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Jumper EZBook 3L Pro, The Best Teclast F7 Alternative

Jumper EZBook 3L Pro, The Best Teclast F7 Alternative

Update: I just got my EZBook 3L Pro, I can confirm it has no power limit settings in the bios and a factory set 6W limit. And I was unlucky, my unit has a TN Panel! Not matte IPS, but Matte TN, panel ID MS_0003. So it’s down to luck if you get the matte IPS panel from BOU. Software power limit unlock or setting 10W works fine. Thermals are good and the rest is exactly the same as the Teclast F7.

The Teclast F7 turned out to be a nice surprise, the best Apollo Lake budget laptop reviewed on the site to date. Even beating the EZBook 3 Pro. Since the Tecalst F7 seems to be sold out and with the disruption of Chinese New Year I don’t imagine it’s going to be in stock and shipping really until next month.

But there is an alternative you’ve no doubt heard me mention in the review and unboxing of the F7. The EZbook 3L Pro is basically exactly the same as the Teclast F7, they share the same ODM so the design, build and origin of the base model is the same. Originally the EZbook 3L Pro came configured with a TN Panel, so I never bought one to review as I hate the viewing angles on them after the EZBook 3L Plus (Same base design again). However, thanks to user comments now confirming it has an IPS 1080p panel in it now, Jumper saw the error of their ways using TN panel tech.

The only differences according to one owner comment on YouTube is the EZbook 3L Pro has a locked bios with a fixed power limit of 6W, but the software unlocking method works. And their battery is 9600mah instead of 10,000mah (400mAh will make no real difference). Lastly, the Tecalst box & packaging is stronger and more premium, the Jumper comes in a plain brown box that’s is as strong. So if you’re after an alternative to the Teclast F7, this EZbook 3L Pro is basically exactly the same and it’s currently selling for $239.99 USD with coupon 3LPRO on checkout here.

If you have the EZBook 3L Pro the updated IPS model, please let us know in the comments any other differences I may have missed like eMMC brand and thermals (They too are apparently the same).

Teclast F7 Alternative

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  1. I received my jumper ezbook 3l pro yesterday the panel that is in mine is looking great definetely no tn panel i bought it from geekbuying from the german wharehouse only took 4 days to get delivered to the netherlands. tdp software unlock is working fine

    • I sent you a PM !!!!

    • Very lucky, sadly my Gearbest ordered one has a TN panel hardware ID MS_0003 as commented on the forum. Can you please use HWInfo and let us know if you have that matte BOU screen or something else? Trying to work out which screens Jumper are using. But I’m certainly not ordering another to try and get the Matte IPS. I’m selling this one to a friend and will keep my Teclast F7.

      • Ms_0003 is just the hardware Id.
        Mine has a BOE panel and the same hardware id.
        You have to check the monitor edid to eventually find the panel id.

      • My monitor hardware id is MS_0003 but my viewing angles are great

      • Same here with the BOE panel.
        To find your actual panel model you’ll have to check monitor EDID.
        MonitorInfoview can help you with that.

    • You’re very lucky Jeldertq, seems it’s all down to luck which screen they use either TN or IPS.

  2. Maybe off topic but i need to know:
    If i order at gearbest or geekbuying and i use the shipment method EU PRIORITY LINE does that mean that it includes taxes so i dont have to pay custom fee when a shipment arrives at my country? I once had to pay over 40 euros to get my ordered tablet sent to me after it arrived in the netherlands. This was 4 years ago and eu priority was not an option then

    • If I may add, as far as I know If any taxes are incurred, they are charged by the destination country and not by Gearbest or Geekbuying. Taxes are beyond Gearbest’s and Geeekbuying’s control and are charged according to local customs policies and regulations. In most countries it’s pretty easy to import most kinds of consumer electronics; In my case, I ordered my EZbook 3L Pro from Geekbuying and they sent it to me with the box marked as Electronics equipment valued at less than 200 USD.
      The actual process of customs clearance is usually handled completely by the delivery company (e.g. UPS, FedEx, DHL);
      If there is any duty (import tax) or other charges to pay, the courier will usually pay it first and deliver the products to you, and you pay the costs later.
      Those companies keep track of all your deliveries. In the event that an order is delayed in customs or experience other issues, you may contact them for assistance and they will contact the shipping agent on your behalf.

