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Teclast X98 Air 3G Custom Rom Mirek190 V4.0 For Air II and Air 3G Released

Teclast X98 Air 3G Custom Rom Mirek190 V4.0 For Air II and Air 3G Released

Mirek190 over on the XDA forums has released an updated new custom ROM for all Teclast X98 Air 3G and Air II variants. This is without a doubt the best ROM yet, even if it’s back on Android 4.4.4. Mirek190 might have gone back to Android 4 as the Android 5 ROM was based on a beta Android 5 Lollipop release from Teclast.

The downloads are below:

3G Files X98 Air 3G Stock Win 100.1 MiB4820
Air 3G Updated WLAN And BT Drivers Nov 20141.4 MiB5089
Android Demo Vids And Images578 MiB1728
Android Flashing PARTITION TABLES18 KiB6005
CUSTOM CONFIG For X98 Air 3G Intel Flash Tools510 B4090
Dualboot Bios Tested C6J6 And C8J73.6 MiB8356
ISO2DiscSetup0.9 MiB3727
Intel Mfg Tools16.1 MiB8782
Performance Mode (High, Balanced and Power saving) ON-OFF658 B4196
Realtek BT 20140.2 MiB1661
Realtek Wifi 3007.10.1031.2014 20141.2 MiB2063
Teclast Air 3G Android 3D Freeze Temp Fix "FastMode"0.3 MiB1808
Teclast Bios Editor2.0 MiB2586
Teclast OS V210.8 MiB1443
Teclast OsSwitch Android To Windows27 KiB3232
Teclast Windows To Android Switcher2.3 MiB5412
Teclast X98 Air 3G Doubledriver Driver Backup84.8 MiB2851
TouchSetting Gt File For Air 3G Touch Screen Calibration1 KiB2462
X98 Air 2 Android 5.0 Mirek190320 MiB1103
X98 Air 2 Android 5.0 Mirek190315 MiB430
X98 Air 2 Android 5.0 Mirek190 V5.0-ultra-light246 MiB1086
X98 Air 2 Android 5.0 Mirek190 V6.0-ultra-light247 MiB876
X98 Air 3G (All Variants) Android 5.0 Beta V3.0 Mirek190336 MiB5280
X98 Air 3G (C6J6) Mirek190 3.0296 MiB1376
X98 Air 3G (C8J7) Mirek190 3.1296 MiB1270
X98 Air 3G (C9J7) Mirek190 3.1296 MiB2005
X98 Air 3G Air II Dual Boot Bios Flasher bat3.9 MiB4427
X98 Air 3G Air II Official Android 5.0 V2 Debloated With Root (Tecknight)406 MiB3687
X98 Air 3G Android 5.0 (c5j6) V2.00 Final568 MiB4705
X98 Air 3G C5J6 Doubledriver Backup July 201581.6 MiB1404
X98 Air 3G C5J6 Windows 10 drivers pack (29th July 2015)111 MiB13961
X98 Air 3G C6J6 C8J7 Google Play Fix Files32.6 MiB3724
X98 Air 3G C6J7 WIndows Bios And Flasher bat2.5 MiB2018
X98 Air 3G Dual Boot C9j7 Wifi Driver Fix0.6 MiB2045
X98 Air 3G Flasher Bios 2.02 - Works On 100 % On C5J6, C6J6, C8J713.3 MiB6708
X98 Air 3G Toolbox Zip38.3 MiB1977
X98 Air 3G Toolbox with Root36.1 MiB3201
X98 Air 3G USB Bios Flasher55.4 MiB2720
X98 Air 3G Windows 8.1 Drivers87.1 MiB6613
X98 Air 3g Android 5.0 Mirek190320 MiB2242
X98 Air 3g Android 5.0 Mirek190317 MiB655
X98 Air 3g Android 5.0 Mirek190 V5.0-ultra-light246 MiB390
X98 Air 3g Android 5.0 Mirek190 V6.0-ultra-light248 MiB1625
X98 Air 3g(c6j6) Ota V2.00 to V2.01_2014122514.1 MiB1734
X98 Air 3g(c8j7) Ota V2.01 to V2.02_2014122313.2 MiB1641
X98 Air 3g(c9j7) Ota V1.06 to V1.08_2014122512.7 MiB1359
X98 Air Dual Boot Bios For Android3.6 MiB2202
X98 Air II (HG6N) Bios File for Windows 8.1/102.3 MiB4051
X98 Air II Custom Rom (HG6N)321 MiB3580
X98 Air II HG9M Android 5 V3.00 Final580 MiB2252
X98 Air II HG9M Doubledriver Backup July 201580.7 MiB1482
X98 Air3G C6J6 Lite (JCEspi2005)322 MiB1549
X98 Windows 10 Stock Image Factory Drivers Dump84.4 MiB3014
X98-Air 3G (C8J7)-Android4.4.4-V2.00-(Official)556 MiB1441
X98-Air-3G 2.02 BIOS Flash In Android13.4 MiB3497
X98Air3G Android Only Bios2.4 MiB2619
X98Air3GW C6J7 WIndows Bios .bin file2.3 MiB1449
XposedForTeclastX98 UpR774.7 MiB772

