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First Non MS tablet to use the Surface Book 3:2 Screen
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Chuwi Hi13 Has Quad Speakers & Wireless AC

Chuwi Hi13 Has Quad Speakers & Wireless AC

China might be having their Chinese New Years break, but that hasn’t stopped Chuwi posting a few more images on their Twitter page. The recently posted press images confirm Wireless AC. My guess is it will be the same Intel dual band Wireless AC 3165 chipset as seen in the Lapbook 14.1. That’s a good thing as it’s a fast chipset with good range. And there is also another image pointing out the Hi13 will have a total of four speakers and “quality sound” in the description.

I wonder if, like the Lapbook 14.1 the Hi13 will have an empty M.2 SATA3 slot in it. I do think it’s likely, perhaps the Hi13 shares a similar motherboard design to the Lapbook 14.1 after all both have the same spec. Intel Celeron N3450, 4GB of RAM, Wireless AC and 64GB eMMC. The performance of the N3450 is a big step up from the Atom Z8300 in the Hi12, so I’m really looking forward to testing the Hi13 when it’s released in the coming month. I’ll do my best to get hold of one and review it asap.

The Chuwi Hi13 is a new tablet from Chuwi featuring the Surface Book’s 3000 x 2000 13″ 3:2 aspect ratio screen.

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  1. Not sure whats going on they told me it’s been released in may but I just read this:

    Chuwi confirms February release date for its Hi13 2-in-1 tablet

    • it’s set to retail for just $369, according to a report from Liliputing.


    Aaaand here it is:

    “13.5 inch 3K screen Chuwi Hi13 will be officially released on February 20 and we priced it at $369. Customers can pre-order it from February 20.”

    From the post:

    Here are Hi13 detailed specs:
    1. 13.5 inch 3000 x 2000 resolution 3:2 ratio screen.
    2. Intel Apollo Lake Celeron N3450 CPU + Gen9 Graphics 500 GPU.
    3. Windows 10 Home operating system (Ubuntu OS support).
    4. 4 GB DDR3L memory + 64 GB eMMC storage + max 128GB TF card extension.
    5. Support detachable metal rotary keyboard (with dual full size USB-A).
    6. New Chuwi HiPen H3 (coming soon) or HiPen H1 stylus works with Hi13.
    7. 2.4G/5G Dual band Wi-Fi + full-function USB-C port (support audio and video transmission).
    8. 24W fast charging + 10000mAh large battery.
    9. 2MP front camera + 5MP rear camera.
    10. AAC Four-speaker audio, has a high-quality speaker in each corner.
    11. All-metal unibody design and high-precision CNC process.

    • At .36 inches (see forum link), the Hi13 is technically thicker—not thinner—THICKER than the Hi12 which is .35 inches thick. This thickness should have been utilized to place full sized USB A-ports. Why Chuwi Whyyyyyyyy.

    • 369 USD with or without the keyboard? If it’s without keyboard (Only tablet), then it’s like 100 USD more expensive than Chuwi Hi12.

      So let’s sum it up:

      Chuwi Hi13

      * More expensive than Hi12
      * No full size USB port
      * No dual boot yet

      Some good thing about Hi13:

      * Pretty OK processor
      * Better Wifi I guess? Can it run both bluetooth and wifi at the same time without slowing down internet? Have they fixed it? Or are they still running wifi and bluetooth on the same card?
      * Four audio speaker is just a gimmick, but I will wait to see for review of it later
      * All metal unibody , but why not letting cover spot for wifi being plastic ? It will automaticly reduce the wifi signal if you gave full metal body everywhere..
      * Faster charging this time I guess?
      * Laminated screen or not? Why they didn’t mention it here in the official statement? Were they just lying?

      As it looks like right now, I’ll pass on this offer. This looks more like a Beta version than anything else and if they gonna keep it the same way this way regarding the hardware specs, I’ll wait for Chuwi hi14 or 15 or whatever they planning to name it.

      Big disappointment so far.

      • Edit: the good thing that comes out from this is that the newest stylus HiPen Hi3 might actually works for Chuwi Hi12 – which can be BIG improvement since Hi1 stylus was just so so.

  3. Update: Chuwi has changed its statement regarding dual boot about the Hi13. The one they will release later this month will be Windows 10 only. No dual boot yet. Bonkers.

    • Long live our beloved Hi12.

    • Well, during the time they release Chuwi Hi13 dual boot (which probably will be in half a year), I think there will be many other more interesting releases from other competitors like Cube, teclast, etc.