  3. I don’t know why Jumper is keeps on doing this. Seems like their Management is sliding with a slew of ill-timed decisions that will hurt their company in the long run. For the record, I also bought the Ezbook 3L pro thinking that Jumper has corrected the error in their ways but I too was terribly disappointed when I received my Laptop last week. It also has a TN Panel! I assume the newer batch will carry on with TN Panel and this is a HUGE mistake for Jumper and will further erode whatever goodwill news the EZBook Pro line has gotten late last year for sure. Should have gone with the Teclast F7. I thought Jumper is the better company between the two but I was wrong.

    • This is probably going to cost them customers if the word gets spread. Not a good thing. On to Teclast then!

      • Same build quality but with an inferior screen by Jumper. Add that up with the better packaging material and an even better charger for the Teclast F7 and we see a clear winner here. Here’s hoping that Chris will do a comparison test to validate this.

        • Yes my comparison is here: https://techtablets.com/2018/03/teclast-f7-vs-jumper-ezbook-3l-pro-comparison/ and like you I got a TN panel. I wish I never bought it, but form all those comments it has an IPS panel now was the only reason I ordered it.

          • Hey Chris, according to HWinFo 64, the Jumper has a panel with a hardware ID of MS_0003 too but oddly, the resolution is listed as Digital Flat Panel 1024×768 manufactured on 2002 with a supported video mode of 1920×1080. So my jumper does not have a Full HD screen. What do you think. Is yours different?

  4. I received my F7 on Friday but I couldn’t play with it for long cause I had to go on a trip. I could check that under the screen protector there was a glossy panel, just like Chris’. Very good quality. Also booted up Windows and entered the BIOS to confirm the power limit was unlocked. These two are the main differences between the F7 and the 3L PRO. The rest is exactly the same.

    With the 3L PRO you get a better screen IMO, being matte. No reflections and really good colors, deep blacks and very bright. I haven’t tried the unlocking power limits software in the 3L PRO, but I assume it will work. However, as I mentioned before, the 3L PRO runs more smoothly than any other N3450 laptop I’ve used, even if it’s locked at 6W.

    I would definitely suggest you go for the 3L PRO if you’re planning to use it outdoors. The screen is great 🙂

    • Wait the EZBook 3L Pro feels faster than the F7??? (Chris said the F7 was the fastest he has used) That you for the insight Inhalt. I guess for the screen I will get the EZBook 3L PRo, but can you please confirm the power limit software unlocking works. Need to know before I buy it. Thnx

      • Would like to know too if unlock works

        • I’ll find out soon. Should have in a few days from China.

        • Got mine, power limit software unlocking works. But it’s a TN panel!

          • Sorry to hear that 🙁 I’ve already bought 3 units from Geekbuying, two of them sent from China and the third one from the Spanish warehouse. They all have an IPS panel or whatever the technology is. Did you buy yours from Gearbest? I’m afraid they’re selling the older batch and not the one with the better screen…

      • Hi Blackburn, if you don’t game it is as fast as the F7 yes. But with the 6W power limit, the Intel 500 HD will not turbo as high for long before it’s power limited. Just have to do the software TDP unlock. But my screen is a TN panel.

    • Thanks a lot for the info.

      Could you check on a couple things that might be an issue, please?

      How is the backlight bleeding on both devices? The bleeding was bad on my 3 Pro, especially when watching a movie in a dark room. The lower black bar was really distracted with it’s white “clouds”.

      Is there any (low) static noise coming from the D/C port area and/or power supply? I believe this issue is persistent with all of these devices. btw, which power supply do you prefer? The Teclast seems to have a more useful one.

      Are the keyboard exactly the same? How about the trackpad?

      Where did you buy both devices? I’m guessing you bought the 3L Pro from geekbuying German warehouse?

      And finally, could you check the eMMC speeds if you got time?

      Thank you very much!

    • https://twitter.com/TechTabletscom/status/969214463227453441

      I got mine and it has a TN panel: MS_0003 is the ID.

    • Seems that you are one of the very few to get an ips panel instead of the more common tn ones. Lucky you 🙂

  5. I asked the Aliexpress Jumper official store if the 3L had an IPS or TN display, they said it was TN…

  6. Chris, i would like a comparison between the F7 and 3L PRO in one of your videos. Especcially benchmarks…… Not that i am only looking on benchmark results but i am curious what the difference is between the unlocked F7 and the locked 3L PRO in real life.


