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Chuwi Hi10 Videos & Update

Chuwi Hi10 Videos & Update

I know a few of you are after more info on the Hi10. Well, I’ve updated a few videos to the TechTablets YouTube channel with benchmarks and other tests. Just to confirm a few things, the battery life looks to be around 6-7 hours depending on use, but this was with the screen set at 50% brightness.

While the build is more plasticity, it’s definitely a step up from the Vi10, the screen is 5 times better, brighter and I prefer the 16:10 ratio. The USB 3.0 port works perfectly running my 1TB Toshiba basics 2.5″ drive with almost 90mb/s transfer rates. And my USB 3 Sandisk Extreme flash drive runs up to 200mb/s. The Cube iwork11 wouldn’t power the 1TB drive without a powered hub (Pain in the ass!) so it’s good to see the Chuwi Hi10 USB ports output enough power to run a 2.5″ drive just fine.

In regards to the charging issues reported in the Hi10 Forum here. Dump the stock charger! I’ve found my 24W Blitzwolf charger and another MicroUSB 2.0 cable will charge the tablet when in use. So the fault isn’t the Hi10 itself thankfully, but the stock charger and cable cannot produce enough current to charge the tablet. Not ideal, but the fix is to try another cable and USB charger until you find one that works.

It’s a common fault with these tablets, often with the brightness up and doing something demanding the battery will never get a chance to charge as the power draw is just too great.

I’ll have the full written review up once I’m back in Spain, I’m flying out tomorrow so will be offline when onboard the aircraft. Auckland to LA and onward to London is a long flight…

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. Hi!

    I’ve recently bought this tablet. I found that stock charger (marked as 5V, 3A) or other that I have (all of them are 5V, 2A or less) doesn’t charge tablet during the use of Windows 10. Or better, The System marks that battery is charging but the percent slowly fall down and finally it turns off.

    This thing doesn’t happen in Android. Do you have the same problem? Do you think this is only a charger problem that I would solve buying some charger like Blitzwolf u mentioned?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi. Was anybody able to connnect an external USB powered Hard Disk? Did you experience any power problems as people are reporting on forums? Thanks in advance for your answers.

  3. Hi, Chris. What would you choose today – Vi10 Pro or Hi10? I tend to believe Vi10 Pro is more worthy, but since you’ve tried both, I’m eager to see your opinion.

  4. Hi guys,
    I’m a chuwi hi10 user here.
    anyone faced slow respond and high power drain during sleep mode?
    i came from asus t100 with atom z3735 and i would expect the performance silimar, if not better.
    unfortunately the response has been horrendous. opening chrome took about 10 seconds. setting took about 5 seconds to come out after click.

    i also faced horrendous power drain in sleep mode. it can only last for 5 days top after a full charge with the tablet in fully sleep mode..

    please advice.

  5. Hi Chris,

    Could you possibly find a link for your Blitzwolf charger?

    Would this one work with Chuwi Vi10?


  6. Hi Chris, would you be able to test if Remix OS will boot on a Chuwi Hi10? You just download it and copy it to a USB flash drive.

    It would be fantastic if this version of Android ran on the Hi10 with the touch screen functional.

  7. Hi Chris, I really love your blogsite for china made tablets.

    Does anyone know whether Chuwi Hi10 can dock with other keyboards with pogo pins like teclast’s keyboard?


    • No it’s a different dock mech, similar to the Asus Transformer Book T100

  8. Where can I get the original keyboard dock for the HI10?
    I can’t seem to find it on BG or on AE.

  9. Here’s a (poor phone quality) glimpse of someone with the keyboard:

    Hopefully his design problem isn’t too widespread

    • I followed the guy’s comment to where he said he got it as a bundle and it seems they only list the bluetooth leather case for sale, it’s possible it’s not the separate docking case from those reviewed pictures. Well, I guess avoiding that site for the keyboard might be a good idea at least.

    • I have the Original Keyboard Dock and uploaded you some Pics so you can get an idea. The docking is not magnetic but with small hooks (hard to take pictures with the phone, I hope you can still see them). There is also a release mechanism to undock and the promised USB port on the right.
      The keyboard itself has pretty small keys (obviously) and is quite heavy! This makes it stable and not prone to top, which is a big plus for me!
      The minus is that the side picture shows the maximum angle you can but the display back. I would have liked to have it a bit bigger to get a better angle on the display. However there is no effect negative effect, it is only a bit inconvenient.
      All in all I like it, only down side of the tablet itself so far is the boot issue, the missing android and the bad charger (which I need to replace). I would buy it again 🙂

    • He has the Vi10 dock… Seller stuffed up it seems

  10. Dear Chris, thank you so much for your reviews and advice. For the past month or so, I’ve been watching your reviews, I read your answers to comments and surfed techtablets’ forum – I’ve learned a whole bunch of stuff, and techtablets was a really big help. Especially the links you provide to tablets at the cheapest price and suddle pieces of information about 64bit is on this tablet, which made me wait and not purchase it when it just came out, or notice the quiet downgrading of the x98 air 3g, which was my first pick back in November. I’ll recommend all my friends to follow your posts, tests and reviews and use your links, as well.

    Really, you’ve helped me a lot!