      There is no reason why you should buy a Windows 10 only tablet when you can buy a dual boot tablet – for the same price. And the first batches will also be the worst with all the failures and bugs which will be fixed eventually in the later batches.

      GG Chuwi.

      • Yup. Eric, to the best of your knowledge, do new releases by cube and teclast also tend have faulty first batches?

        • I have never bought teclast or cube BUT from the review of Chris, I thought their products seem to be very good.

          I don’t think they are worse than Chuwi to be honest. Chuwi needs to step up if they want to be able to stay in the game this year.

          Every year, all of those Chinese companies are pushing each other to the max.

          We customers have the power to choose, and there is no reason to stay faithful to the company but rather stay faithful to the product quality each company is offering.

          I would jump to another company immediately if they offer good product to a good price. Chuwi must adapt to the game.

          • “My own personal experience with these tablet brands, I rank them as follows in terms of build quality:

            1. Xiaomi
            2. Cube
            3. Teclast
            4. Chuwi
            5. Jumper
            6. Pipo
            7. Voyo / Vido

            Others like Ramos and ColorFly, I have yet to review, so I haven ‘t an opinion on them yet.”


  4. Chuwi goes fully laminated screen for the Hi13! Also, they may release later this month. Link to their comment thread below:

    • “Also, they may release later this month.”

      Which means: They had already Hi13 in production long time ago in order to be able to ship out the first batches to customers – this month.

      Which means: R.I.P the dream about getting full size USB port on the main tablet. I had the hope up since there were rumours about them releasing this Hi13 in May which would have given them a lot of time to correct those design failure they had right now to exclude out the most important part: full size USB.

      But now, it seems like they are going for everything except this one.

      Laminated screen = That’s good
      Better processor = That’s also amazing.

      But lacking of the important thing we mentioned, that is a HUGE deal breaker. I hope Chuwi proves me wrong and that they gonna include it in the end of this month but I have no hope for it anymore.

      The price will also skyrocket now when they have both laminated screen AND much more expensive processor. I would now even thinking about 500 USD range rather than 400 USD like I thought before. Laminated screen on this big size is NOT cheap to produce.

      • Eric, how have you been using the USB ports on the main tablet of your Chuwi Hi12? You attach and remove your usbs very often?

        • Emmanuel, the 2 USB ports on the main tablet is the one I use the MOST in this tablet.

          I can tell you 2 things about this tablet:

          1) the emmc harddrive speed of this tablet is subpar compared to a real SSD drive.

          2) micro SD speed is not comparable with SSD speed either.

          the ONLY thing that can somehow compete with the speed of a real SSD drive here is a USB 3.0 pen drive !!!

          And that is exactly what I’m using this USB 3.0 port for – everytime I hook up Steam on this tablet or use it for heavier program since you need decent speed to run those things. With USB 3.0 pen drive, I got surprisingly very high read and write speed. I never managed to get the same speed with micro SD (even with Samsung Evo plus or any other respectable brands).

          And I also use this USB port for either my WiFi dongle since WiFi signal on this table is not that good compared to many other one the market. Either that or I can also hook it up to a combo 2.4 ghz mouse and keyboard Rapoo 8000 set. Very smoothly.

          With 2 full size USB ports on this chuwi hi12, the amount of important accessories you can hook up is almost unlimited and I don’t need to be worry to think about any adapters whenever I go anywhere. Everything is ready on the go.

          The USB ports are one of the most important factor in a tablet like this and if you want to be able to compete with the popular surface pro, you cannot skip this selling point.

          I understand people might downplay the role of this but if you start to use a tablet like this yourself, you will realize how crucial that is and why we are nagging about it all the time. I’m ready to switch up to hi13 if they somehow include this into their release.

          There is no reason why they shouldn’t do that more than to cut down the budget but than again, I would even sacrifice that high resolution screen (which will drain the battery like no other) and to have this ports instead. Priorities.

    • I am *highly* skeptical of that claim (lamination).

      Wiling to bet something got lost in translation there.

  5. I was so excited to sell my chuwi Hi12 in order to buy this new Chuwi Hi13 but after finding out that it doesn’t even have ONE single full size USB port on the main tablet – without having to go through keyboard dock or using a clumsy adapter – I think that is a HUGE deal breaker.

    It’s so backward thinking to have to use keyboard dock or adapter in order to have access to full size USB… I can’t believe they wanted to do this just in order to slim down the tablet so it can look more appealing.

    No, I think Chuwi hi12 despite having worse processor is still more convience than this hi13. Unless they update Hi13 and make sure it has same port layouts like hi12.

    And also another thing to mention:

    The hi13 has less amount of battery (10 000 mah instead of 11 000 mah) and has bigger screen , higher resolution = which means = much less battery time than Hi12.

