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Chuwi Hi12 Twitter Launch Event (Updated)

Chuwi Hi12 Twitter Launch Event (Updated)

Update 28th: Nothing we didn’t already know from the Twitter posts. The unit is up for sale for $299, but we know GearBest has it for $50 less so really it’s $250. Maybe the $299 is Chuwi’s Amazon USA price? (Chuwi are now selling in the US via Amazon) It’s safe to say it was just a little publicity stunt to get some Twitter followers on their new account.

Chuwi Hi12

In a first for a Chinese tablet manufacturer, Chuwi will have a live twitter event tomorrow. Normally they do it via the Chinese Twitter equivalent Weibo, but it seems Chuwi’s new push into international markets has brought this about. Hopefully, we’ll see something on the Stylus and Basic versions as well as the official Hi12 keyboard dock they will be selling. (Still nothing on the keyboard)

I really do hope they hint at a more powerful version with an X7 Z8700 or Core M, maybe it will be called the Vi12? Or Hi12 Pro/Plus?. I have one already preordered at GearBest for $250, which they claim will be shipping from tomorrow the 28th. So I hope will ship out next week so I can start to work on reviewing it.

Chuwi has also launched their English Hi12 page on with some fancy looking images of the Hi12 and hype.

Source and tomorrow’s live event: Chuwi’s Twitter account

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  1. Hi Chris, any feedback on wifi performance? I am a happy user of teclast x98 pro that I like for everything except the wifi quality that is poor… could you use the app “Wifi Analyzer” from windows store (or similar!) to compare the wifi quality of this tablet and also of others you have? thank you!!!!

  2. Chris, do you know approximately when you will make the review, because i’m wondering which tablet to buy in case Hi 12 is not available in EU warehouse, because of customs problems

  3. Gearbest replied via email that the device will be dispatched within 2-7 business days (they still waiting for the stock to arrive from chuwi- imo surely more than 7 days)

    For the Keyboard they estimate it will be available in two weeks time!

    I never shopped at Gearbest before but hope they stick with what they say. Anyone had any issues with Gearbest in past?

  4. Is the z8300 enough to run photoshop smoothly?

    • No, not really. For minor edits and tweaks okay sure with some patience. But add lots of layers and its slow. Applying some filters very slow. But really a Core M is much better for Photoshop.

  5. As long it’s not z8300 , it’s good for me

    • Shit the chuwi hi12 page show : ddr3l 4gb so it’s again the weak z8300..

      • I’ve seen enough of the bottom Z8300, hopefully there is a Hi12 Pro version with the Z8500 or better.

  6. Wow, that press conference was underwhelming. Thanks, but I really did not need to know how their reception desk looked like, I’d rather have some product information. At least they posted a video on twitter showing the official keyboard. Does not seem to make use of the magnetic ports on the bottom (what are they there for then?) but using bluetooth via an extra usb dongle from the side usb port. The metal hinges look like something I might hack together in lieu of something official. I wanted a tablet with that display really bad, but I’m waiting for the review on this one.

    • I’m pretty that’s not the official keyboard, it fails to use the docking mech or pong pin connector. Seems to be a Bluetooth keyboard of some sorts.

      • I would have assumed the same thing, but the OFFICIAL CHUWI ACCOUNT commented that it actually WAS! 😉

  7. Still no word on the stylus version or keyboard. They just told us everything we knew about chuwi hi12!

  8. Hi Chris, thanks for keeping us updated…

    So 2 questions…

    If everything was A+ about this tablet when you receive it, and assuming it’s got a Z8300, would you carry this around everywhere you go and have it as your “primary tablet”?

    Why did you preorder this, and not the chuwi hi10 ? Sounds like you know this won’t be a flip-flop haha 😀

    Thanks man

    • Hi, Already reviewed te Hi10. And due to high levels of interest I ordered this Hi12 to review. Hopefully, it will ship soon. It’s got a Z8300 + 4GB of Ram. So it will not be a gaming tablet that’s for sure. But should still be okay for docs, internet, Youtube and the likes. Just light stuff. I like larger 11.6 or 12″ tablets with larger more practical keyboards. If it had a Core M or X7 I might keep it. I think the Cube i9 will be my primary Chinese tablet.

  9. Will Chuwi Hi12 be able to play 4k on external display? Or will it too much for 8300 ? Coz the description only says 1080p on gearbest.

    • The Cherry Trail Atom’s can do 4k, but 30hz max. They run my 2560 x 1440 display well at 60hz.

  10. It looks like it’s going to be really nice tablet. My only concern is the weight .. Not so light at 850 grams. With that on mind , spread that on a 12″ and it shouldn’t feel so bad.

    • Needs a kickstand then at 850 grams, like the Cube i9 has a kickstand. I think any tablet over 10.6″ should have one. That and a full sized USB port.

  11. Any news on when it will be able to dualboot to andriod ?

    • Nothing yet, tomorrow they may give us a date. But they did say it would come with dual OS. Windows 10 first and dual boot later.

    • “The Dual boot version may be launching in the Mar 2016” Chuwi via tweet replied to someone’s question about dual boot on hi12.

      I have ordered the basic grey version through gearbest and hope they start shipping from tomorrow to make it before the Chinese holidays.

  12. I hope too for a version with 8700 or Core M,

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