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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Vs Mi Notebook Air 13 2018 Comparison

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Vs Mi Notebook Air 13 2018 Comparison

Since I now have both of the Mi Notebook’s with the same configuration, Core i5 8250U’s, 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD’s. Here is a hands-on comparison of both of them. This video comparison covers all the key differences between the two models. And It’s not as straightforward as you might think but they also have some big differences in performance, battery life, screens and even the speakers.

So to recap:

Reasons to get the Mi Notebook Pro over the 13.3″ Air 2018 model:

  • Much better thermals
  • Less fan noise and fan cycling
  • Battery life is better (larger battery of course)
  • Better keyboard & larger touchpad
  • Speakers are louder and have more bass
  • Faster performance, both CPU and GPU
  • Dual channel RAM
  • SD card slot and extra Type-C port
  • The hinge is more firm than the 13.3″ model.

Reasons to get the Mi Notebook Air 13.3″ version over the Mi Notebook Pro:

  • Smaller size
  • 700 grams lighter!
  • Slightly better screen (Brighter, sharper and more color gamut over the 15.6″ model (a few Adobe RGB % more)

So there you have it if size and weight is a huge factor get the Mi Notebook Air 13.3, but make sure it’s the 2018 model. It’s still a big improvement over the 2017 model. For everyone else that can handle 15.6-inches and almost 2 kilos the Mi Notebook Pro is the one to get!

Unfortunately the prices as of late have increased quite a bit. Check for the best deals here:

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  1. Hi,

    I suppose that main reason in lower GPU performance in “smaller model” is quite different MX150 model.
    It’s quite amusing bacause both have the same model name but different clocking speeds of GPU and memory.

    For example look at this article:

    You have both models, PRO and smaller brother so you easy can check it 🙂

  2. Thanks for your article

  3. Hi, Chris! Thanks for your videos, subbed about a year ago and watching all ur videos. U r great, mate.
    Wanted to ask an advice for Mi Notebook Pro (i5), was going to buy it in December for about $810, but postponed to 29th March. Now it is higher ($870).
    Where can I buy it lowest? You always posted referral links/coupon codes, I would love to get it.

  4. Thanks a lot for your reviews! Are the best reviews on YouTube for sure! Because of you i bought many good products as Redmi Note 3 Pro, Chuwi Hi12, Cube i9, Mi Note 2, Oneplus 3T, 5 and more hahaha
    Yesterday i have order a Mi Notebook Pro i7 16gb for sell my MBP 15 i7 512gb and make some money. I will do a hackintoch on Xiaomi and use both OS each one on a single ssd ? (If you want to check and maybe review or compare both OS performance – check Roberto Jorge YouTube Chanel for how to easelly instalar OSX on i7 xiaomi i7 model)
    Keep doing honests and full reviews.
    Just let me do a sugestion if you want some ideas to get for your YouTube chanel. As you probably know Tablets are now not so popular as a few years ago but many people still use it at home. Now and in the next few years i guess the “boom” will be home automation and home robots. And a tablet will be very useful to control your all your home or maybe the tablet is on the robot and come to you with voice command… Voice Assistence like Amazon, Google, Apple and Samsung with integration linked with IR, Smarttvs, Windows etc.. Of course it is only ideas ? just think about it. Could be a good oportunity to review this products.
    Ohh god… long text ?
    Joao Sousa

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