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Chuwi Hi12 Coming Soon. 12″ Cherry Trail Windows Tablet

Chuwi Hi12 Coming Soon. 12″ Cherry Trail Windows Tablet

Some new images on Weibo from Chuwi, show they are working on a Hi12 Windows 10 tablet, a completely new model with a 12″ 1920 x 1200 screen, 2 x USB 2.0 ports, micro HDMI, MicroSD and USB type-c port. It’s powered by an Atom Cherry Trail (Hopefully an X5 Z8500) and 4GB of Ram.

Edit: It seems the tablet is called the Hi12 and not the Vi12 now…

The rear of the tablet has a metal unibody, and it has a keyboard dock by the looks of the pogo pin connector and slot on the bottom of the tablet. No further info on battery specs or dual boot options if any.

Chuwi Vi12 2 Chuwi Vi12 rear

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  1. I think I will buy this

  2. I own a Note Pro 12.2 and I love it…. except the price. I had never meant for it to be my “traveller” but for an at home unit it was great for media watching and I don’t need to pull out my eye glasses. Lol

  3. I’d buy it instantly if it had a core m soc!

  4. Good to see 2 Full sized USB ports hopefully 3.0, but a bit cramped. But as I see it, the selling point is on how thin this tablet is and just like the mi pad 2 metal unibody build. Add in wacom stylus support and 10 hours battery then its perfect.

  5. I’d like this in a core m, I would buy that tomorrow..

  6. I need something that dual-boots, pleaaaaaase. Windows in Tablet mode is really lacking compared to Android.

    • Yep.. Same situation. I was waiting for an X98 Plus dual boot got a while.. Hopefully it will be out soon. Anyway this one looks interesting but I’m a bit worried after the Hi10.

  7. Based on my Samsung NotePro 12.2… to big to handhold. Mass is one thing, sheer size is just as important. 12.2″ is simply awkward in a tablet. In a stand or keyboard case… different matter, but then if you’re in Ultrabook size, why accept the compromises of a 2-in-1 or a tablet when a real Ultrabook will deliver desktop performance and a 2-in-1 or tablet won’t? JMO.

    • Sounds like you’ve never heard of the Surface pro?

      • I`d buy a potent Surface immediately if it only had GPS on board (and I wished it had NFC and a mat display too).

      • JMO = just my opinion. Sold my Surface Pro 3. Kept the NotePro.

  8. And a stylus/digitizer, pretty please?

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