  7. my 3L pro is not TN but it’s not IPS neither.
    the panel is a BOE NV140FHM-N62 which is ADS type (BOE proprietary technology)
    It’s way better than TN with nice black and wide angles, maybe somewhere close to an IPS panel
    From what i see over the Internet, the comments saying their 3L pro is set with an IPS panel are never including any technical information such as a panel model. those comments are more about visual quality.

    • According to HWinfo my panel is BOE(unknown model: BOE0653)NV140FHM-N43 (Dell P/N: 6J1Y3) and it is IPS and matt, thats what it says anyway. http://www.panelook.com/NV140FHM-N43_BOE_14.0_LCM_overview_27125.html

      • Thats on a Teclast F7, not the 3L.

      • So teclast f7 is also coming with ADS type BOE panels.
        (Not IPS)

        • I believe ADS is just IPS by another name, its basically the same, it seems to be called IPS when i have searched for the BOE panel. Certainly have no complaints about the screen, can quite happily use it at 20% inside.
          ‘The infrastructure of the ADS panel is the same as PLS or Plane-to-Line Switiching. In this the liquid crystals lie along the same plane always, like IPS displays.
          ADS is different from IPS because it uses a longitudinal electric field and a transverse electric field for parallel liquid crystal movement.’

    • You’re lucky, based on these posts about it now having an IPS panel I bought one. I regret it now as I didn’t have luck on my side. The unit I got today from DHL has a TN panel, MS_0003 not this BOE ADS screen, so pissed off Jumper is using random screen hardware it seems in this model. So you may get a BOE ADS or a TN panel matte panel.

  8. What would be better the teclast F7 or the jumper ezbook 3l Pro the F7 is 50 bucks more is the 50 bucks worth it?

  9. Chris I told you about this a month again that a Russian forum posted it has IPS panel, why haven’t you reviewed it yet 😀 But seriously please if you can get one and compare it to the Tbook4 and Teclast F7 it should be the same. I heard the thermals are great (Same as F7 never overheats) and also it’s battery is good for 8 hours on the battery saving mode.

    • I might get one and if I do I’ll be sure to compare them both.

  10. I can confirm the panel used for the last batches is really good. I’ve already received 3 units and they all came with the better screen. Much better than the Ezbook 3 PRO’s. The BIOS is locked, certainly. HWiNFO64 shows a power limit of 6W in my units, but for some reason it feels much more snappy and fluid than others N3450 laptops limited at 6W. I can play Sonic Dash with almost no stutters…

    Windows is activated but it is necessary to run some sort of software to fix the updates. The Intel 3165 card works great, good range. Light and sturdy. Definitely better speakers than the 3 PRO’s. Sandisk eMMC card with 200/100 r/w speeds aprox., excellent trackpad and keyboard (the best one I’ve seen in a budget laptop, it feels better than my F6 PRO’s).
    Temperatures are great. Mine runs cool even after playing some casual games.

    I’m receiving my F7 today. Will get back here with and report the differences that I find between both of them.

    • Thanks! So basically the same as the F7, but is the screen glossy or matte? One forum said it’s glossy so the same sharp 1080p 14.1 IPS with a glossy finish? But if it’s a matte screen it’s an instabuy for me.

      Chris said F7 keyboard and touchpad were really good for a budget laptop and much better than the EZbook 3 pro, so it sounds as if that is the same. But aren’t they the same manufacturer after all, it would be the same?

      Can you please confirm the software power limit unlock works? I want to get one for my girlfriend and maybe for me GB seem to deliver quick into London nowadays.

    • Oh yes very keen to hear the differences of F7 Vs 3L Pro, please let us know. My guess is F7 will win judging from chris’s comments on better mics, camera, thermals and the power limit can even run disabled for maximum performance.

    • Thanks for the info Inhalt, be interesting to see what you think of the F7. So the EZbook 3L Pro has only a 6W TDP (The normal stock one) Others reported 9W, must vary from the bios version used.

    • Nice! Waiting for your report 😀
      I don’t know whether to buy 3LPro/F7 or wait for the new Gemini Lake

    • Mines not this panel you have. Ordered only last week from Gearbest. It’s a TN panel, MS_0003 is the hardware ID.

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