hopefully better as the original is okay and smooth, but not very accurate.

      • I agree I think it’s a listing error. They mean 64GB eMMC 5.0 M.2 SSD. Oh and non-upgradable RAM!

      • I’ll know this week I hope when my Tbook arrives. So this EZbook 3L Pro might be the best yet if they do keep improving it.

        • It looks like 3L Pro is messed up with TN panel. Gearbest or banggood comments page says so.. 🙁

  12. thanx for news, interesting news)

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