    I think Hi12, you can even squeeze out 9-10 hours battery. While hi13, I think the max you can get is probably 7 – if you are lucky.

    No hate towards hi13 but I don’t understand why they are not thinking about the most important aspects instead of going for the “good looking tablet”.

    Performance >>>>>>>>>>>> Appearance.

    • Exactly, brah. Do you think there’s a chance they’d ever update those ports tho? I wish there were some way to effectively communicate with the Chuwi company. For now, I noticed in their forums that they are looking for moderators who want to apply for their sub-forums. I sent my application already. I’ll try my best to squeeze the most of my Chuwi experience and pay it forward to all, hehe. I hope I get in.

      A hardware update from Chuwi is not unprecedented. They previously changed/updated some hardware in the Chuwi Hi12 to enable pen support. But ports changing may be another story.

      Btw, Eric, if you don’t mind me asking: how long have you had you Chuwi Hi12 and how have you been using it?

      I am just waiting for a product review of the Hi13 before I can make a final decision whether or not to buy my own Hi12. 🙂 I’ve been waiting since the holidays! Also, it’s like their appearance at CES 2017 with the Hi13 almost didn’t happen at all. Barely any info on the internet.

      • I bought chuwi hi12 recently which came with the newer CPU chipset: z8350 instead of the old one z8300. Maybe not the biggest boost but still better than nothing 🙂

        In my opinion, if you choose chuwi hi12, you probably have to tinker a bit for example: doing some tricks to turn off touch pad gesture, etc in order to be able to fully using keyboard dock without going insane.

        But these things, you can do by yourself.

        If we speaking about common task to do with tablet like

        1) Browsing internet: You will need to install maybe Vivaldi browser or something which can be easier on RAM. Microsoft Edge is working fine if you have a single tab on but if you go for many many tabs, I find Vivaldi better to use and you can also install extensions like: “The Great Suspender” to make sure the tablet is not running out of RAM.

        CPU is working fine for web browsing, I don’t feel any stutters at all. In fact, I love it and use it daily in the living room.

        2) Watching videos, movies, multimedia: The screen is just amazing, a bit glare so a lot of reflection but you will get used to it I guess but apart from that , very good colors and resolution. I can watch 4k videos, np. Watching movies on this tablet is heaven.

        3) School work: I bought the original chuwi Hi-pen for it so I can draw, using pen as a mouse sometimes if I want to, very smooth. Using OneNote, etc is no lag, everything goes like you want it to go.

        The best thing about this tablet is the amount of battery hours you can have: My record was 9 hours and 50 min (so almost 10) and I used it for normal web browsing, shifted between 25 – 50 % brightness. I think it would have given even more battery time if the screen was only 1920 x 1080 but I can’t complain.

        Downsides of Chuwhi Hi12:

        Biggest downside is def the wifi-card. If you want to use Bluetooth at the same time as the wifi, then forget about wifi connection because it’s very slow, dropping internet connection all the time.

        If you turn off bluetooth on the other hand, the connection is 2 or 3 times better and faster! I would rate wifi without bluetooth on as 7/10.

        The reason why it’s not the best wifi connection I suspect is due to the design of Chuwi hi12: Full metal casing and leaving NO plastic part for wifi…. Normally if other companies would go for full metal case, they would at least leave out a small area with plastic in order to not block the wifi signal, but here, chuwi didn’t consider about this apparently.

        If Chuwi hi13 has also full metal casing, then I guess the signal will not reach its full potential either.

        I found a solution to this: To use wifi-dongle which you can buy for a few USD:

        and plug it into the full size USB port, it’s very small anyways, so no problem and you can then use bluetooth at the same time with wifi, no problem.

        The other downside is the slow power charging. 6 hours to charge from 0-100 – only if you turn off your tablet.

        If you have it on and use it at the same time, you will probably gain 1 % battery each 30 min… Im not joking, it’s super slow. You probably have to buy quick charge adapter.

        Another downside is the keyboard: I find it ok to type on, not too bad. But the touch pad, you clearly have to use some tricks to turn off mouse gesture (which you can find in the forum) so it wont minimize your tabs all the time.

        Using the keyboard will also drain your tablet’s battery. Even when you are not using your tablet.

        Sorry for a very long post but I just wanted to give you a better idea about chuwi hi12 so you can compare it with chuwi hi13 later once they release it.

        In my opinion: Chuwi Hi12 is not that bad at all, in fact, it’s one of the best tablet I have ever owned. I had Asus Transformer before but this is step forward for me.