    I hope you can answer a couple of questions for me, and help me make a final decision. I want a dual boot tablet, mainly for office related tasks, but since such a big part of today’s activities are performed in Android, I don’t want to miss on that, but I will go for a windows only tablet if that’s the right thing to do.

    So my 2 questions are:

    1. Will I be able to make the hi10 a dual boot one, by installing Android on a sperate partition (I read that on an X86 that can be achieved) or am I better off waiting and hoping that Chuwi maybe makes a dual boot version? Seems like that’s happening less and less now days…

    2. As others have asked, work/entertainment factors and considerations aside – for an all around tablet – would you choose the x98 plus with its superior battery life and screen, or the hi10 with its superior connectivity and dock?

    Sorry for making this such a long one, and thanks again, most of us here don’t have a clue what we would do without your advice and reviews!

    • Hello! I have exactly the same questions!! :/ I want a dual boot tablet, with good performance, with a great screen, if possible a wacom pen, a keyboard and good built quality and community support (rom’s and that stuff cause the android rom in these tablet is horrendous). Considering this which tablet should I get? The pen isn’t a must have so I’ve considered the x98 pro, the plus, the air, I’ve seen everything but I don’t know which to get :/

      I hope to get an answer soon 🙂

    • Hi,

      Well the X98 Plus is great for those needs and it will be coming out as a dual boot soon, it’s just lacking in performance. Hopefully the new dual boot model with give the GPU a boost as it seems to have been limited a bit to save battery and heat on the current model.

      For a work unit, I would be more inclined to go for the Hi10 with it’s 2 x full sized USB ports (Very practical) and the dock keyboard for typing is 100 x better than a touch screen. I haven’t seen my Hi10 dock yet, but it has shipped out and I have a tracking number. I hope to have it in a few weeks. But I know it will still beat a touch screen keyboard.

      Now I don’t know when the Hi10 will get dual boot, my guess is in a few months once Chuwi hasit ready. I’m not sure if we will be able to flash it later on, it’s a safe bet to say no.

      So to summarize, 4:3″ tablet with dual boot go for the X98 Plus if you’re not gaming it’s okay. But if you want a real keyboard get the Hi10.

  11. I’ve found out why the speakers have weak sound on my HI10, go into your speaker properties click system effects and uncheck “Enable Speaker Equalizer” sound is much better now, no idea why it was enabled, so far my only complain with this tablet was the sound quality, now it’s much better.

  12. Hi Chris,

    I’m a recent reader here. About your temperature logs, throughout every tested tablets, I’ve been curious about my Intel I7 laptop’s temperatures. Coincidently, they seem to be hovering around the quite same max values. When hitting the ceilings, of course the fan becomes noisy for a while, then the temperatures decrease.

    But, considering the temperature behaviour when tablets are running Android, and due to the fact that tablets don’t have a cooling fan, I’m generally wondering if Windows is a well suited OS for them. I have great expectations now about the multi windows next Android system (Remix OS). Eager to see that happen. That’s my 2 cents.

  13. Hi Chris! Many thanks for the site and reviews. I’m looking for a tablet running Windows 10 that can charge over usb (from an external battery) and has full size usb ports. I was on the verge of buying a Linx 1010 here in the UK when I found your site! I like the look of the Hi10. Would it charge with an external battery do you think? I’m not too worried about ultimate performance but the screen looks good over the Hi10 (and the Linx…..). Cheers! Tim

  14. Hey, Chris, thank you so much for the Hi10 update.
    Btw, I am thinking about buying 2.4W wall chargers, and you said you own a Blitzwolf. Is it that good? Also found this cable:
    … so I am considering buying both: the dual charger and the cable.

    Thank you so much for TechTablets, I have eaten almost every single video in the youtube channel 😛

  15. Ok if you live in spain , You can help me:
    Como puedo actualizar de windows 32 a 64bits y me reconozca los 4gb de ram?

    • Not sure yet, we will need a dual boot bios and 64bit Windows 10 image.

  16. chuwi hi10 or teclast x98 plus? Help me! 🙂

    • Exactly! I’m also interested in understanding which would be better based on people familiar with both tablets.

    • Help me too!

    • I chose the X98 Plus but after seeing how well Hi10 performs with CSGO… I’m a bit disappointed. It really seems like Teclast capped the GPU .. With that in mind , I like having Android as well as Win10. I guess I’ll wait until it arrives.

      • Maybe they will have a bios update which ups the GPU clocks or boost time limit. But I did write this in the review it feels capped in a way. The plus side is the battery life boost it gives.

  17. Chris,
    do you know when the hi10 review will be out ?
    thank you

    • A week or so, just back from New Zealand and have my notes and benchmarks to go through and write it all up in a review.

  18. You say its a step up from the Vi10. I have the Vi10 64gb. Would u recommend the Hi10 or is it passable for users with the Vi10 already?

    • Only the screen, HDMI port and MicroSD reader is the step up. The Z3736F still is faster in most benchmarks, apart from the more demanding 3Dmark ones. I would stay with the Vi10 if you don’t need a 1920 x 1200 screen and can live with the Vi10’s screen.

  19. Hi, could you try to see if it can be undervolted with Intel Extreme Tuner utility? If it’s possible to do so then you can perhaps shave off quite a bit of power draw and heat output from this tablet!

    • ITU doesn’t support Atom’s, so we can’t use it. Would be nice!

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