Hands-On With The Teclast F6 Plus (Updated)

Hands-On With The Teclast F6 Plus (Updated)

Update the full video review has been posted on Youtube:

The last of the Gemini Lake laptops I’ll be reviewing, the BMAX S15 and the Teclast F6 Plus which arrived a few days ago. So far this laptop is just as expected, it is one of the better ones reviewed but to me still doesn’t beat the BAMX Y13 which is very similar with a 360-degree touchscreen.

The screen isn’t fully laminated. It has a gap of about 1.5mm between the glass & IPS.

The Teclast has a 13.3″ screen, IPS it’s bright and with a decent color gamut coverage of 95% sRGB and 72% Adobe RGB considering the price of this laptop, which sells for $319 USD. The screen sadly isn’t fully laminated like the BMAX Y13’s which does take away some of the appeal of the screen. The gap is about 1.5mm and does make reflections a little worse than the BMAX Y13. It supports 10 touchpoints and the touch response and accuracy are good. There is also stylus support with this screen something the Y13 lacks.

Ports & connectivity

So far in my time using it’s clear to me if you’re someone that can’t live with just two type-c ports of the BMAX Y13, you need full-sized Type-A USB ports and you need stylus support this is the one to get. It has a full spec type-C port working with my power delivery charger,  a micro HDMI 2.0 port, USB 3.0. USB 2.0 and MicroSD reader (USB 2 speeds). In the box, you get a 24W D/C charger. it also has a 2MP webcam and Intel Wireless AC 3165 with BT 4.2.


The RAM is dual-channel DDR4 8GB @ 2133Mhz. Even if the RAM supports 2400Mhz I’ve never seen anyone use it sadly. The inside of the laptop has a good-sized copper heatsink and even a thermal pad on top transferring heat onto the rear metal cover. It performs just like the other dual-channel Celeron N4100 laptops Gemini Lake reviewed. Great for light use like docs, Chrome, videos, Youtube, web browsing, emails, and very light old games.

Build, keyboard and touchpad.

The Teclast F6 mostly metal, but the palm rest is plastic. It is 16mm thick and weight 1.46 kilos. So far after a few days, the keyboard gives me no missed strokes, is nicely spaced out and offers good feedback. I prefer however the backlit keyboard on the BMAX Y13 which has a little more travel and larger keycaps.

The touchpad is fine, no complaints. It works well with Windows 10 gestures and is a precision touchpad like all new laptops have had for a while now.

There is an SSD easy access hatch on the bottom, inside you’ll find a Teclast branded SSD which is 2242 in size. But you can install a 22mm x 80mm SATA3 M.2 drive up to 2TB if you wanted more than the 256GB installed.

I’m working on my full review but so far it gets a thumbs up. But the Y13 for me is a little better. Again, if you need full-sized USB ports and stylus support this is the one to get over the Y13.


  • Bright screen with 72% Adobe RGB and 95% sRGB
  • Touch is good
  • The stylus works fine but it’s still no Surface Pen stylus experience
  • Good build and finish
  • The keyboard is nice to type on, no issues
  •  Good touchpad
  • Thermals are great so far thanks to thermal pad and large heatsink
  • Full spec USB 3.1 Type-C
  • Micro HDMI 2.0
  • Two USB ports
  • 7-8 hours battery life run time


  • Larger bezels and nonlaminated display vs the BMAX Y13
  • Heavier than the BMAX Y13
  • No backlit keyboard
  • Weak speakers, they should be louder
  • Average webcam



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  1. So I just received this machine….. Seems like they have fixed the tablet mode issue with touch pad still being active. However BIOS no longer supports changing power limits (although this can be changed using throttlestop).

    Have an intermittent problem with chrome whereby one can’t see the cursor in Chrome window after switching from tablet mode to normal. This is not a Teclast issue but a Chrome one as it has been reported many times for different brands – the workaround is to create a bookmark on bookmark bar close to edge of chrome window (so that it will become bold when invisible cursor is on it)… Bookmark should be chrome://restart

  2. @MOHAMMEDgbaya If I click reply nothing happens so trying this way.

    Here you go: https://kaljo.stackstorage.com/s/54IImTB6a5PjRNr

  3. hi everybody i bought a new taclast f6 plus but the camera and microphone don’t work can anybody send me the drivers for them . thanks in advance

  4. Hey, could you make the dump of drivers? I reinstalled Windows and I have mic problem – it sounds like a campfire…. I tried to lower the power of voice gathering but it didn’t help.

  5. Is It possable to replacement of touchpad can be F6 pro’s?
    And, Keybord also replacement of other brand of Backlight one?
    I wonder part number or can open data of each[key bord, touch pad] …

  6. Teclast F6 Artı Notebook ile donatılmış360 menteşe, Tablet, dizüstü, standı, çadırda, taşınabilir ve çizmek modları dahil modları, çok yönlü altı arasında değiştirilebilir. a ile dolu13.3 inç FHD IPS dokunmatik ekran, Hayat fotoğraflarınızı ve videolarınızı getirerek. Güçlü Windows 10 Ana işletim sistemi kolay e-posta kontrol etmek ve dijital dosyaları yönetmek kolaylaştırır. Tarafından desteklenmektedirIntel İkizler Gölü N4100işlemci, teklifler size operasyon ve istikrarlı çoklu görev deneyimi pürüzsüz. ile tasarlananMikro HDMIÇıktı, kişisel ev sinema oluşturmak için monitörler, TV veya projektör, de mükemmel bağlamak için izin verir. Çift bant2.4GHz / 5.0GHz Kablosuzdesteklenen, size yüksek hızda sörf sağlar.

  7. CES coupon for the Y13: BGBXY13S (Banggood > $339.99)

  8. Hi Chris. Thanks for the update. When do you plan to have the full review up?

    • I hope in a few days, I just need to film a few more bits and then edit it.

  9. @chris Can I ask on the forum for a BIOS dump of this model?
    I can understand you have no reason to risk bricking your device, but it’s actually the first time I hear you can risk bricking it by just dumping a copy of your device’s BIOS. Usually I read it’s because of flashing a corrupted BIOS image or something goes awry during the flashing process (power outage or other catastrophic failure of this sort).

    • Yes, I thought that there was no risk making a dump, just reading it. But I definitely bricked the tablet afterward it would never power on. This was an old Teclast X98 Air 3G. Sure you can ask in the forum.

  10. Hello Chris, could you please provide another coupon for BMAX Y13 as shown on the review is expired.

  11. Hi @chris, could you please send me a bios dump of your Teclast F6 Plus? Thanks!

    • Sorry, I don’t have a dump of it. And I don’t risk that anymore after dumping a bios file for someone and bricking a tablet a few years ago.

  12. Mine is on it’s way. Are you sure about BT5.0 GB description says 4.0 and weight 1,6kg.

    • Hi, yes sorry the Wireless AC 3165 supports BT 4.2! I’ve edited that. And I weighed the laptop, got 1.46 kilos unless my scales are bad? Also tested the max resolution via HDMI and Type-C video is 4k60hz on both!

      By the way, I recommend removing the screen protector that’s pre-applied. Mine was full of bubbles or dust and the touch response improved as a result.

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