Chuwi Hi12

Chuwi Hi12 – Benchmarks, Screen And Thoughts So Far

After my unboxing and first hands on with the Chuwi Hi12 I felt the screen brightness just wasn’t enough on the 2160 x 1440 Samsung PLS panel, nothing like how I remembered it to be on my Surface Pro 3. Luckily the brightness being dimmed a little was due to Intel’s graphics power saving settings. Disabling it pushes the max brightness now to just over 302 cd/m2 which is better. I also...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi12 Unboxing and First Impressions

Didn’t expect this on to arrive until after Chinese Spring festival and New Years. My Chuwi Hi12 arrived today, it’s Chuwi’s new large 12: tablet and the first tablet outside of Microsoft to use the 12″ 2160 x 1440 screen the Surface Pro 3 uses. What’s special about the panel? Well its a 3:2 ratio panel, has a 2160 x 1440 res and 216 PPI. So looks sharp. I got this un...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi12 2160 x 1440p Atom X5 Tablet Now in Stock At BG

The first non-Microsoft tablet to ship with the Surface Pro 3’s panel, the Chuwi Hi12 is now in stock at according to an email I just received. Normally BG is very good with stock levels and shipping times. So they claim it ships in 4-7 working days. Must be due to Chinese Spring Festival delays. It’s only the gold version for now and the price is a little more than I expe...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi12 Twitter Launch Event (Updated)

Update 28th: Nothing we didn’t already know from the Twitter posts. The unit is up for sale for $299, but we know GearBest has it for $50 less so really it’s $250. Maybe the $299 is Chuwi’s Amazon USA price? (Chuwi are now selling in the US via Amazon) It’s safe to say it was just a little publicity stunt to get some Twitter followers on their new account. In a first for a ...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi12 Stylus, Black (Basic) Version and Release Date

Chuwi’s new 2160 x 1440 Surface Pro 3 screen tablet the Hi12 is also coming in dark grey I found looking online today (Nice move Chuwi) I was a bit disappointed in the earlier press images of the Hi12 in white & gold. I don’t mind white, but I think black looks more professional and less iPad Pro clone to me. Online retailer GearBest has the release date set as the 28th of January,...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi12 Specs – First Chinese 3:2 Tablet with SP3 Screen

Chuwi has released the full specs on the Hi12, and some more photos of the unit. It’s shaping up to be a very interesting tablet, metal unibody, full sized USB ports, keyboard dock and that screen. It will be released first with Windows 10 and later as a dual boot with Windows and Android. Previously thought to have a 1920 x 1200 screen, the Hi12 will, in fact have a Surface Pro 3 2160 x 144...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi12

The Chuwi Hi12 is a large 12" dual OS tablet that shares the same screen as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. A 2160 x 1440 IPS panel, the tablet is housed in a slim 8.9mm metal unibody with two USB ports, one of which is USB 3.0 spec. The Hi12 is powered by an Intel Atom X5 Z8300 and 4GB of single channel ram. 64GB eMMC for storage with Windows 10 and Android as the OS. The tablet also features a remo...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi12 Images

Chuwi Hi12 Keyboard Pictured?

I’ve been searching high and low for an image of the dock for the up and coming Chuwi Hi12. Finally came across this image: Since the tablet is a large 12″ this gives Chuwi plenty of space for a large keyboard and touchpad. What I don’t understand is where is the touchpad? There looks to be none and those hinge joints look a bit odd. I wonder if this is the official keyboard or s...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi12 Coming Soon. 12″ Cherry Trail Windows Tablet

Some new images on Weibo from Chuwi, show they are working on a Hi12 Windows 10 tablet, a completely new model with a 12″ 1920 x 1200 screen, 2 x USB 2.0 ports, micro HDMI, MicroSD and USB type-c port. It’s powered by an Atom Cherry Trail (Hopefully an X5 Z8500) and 4GB of Ram. Edit: It seems the tablet is called the Hi12 and not the Vi12 now… The rear of the tablet has a metal u...[Read More]

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