** Please use this Google Drive or Mega mirror to help save us bandwidth as this site is almost chewing through over a 1 terabyte a day!

Make sure you download the version that matches your X98 Air 3G or Air II model number C5J6 etc (See the back of your Air II or air 3G) You can flash it via the Intel MFG Tool or via desktop using ADB. If you want to reparation Android and Windows there are partition files included. Or the alternative you can just flash the system image using the supplied XML files within the download file. Remember only do flash if you understand the risks of losing your Windows image, data and apps. Make sure you back up everything.

Bios v2.02 is required. Again, there is a risk updating the bios. TT is not responsible for any bricked X98’s. A full wipe is recommended after flashing.

Rom info and changelog:

* ability to flash only system ( data and partitions are not touched ) or full flash.
* system partition 1 GB instead of 1.5 GB –default but you can change it.
* cache 100 MB instead of 1024 MB – is completely enough I tested, but you can change it.
* data partition 27 GB instead of 25 GB ( 32 GB variant ) – I added other partition tables for data like 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6 ,7 ,8 ,9 , 10,15,20,30,40 GB , only android , only windows or default.
* fully rooted
* removed all Chinese programs
* busy box
* init.d
* zip alignment
* deodexed
* changed navigation buttons to looks better
* resided navigation bar
* removed vol buttons and screenshot button from navigation bar – screenshot you can make pressing vol – and power at the same time.
* bold fonts on system bar – fonts looks better
* lower min brightens
* microphone gain fix
* clock on the middle of the status bar
* changes in Buildprop for performance.
* optimizations in Framework
* added. Google services, Google play, YouTube , etc
* adblock ( need root )
* new MxPlayer with codecs that are able to run everything.
* resolution changer ( need root )
* ViPER4Android FX – need root now sound is really good and noisy [emoji14]
* default adb and developer options are on after flash
* Stock browser no searching on Chinese websites anymore !
* Apex launcher
* Xposed and addon Gravity Box – you can customise battery , power menu , etc
* Gpu-fix – a little underclock ( 590 mhz ) to prevent freezes – you can easily change it in ( /system/etc/init.d/gpu-fix ) or remove it to get full speed.
* read and write fix for memory card
* no more throlling message anymore .
* optimizations for :

  • internet speed tweaks
  • GSM/3g tweaks ( for 3g air only )
  • WiFi tweaks
  • vm management tweaks
  • kernel tweaks
  • tweaks in kernel ramdisk
  • battery tweaks
  • optimisations, tweaks for ETX4 partitions
  • governor and I/O tweaks
  • tweaks for memory ( RAM ) and lowmemorykiller – heavy multitasking works nice !
  • and more I don’t remember


Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. Hi,
    I flashed Mirek’s great Rom to my x98 C5J6, some months ago, and it is working really well. The one thing I don’t remember right now is how to enable extra buttons on the nav bar – right now I have just three, but I’d like to have a button for screen capture. Any ideas?
    Many thanks in advance

  2. Hi Chris, many thanks for the great work you are doing on this forum. The android section of my air 3g keeps rebooting. so i am unable to use it. Please how can i reinstall the stock teclast android rom leaving the windows section and dual boot untouched. I just love the stock factory android rom. Please reply, its urgent.

    • Download the Mirek190 V4 rom and then just flash the system only should do it, I have so much on my hands at the moment I haven’t been able to do this myself and test it.

  3. Hi Chris and Thank you for your reply. I will open a subject in the forum with my second question here.

  4. Hi, I best and safest way to flash the dual boot bios you mention C5J6 (100% safe one) is to flash it from Android with the updateifwi apk. Install that in your rom or flash V2.00 official rom from the downloads section and it has that. There is always a risk of bricking, so only do this if you must have the new rom.