        Chuwi hi13 would be my choice – if they actually include the full size USB port in the future, otherwise, it will be no go for me. I use full size USB port everyday and to have to use some sort of adapter for it is contradictiing against portable-point-of-view – which a tablet is and should be. Reminds me about iPhone 7 where you have to use adapter to be able to utilize 3.5 mm jack lol…

        Imagine holding tablet in your hand while sitting on a couch and having an adapter dingling around all the time? What was Chuwi thinking about when they designed it like this?

        And then we have the price point: Im pretty sure hi13 will cost much more than hi12 if you look at what chipset and screen they put into hi13…

        I bought my hi12 (both keyboard and tablet) for only 263 USD (on discount), full price nowadays is probably around 300 USD.

        I expect hi13 to be at least 400 USD – unless they count on selling a lot and profit less on each unit.


          New tweet by Chuwi confirms pen support.

        • Eric, this is indeed a long, but very helpful comment!

          1. Will definitely do your tips on Vivaldi and its RAM manager extension. Btw, how many tabs can you manage on Vivaldi before a noticeable lag on the Hi12?

          2. (y)

          3. One of my priorities that led me to this product is portability. In that regard I plan on using this with a Microsoft Arc Touch mouse.

          4. The best part of this tablet is definitely the battery and connectivity on those 2 ports on the tablet, plus another 2 on the keyboard dock. You expressed concern about lowering resolution to improve battery life. Lowering resolution can be done in Windows display settings, right? Maybe try typing “change the screen resolution in search/Cortana. This might improve the battery to over 10 hours for your use. 🙂

          Downsides concerns:

          1. Thanks for the Wifi dongle tip! Btw, Chuwi is boasting the new Hi13 as having dual-band wifi. Do you think it might still need a wifi dongle, too?

          2. Share when you have found the perfect charger for the Hi12! I’ll do my own search too. Question: Does the fact that the Hi13 has a USB Type-C have a possibility to mean it charges faster and more efficiently?

          3. Was that ASUS Transformer a 10” screen? Haha.

          4. No, definitely no dongle wires for me. Reallly small adapters tho, I am still considering. Here are my candidates for adapters if I get the Hi13:

          for the OTG:

          for the USB Type-C:

          That 3000 x 2000 3:2 aspect ratio 13.5 screen of the Hi13 is really tempting me for comic book reading and movies. But those lack of ports is still making the Hi13 not a compromise-free upgrade.

          What do you think about those ultra small adapters? XD

          • Those small adapters sound like a good idea, not too bad but they look very fragile, can they break the port if any accident happen to the adapter while plugged in? (The combination of very small port and large metal piece sticking out)

            I guess it’s better than nothing with those adapters but still not optimal since they can only give one port while hi12 has two ports. But if Chuwi is not planning any full size USB port at all for hi13, then I think this is only way we can go if we want to be portable.

            Lower resolution of windows will not help I think because the screen is still showing the same amount of pixels despite which ever resolution you have on the desktop.

            I think it will give the same battery time even with that trick , the main thing that keeps down battery time is already in the hardware: the panel screen.

            I’m not sure about the charger system of Hi13, I hope it’s getting faster to charge this time around but we will see what is going on. Chuwi doesn’t want to share too much it seems like, they want to keep us to be curious to keep up the hype 😉

            I would consider to buy Hi13 if they change their mind about the USB ports and if the price is not TOO high but it will for sure be higher than hi12, the question is: how much higher?

            There is a reason why we buy Chuwi products instead of Surface pro 2-in-1 tablets: Main reason is attractive price.

            Other reason could be due to Dual boot which I think is amazing.

            Other thing I would also like to see in Chuwi Hi13 is the cooling system:

            Does it get too hot if you use heavier programs? Cause thermal throttling can reduce performances like crazy. I know for facts that Chuwi hi12 keeps very cool temperature, it never gets hot at all even when pushing for the max. I hope they can continue the same way with hi13.

            The first batches will also come with a lot of bugs, hardware failures so if you consider to buy, probably better to wait out the first batches so Chuwi can correct those mistakes. They did the same thing with hi12. First batches of hi12 had bunches of bugs and failures in term of hardware:

            Best example was when they totally replaced the whole entire keyboard dock and gave us much better one, more stable, less flex, etc.

            So probably worth it to wait for the later batch. Just an advice 🙂

          • Thanks, Eric! And good luck to us customers. XD

        • Yo Eric, have you ever tried Android emulators? Please share if you have any experience with this. 🙂 I’m thinking of opting for a Windows 10 tablet and using emulators for my Android uses (mostly Pokemon Go). I am tempted by deals like this one online:

          $300 for a refurbished core i5 tablet with a keyboard that has a battery and a plethora of ports including VGA (on the keyboard).

