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Chuwi Hi12 Stylus, Black (Basic) Version and Release Date

Chuwi Hi12 Stylus, Black (Basic) Version and Release Date

Chuwi’s new 2160 x 1440 Surface Pro 3 screen tablet the Hi12 is also coming in dark grey I found looking online today (Nice move Chuwi) I was a bit disappointed in the earlier press images of the Hi12 in white & gold. I don’t mind white, but I think black looks more professional and less iPad Pro clone to me. Online retailer GearBest has the release date set as the 28th of January, they have the black and grey (basic version) up for preorder for $250.

And they have a Hi12 white & gold stylus version also listed, but not up for preorder yet. Yes, it states it’s the stylus version, so it looks as if Chuwi will add an active stylus version after the basic non stylus version is launched? So three versions:

  • Chuwi Hi12 Basic Version (black and grey without stylus support) Release 28th Jan.
  • Chuwi Hi12 Stylus Version (White and gold) Release date TBA
  • Chuwi Hi12 Dual Boot version (Stylus support?) TBA

Now we can only hope Chuwi will release a Hi12 Pro or Vi12 version with the same screen and ports, but either an Atom X5 Z8550 or a Skylake 6Y30 version. Something a little more beffier than the bottom line Atom X5 Z8300 powering all those pixels. It’s going to struggle with that and if you want to do some real work, it would be so much better with a Skylake Core M, listening Chuwi ? 😉

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  1. official pics and specs but no word on stylus & keyboard.

  2. @chris Just saw a video of Chuwi Hi12 with the keyboard which we have seen earlier online! Hope that’s not an official chuwi youtube channel.

    • I certainly hope not. It doesn’t look like it’s the official keyboard as the pogo port isn’t connecting with the keyboard and it’s not slotted into it correctly. The slots on the bottom of the tablet suggest to me that it will have a transformer style keyboard dock. Looks like some generic Bluetooth keyboard to me in this video. BTw, 10 fps running LoL at 2160 x 1440p haha.

      • @chris I have taken a gamble and preordered hi12. I’m just worried if chuwi decides not to make any keyboard or just make the white gold variant forgetting the grey keyboard. Yeah that display is a power grubber!

        When do you reckon it will start shipping as gearbest said after 28 jan but no clear date. Hope i receive it before the chinese new year holidays starts.

        Also i can’t get my profile picture croped properly on your website.

  3. Hello, i want to ask if i buy now the basic version with windows 10, later on will i be able to install dual boot + android rom?, because i cant find tablet that suits best to me, i have Cube i7 remix, and its perfect to me, but sometimes i need microsoft office and i have to use my PC… so maybe i need android more but windows too..

    P.s. anything new about Cube i7 Remix, at least OS update? – Remix 1.5 – 2.0 ??? dual boot , or only windows ???

  4. Gearbest’s pictures of this “basic version” show both USB plugs being black in colour, while the other pictures of the white/gold model show one of them being Blue.

    Is it possible the Basic version is not going to have a USB 3.0 plug?

    The pictures on Gearbest’s site do look like 3D renders, not photos, so perhaps it doesnt mean anything.

    The specs of the Basic version on Gearbest’s site does still state USB 3.0 is included, but we all know how much to trust Chinese e-sellers.

    • Could be the renders, I don’t see why Chuwi wouldn’t include it as the Hi12 has one USB 3.0 port.

  5. Any word on the chuwi hi12 keyboard?

    • Nothing yet, design must not be finalized yet?

      • After watching your onda review I decided to go with chuwi hi12 rather than taking the risk with voyo vbook v3.

        Now it’s about time chuwi should announce the keyboard dock, don’t understand why they holding up on a keyboard! They are loosing business as there are people who will on preorder it if they know complete package. Chuwi if you’re reading don’t make customers wait!

        I checked with gearbest, banggood and geekbuying none of them have any clue about it! Worst come i’ll buy that ugly keyboard in the pictures we have.

        • Chuwi will have images of it soon apparently before Chinese new year.

  6. i waiting a tablet with a full laminated screen, stylus support, 1920 X 1200 or better and please a good wifi …
    looks good but old cpu ;

  7. so I will buy the teclast x98 plus dual boot because we have to wait more than 2 months for the stylus version.
    Until the day the stylus version find the rood to the markets maybe we have another option from teclast.

    • Oh we will, I’m sure Teclast will have an answer to the Chuwi Hi12 and Cube i9 soon.

      • I´m looking for a powerfull core M tablet. Therefore I want to ask you for your advice as an experienced tester of chines tablets. Should I choose a “broadwell” model like “Teclast X2 Pro” or “Cube i7 Stylus” (which of these do you prefer) or shoud I wait for the coming “skylake” models like “Cube i9” or a possible Teclast tablet as you mentioned?

        • I would wait for the Skylake Core M3, I’ve used it in the Surface Pro M3 and it’s a nice step up from the last gen 5Y10.

  8. According to GearBest, the expected video battery life is only 4 hours – I’ve noticed for the Teclast models at least, these figures are consistent with Techtablet’s benchmark. The basic unit has said to have 11000mAh @ 3.7V = 40.7Wh battery. Surface 3 has 28Wh battery, which lasts 10.5 hours in video tests according to AnandTech. Surely the Chuwi with an Intel Z8300 rather than Z8700 we should be expecting something well in excess of 10 hours? Better wait for the reviews!

    • 10 hours with that screen, hmmm. Well maybe on the lowest brightness and airplane mode on playing 720p video only. I hope it does at least has around 6 hours of internet use with 50% brightness.

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