    For a faster reply from me and others, I suggest using the forums http://techtablets.com/forums . It’s also easier

  5. Hi Chris
    I have Teclast air 3g 64gb c5j6.
    Can you help with upgradeing?
    A. I need to update bios to 2.02. I didnt have the updatifwi in my android so i downloaded and installed. Is it safe to take the dual.bin file from your archive with the title work 100% for c5j6 (I am not sure how to do it with the batch file, is it from the tablet in windows mode or from my pc?) and copy it to the tablet and than update with the updatifwi app?
    B. Do you recommend more on mirek v4 which is kitkat or on v3 the version for all models which is older but lollipop?
    Please help!

  6. i Know i posted this on youtube but i need help so ill post it again
    Chris please respond as soon as you can so i ordered a air ii 64gb and got a 3g 64gb which i was fine with but it means i have no idea what to do so can you please help me.So These are my problems
    1.I Need To flash the rom above on android without having to reinstall windows.
    2.Is there a way to increase android partition sizes because i favor it to windows but dont want to get rid of windows as it it useful to me
    3.Are there an easy ways to do these that dont run the risk of bricking my device
    4.if i do flash a rom will i need to do some bios thing or add drivers because i never really mess with android or pc especially in one Anyway thank you for your time and please reply asap Jaffas

    • HI, thought I posted a reply on youtube to this?

      1) Use a system only XML to flash.

      2) resizing partitions of both OS’s will require a full reflash. In the download there is a folder with partitions you an sue to resize Android, but you will loose Windows and need to install it.

      3) No, there is a risk of losing data and bricking if flashing the bios. Bios flashing is safest in Android.

      4) Best not touch it and if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

      • Thank you for the reply and yes i did psot this on youtube however i posted this comment not long after because i wasnt very patient and wanted to get things don asap.
        So to recap i should i use a system only xml and leave the partitions as is because i get 17 on android which isnt bad i just thought it wouldnt hurt to add more.So iif i used the system only it doesn touch windows ony android?Also on the mirek file how do i actually flash it as in where it says flash from android format data
        flash from android no data etc how do i actually put this rom onto my tablet.Thank you for the quick reply sorry if i was a bit of a spammer :).

        • I haven’t flashed from the bat files. But I use Intel MFG Tool to flash, please see this guide on how to do it I made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLjayeQJg4Q&list=PLVJ5yuUCk8wCaKHGkKMnwVwKPb-F1hpMY&index=1 I’m sorry, but I’m very busy with 2 tablets reviews in progress and a full mailbox. This video guide is still relevant for both bios and rom flashing.

          • No problem I manage to remove bloatware and stuff on my own through root programs sonit doesnts matter too muchnif I can’t flash you can take as much time as you need I have one question about the video though on the downloads page I spooked though but there is no bios tool for the c8j6(the model I have) so does that mean its already updated or that I’d don’t need to update bios at all I also don’t actually know how to check my bios version.This bit is related but on windows and on but the screen isn’t solid as in it has lots of little flickers of random colour making the boot animation wlook like its in space,it’s no big dealp but I just thought I would aska.a

            Thank you for your continued help ?

  7. Hi Chris
    Thank you for the wonderful Rom’s you prepare and put in this site!
    I have the Teclast X98 Air 3g Dual OS version C5J6.
    Do you recommend the V4 version more than the V2 even though it goes back to Kitkat?
    How they do compare in terms of speed stability etc.?
    How I do I find what bios version do I have? And If it’s not 2.02 I must flash it before flashing the ROM?
    Thank you!

  8. It’s very interesting what you can achieve through this flashing.

    Unfortunately I’m quite ignorant on the steps and care you have to take to do things right, and not brick it.

    What is that adb or Intel MFG tool or where do I get it? I’m not using Windows, only Android.

    Any chance to get a tutorial on how to do it?

    • Extract the zip and you will see some bat files. If you install the drivers (included) try running the single system install and it will flash it. But check in the bios you have a v2.02 bios first.

      I hope to get some time soon to write a guide on it, I have my X98 Air 3G here waiting to flash the rom.

  9. Do you know if Win 10 works yet on these?

  10. If you just flash the system only then it should leave Windows and the recovery untouched. Yes, update the bios (new ones have the 2.02 bios now so might not be required) And flash it via adb or via the Intel MFG tool.

  11. Often wonder how a 320Mb file can do Android and Windows… Presumably it doesnt touch the Recovery partition or do we need to backup our Windows to be able to re-install from USB sticK? Not got one so wondering…

    • It’s just the Android rom. Windows is around 4GB

      • Thought so. So, with a new tablet (assuming I buy this), whats the process? Update BIOS, flash Android Rom. Is my Windows & Recovery partition untouched? Or do I need to download a Teclast Windows install or use a Win 8.1 ISO/DVD? Does Win 10 work on these (yet?). Sorry, complete noob to Windows tablets.

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