Best 11.11 Deals For 2019 (Updated)

Best 11.11 Deals For 2019 (Updated)

Gearbest lowered the BMAX Y13 even further it’s now $337, which is the best around. This one is my favorite and I think the best N4100, 8GB laptop due to the features.

It’s 11.11 again when all the Chinese online retail shops post big discounts and deals on their stock. Below are some of the best deals I’ve found on tech I’ve reviewed that I know is good for the price. Here are my picks many of these deals are valid until stock runs out or the next 48 hours so you have to be quick. And if you find a better price or a great 11.11 deal please let us know in the comments!

Recommended sites for good 11.11 tech deals:

Snapdragon 855+ Android flagship phone:

This one’s a great deal for those after a fluid super smooth 90hz AMOLED screen. The OnePlus 7T is a high spec Android phone with one of the best skins/UI’s in the business OxygenOS. I’ve reviewed a lot of phones this year and this one is definitely in my top 3. You can find the blue global version/global ROM 8GB/128GB model for just $489 here. That’s about 441 euros and to buy it locally this exact model is 599 euros from!

Android 9 4G dual SIM tablet:

Teclast T30 – Helio P70 Android tablet. 1920 x 1200 IPS fully laminated screen 4G dual SIM support with calls, text and GPS. This isn’t a bad tablet at all. The first with the newer Helio P70 which games much better than the laggy Helio X20 series. This tablet sold originally for $200 then $219 and is now the lowest ever at $179.99 here.

The keyboard is $27 extra here which is a stand & keyboard type-cover

Cheapest Gemini Lake laptops with 8GB of RAM

Chuwi’s Lapbook Pro 14.1″ laptop with thin modern-looking bezels will be $289.99 on the 11th, while it lacks power delivery support and a proper spec Type-C port it does have a much better screen than the EZbook X3 Pro and a great keyboard (The new models) For $289.99 it’s worth a look if you don’t care about power delivery type-c charging. Chuwi’s Aliexpress store is where you’ll find it for that price. And the promotion page.

The Jumper EZBook X3 Pro has 8GB of dual-channel RAM, backlit keyboard, USB 3.1 Type-C port with display out, data and power delivery support. The build is full metal and it has a 180GB Intel SSD faster than other 256GB brands used. The weakness of this laptop is the 200nit bright screen will be hard to see in daylight and very bright environments. However, indoors it’s perfectly fine for me. The EZbook X3 Pro was $299.99 USD and is now $289.99 here.


Best Gemini Lake Windows 10 laptop (With touch):

This is my favorite one so far the BMAX Y13 with Type-C (full spec) and 8GB of RAM out of all the 8GB Celeron N4100 laptops. It has a handy 360-degree hinge with touch support and the screen is fully laminated with 74% Adobe RGB. Its weakness is no full-sized USB ports, it has only Type-C ports.

$339 At Gearbest on 11.11 here.

$369 USD with coupon BGLAPBX1102 here at Banggood

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  1. Missed the ONE + or better forgot to order it this morning and now it is sold out .

    Anyway, got the teclast tablet and keyboard as a try how that might work or not sometimes.
    My first 10 inch tablet … and I also got a 13€ coupon during payment process. First time gearbest offered coupons at check out but may i got them for clicking somewhere the days before.

    the keyboard is for 25€ a really affordable option cause buying a case is always 10 with not much quality.

    Hope there will be a few more phones on sale except that xiaomi 10 or whatever it is called.

  2. The mi pad 4 price isnt really going down is it?
    Are there any other good realiable 200 dollar performance tabelts?
    Teclast is the only other choise but the reviews from long term users worry me quite a bit..
    Chuwi is not at all bothering to do performance based tablets so why bother researching them…
    Mi Pad 5 is probably not coming out soon so why wait.. And no nvidia shield tablet is happening as far as i know.

  3. LOL played the dumb snakes and ladder ish game on aliexpress and end up with a ~$1 coupon, have a few items in my cart ready to checkout at 11.11 but i just gave up at that point.

  4. BMAY Y!3 is cheaper at gearbest $336.99

  5. Hi Chris, I think your link for BMAX Y13 – $367 At Gearbest on 11.11 here isnt working. should it be this link?

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