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Chuwi CoreBook Now Live On Indiegogo

Chuwi CoreBook Now Live On Indiegogo

Chuwi’s Corebook crowdfunding is now live on Indiegogo. This 13.3″ Core M3-7Y30 tablet with optional stylus and keyboard has 6GB of RAM, 128GB eMMC and a fully laminated 1920 x 1080 screen with 2.5D glass.

The keyboard has a wide-angled hinge and also doubles as a cover for the tablet. The pricing starts at $399 for just the tablet (limited to 50 units) and $439 for the tablet + keyboard & 1024 stylus (250 unit limit) if you subscribed and got a special perk link.

The campaign is here: And it states the estimated shipping date is March 2018. So would you like to see a review of this one?

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  1. regarding if I wanna see a review here?

    I am pretty happpy with the evolution and updates jumper made for its EZBOOK 3 Pro series that you covered pretty well – also the competition. The 3 Pro V4 Samsung / Sandisk seems to be at the top of the line and the competition if I look back at your 2017 reviews with that 3450 chipset.

    But regarding the more expensive tablet + with keyboard and pen I am pretty unsure but I feel a need to start using pen cause I have a long Samsung Note Phablet Pen experience and I often switch to the old NOTE 4 phone to simply create a screenshot with anotations I will instantly send.

    I can not remember one review where you felt as happy with such a tablet + or whatever book they call it as you had felt with the EZBook 3 Pro Series.

    Due to the fact of a much higher investment considering buying a pen and keyboard Iwould love to see a clear champ in that segment cause otherwise I buy a used microsoft one for the same price – with all options cause I also prefer the national keyboard I need where the Jumper is missing keys from page up to Print SCreen to …
    But I am not sure if you should go with all these risks not knowing when you will get that item cause that might be important for you.


  2. I have a Chuwi Surbook in my shopping cart at Geekbuying. It is on Black Friday special for about $ 408 for the larger 128 GB version. I have had my finger hovering all dat today over the PayPal button to purchase, then saw this Corebook that they will be bringing out. It fills some of the concerns I had for the Surbook, namely – laminated screen, fingerprint reader, better Type-C placement, much better M3 processor etc. So, now I am hesitant – the sane side of my brain tells me that I bought a new Cube Thinker i35 just a few months ago….and that I don’t need anything else, besides, I have a new 15″ MacBook Pro Retina as my driver. But the compulsive side of me keeps telling me to purchase a Surbook. I don’t like waiting until March to get this Corebook. Decisions, decisions…

    • The CoreBook is outstanding as the better device and both are meant to last the next 2 years or more; that means that the wait until March is nothing really.
      I got the Surbook 2 months ago and it is an excellent low powered 2 in 1. The stylus works well in Sketchpad Pro, for example, but not in Photoshop. All round, a very good travel laptop / tablet.

      The big problem is the Chuwi quality control. If you get a faulty unit there is almost no chance of a reasonable warranty backup; just endless email correspondence. That is what I have read on the Chuwi forum & on the Surbook Indiegogo site.

  3. I paid for the SurBook in Indiegogo in mid-June. Many times Chuwi changed the delivery date. Then two months they lied. Yesterday I made a refund. Here can be the same

  4. what’s the meaning of a coreM paired with a fullHD display, while all of the surface lice tablets from Chuwi feature an Apollo Lake + 2K display?!?!?
    And no more 3:2 aspect ratio?!?!?
    I bet Chuwi found a stock of OLD fullHD displays nobody wants anymore for a fucking cheap price and they thought: “great, this will compensate the extra money of the cpu”

  5. Last year’s Huawei MateBook is around the same price at 418USD and has a 12″ screen,4gb memory, 128gb ssd, and the previous generation core m3. I like that Chuwi is stepping up quality and features, but with the MateBook, you might have some actual warranty and not be a “it died within a year” or “something is wrong with this batch” casualty.

    I’m encouraged that they are making something better and I like their interaction with the customers, but it’s still something that you have to buy with essentially no warranty. With them leaving the low end manufacturing and pricing, they are going to have to start competing with products in their same price range.

    • I’ll admit that I was tempted to buy one… but I prefer the clamshell keyboard setup other tablets have, and if I’m buying a higher end tablet, I want an SSD. I liked the fact that this thing has 6 GB of RAM instead of the common 4 GB, but the eMMC and keyboard kind of killed it for me. That, and I got my Cube i7 Book and stuck a 256 GB SSD in it not that long ago, so it’s really hard to justify buying this thing as configured.

  6. I have bought it yesterday for 439, special price is still available now.

  7. I assumed that the perk $399/$439 price was gone right after they posted the listing. There were 59 backers so I assumed the special price was gone. I had opened it through an link in the email. Was a bit disappointed. But then I read your post and checked a different link. It actually worked… So now I’ll just have to wait half a year and hope no better deal comes around before that time.

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