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Chuwi At CES – New Model Announcements For 2018

Chuwi At CES – New Model Announcements For 2018

Chuwi’s going to be present at CES 2018 in Las Vegas (Tuesday the 9th to Friday the 12th). They will be showing off the Corebook, Surbook and Hi9 models. The Chuwi Corebook is closing the gap also to the $200,000 Indiegogo crowdfunding milestone. Once it reaches this figure, Chuwi will upgrade the 128GB eMMC 5.1 spec storage to SATA3 spec 128GB’s which is great news. The RAM has already been increased to 8GB from the original 6GB on this Intel Core M3-7Y30 2-in-1 tablet due for release in March.

So what’s going to be announced at the CES? Well we have the GBox, an Intel i5 powered Mini PC, the Hi9 Air which will run Android 8.0 Oreo and the Surbook Pro. An upgraded version of the Surbook running an Intel Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 SoC. Hopefully, it will also use 8GB of RAM and HDMI 2.0 spec. I’ve very keen to test the new Apollo Lake successor.

I’m quite interested in this GBox, I hope it has an i5 7200 or i5 8250 even in it (Doubtful) but a decent CPU with upgrade options and a good price will be perfect for 2018.

Who else is looking forward to CES on Tuesday?

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  1. I have a keen interest in the Chuwi CoreBook upgraded to a 8 GB of RAM, and look forward to launching in the south east Asian countries. However, it should be very competitive if Chuwi CoreBook with an Intel i7 powered Mini PC to be on par with Huawei New version 2018.

  2. My Chuwi SurBook 2-in-1 surbook supports dual cameras, including 5.0MPback cameras, 2.0MP front camera. I bought it from
    GearFocal which is an online shopping mall in China. There are several types of internal memories for choice: 6GB RAM 64GB ROM, 6GB RAM 128GB ROM. You really should visit this website.

  3. They have Upgraded its storage to SSD. Now it is on par with Telcast F6 pro, what do you think, Chris? which manufacture has the better quality? Although F6 pro is in form of Notebook, it is about 400 grams lighter than Chuwi Corebook!

    • tough decision.
      Teclast F6 Pro is US$430 on sale right now (see the free option pack):
      vs Chuwi

      very similar specs. I guess it depends on whether you want to remove the tablet from the keyboard (which, IMNSHO, is something you really have to want because it could be a reliability problem.

      • Exactly tough decision. Even both of them have somehow similar prices now! Although I want to paint with it, I don’t care about removing the keyboard because the weight of Chuwi’s Tablet is 1.07 and F6 pro is 1.38.
        I forgot to mention that the Stylus is very important for me and it seems that both of them have Active Styluses.
        Samsung Galaxy book 10.6 is even in my radar and very similar to these; the only disappointing thing about this one is its Storage which is Emc5.1!

    • I think the screen will be non-laminated on the F6 Pro, so screen it should be better on the CoreBook. But the F6 Pro should be easy to swap or upgrade the SSD, just remove the rear panel. Not so easy on the CoreBook. Won’t know till I have both, I have the F6 Pro ordered and the Corebook. But the Corebook is not shipping till March so much later.

  4. It will be interesting to see if Chuwi and other Chinese brands update their machines’s bios to prevent the Intel Spectre security exploits.

    Happy new year!

    • Not sure they will, I hope so but highly doubt it.

      • It would be great to see you testing the NVME performance on a Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro if they upgrade the BIOS. Thanks!

      • I threw Chuwi support an email, they were very vague as expected…

        “The warranty is one year. If you have any problem with your tablet, please feel free to contact us.

        And we will check the problem then make decision.”

        Maybe there will be an actual follow-up. Hopefully.

  5. the surbook pro looks promising

  6. I’d like to see Chuwi upgrade the Surbook mini’s stylus to their Goodix Hipen H3 in future production, as they did with the Hi12. It doesn’t look like the Hipen H1 will ever return, although it’s still listed on Chuwi’s site. That stylus looked a lot like the Teclast X2 stylus and Cube’s iwork 10 flagship/ultimate stylus, which both seem to be in the hens’ teeth category now as well. I wonder if a stylus tech company has folded?

  7. I’m looking forward to news of Arm based laptops and mini PCs, based on Snapdragon 835 or 845, which have both good performance and long battery life, hopefully not locked down to just Windows but also running Android and Linux.

    I also want to see AR and VR headsets with a really decent resolution, more as a replacement for a monitor. I’d like the equivalent of a 32″ ultrawide 4k monitor on my desk, only without needing the space. Also, being able to drive AR and VR headsets without needing cables tethered to a high spec gaming PC!

    Finally, I want to see a resurgence of phablets, phones around 6.5″.

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