          A core i5 is more than capable of handling an Android emulator right? I’ve never used an Android emulator before.

    • RELEASE DATE: Hi these tablets will be on sale around may 2017
      I emailed chuwi below is their reply:


      Good day

      i am sorry , we are producing the chuwi hi13

      maybe in May , the chuwi hi13 will sell , thank you very much .

      Kind Regards


    • RELEASE DATE Chuwi hi13:
      Hi guys alot of people asking when will these tablets be on sale well i emailed them and they said around may 2017, below is their reply:


      Good day

      i am sorry , we are producing the chuwi hi13

      maybe in May , the chuwi hi13 will sell , thank you very much .

      Kind Regards


      • 4 months after their premier at CES 2017 and that’s not even a guarantee??? ah maaaan.

        • So there’s a significant delay before the Hi13 hits the shops, huh. Perhaps someone can write to Chuwi and tell them to take the time to include at least one full USB port on the tablet or expect disappointing sales. I’m fairly certain that I’ll be sticking with my beloved Hi12.

  6. I have an old Acer iconia w510
    it suchs, it always had, expecially the touchscreen and the keyboard and the touchpad
    but I still love it’s 10+8h battery life (actually less in normal usage)
    the matter is: why don’t chinese release the keyboard dock in 2 version
    one with a zero or 4h battery
    and one with a 8-10h battery
    they will check from the market feedback what customer do really buy (despite what people declare to prefer)

    • Chuwi’s posted that it will come with a 10,000mAh battery, so I imagine that should be good for about 7 hours or so as the 9,000mAh on the Lapbook 14 gets 8 hours, but its screen is only 1080p and lacks touch.

  7. There are a couple new Chuwi Hi13 updates on their twitter page ( ) with regards to battery life and design.

    I realize it’s still Chinese New Year but there haven’t been many mentions of the Hi13 on their weibo.

    I’m still using the Hi10 (from the initial release) and looking at the Hi13 as a possible upgrade.

    • What a waste opportunity. Microusb for charging it seems.

      One stereo jack, micro usb, microhdmi, one normal size usb and microsd card.

  8. Surely not encouraging to lead the presentation of the device with this speaker gimmick. Sure, limit functionality by doing away with full sized ports and replaced them with grills around the device…sounds exciting…can’t wait to block them accidentally with my hands, as I try to hold the device.
    No just the 2 regulars for me, with good placement that’s enough.

  9. 4 speakers are just marketing scum
    2 good speakers are much better
    I had great expectation on this device, but if this is the priority system they used to project it…….it’s not good at all

    • Quality I doubt would have improved, it will just be louder, so yes it’s a marketing gimmick.

      • You would -hope- they are wired individually and the idea is to allow L/R separation in both portrait and landscape. That may be expecting too much of Chuwi though.

        Either way, how is louder just a marketing gimmick? low vol was one of your gripes with the hi12. I’m not expecting great things, but the fact they are even thinking about sound is a good thing IMO, when some tablets still coming out with speakers only on one side(!).

  10. I still wish they retained at least one USB 3.0/2.0 port on the tablet. Big deduction points for being way less convenient to use now.

    Still torn between Hi12 and Hi13.

    Won’t be able to make a final decision until they release full info on the Hi13.

    • I agree. My Hi12 would be less appealing without its on-tablet USB ports. Hmm…not good.

      • Seems like that excellent decision to include the full sized USB Type-A ports on the tablets was just an anomaly. 🙁 Their 2 next tablet releases after the Hi12 (Hibook Pro & Hi10 Pro/Plus) no longer had full-sized ports on the tablet.

      • Sadly it has only a USB type-c USB 3.0 port on the tablet, so we need an adapter. Only the dock has two full sized USB ports.

        • Chuwi responded positively to my email requesting that they put full USB ports on the Hi13. I wont get my hopes up.

  11. Hi Chris, thanks for the updates,
    The current poor speaker, bad wireless and not able to use Bluetooth and wireless consistently on the Hi12 is killing me.
    I hope the new AC adapter resolve the problem!
    Just wandering will the Hi13 be the most powerful dual boot tablet announced so far? (Assuming we get dual boot on Hi13

  12. I’m really excited to get a hold of the Hi13! This will be my very first chuwi product. Chris, do you mean coming month as in this month (February) or as in next month?

  13. Do we have an official price yet? Do you think it will be cheaper during the pre-order period? I remember getting my Hi12 for $216 because of an early discount.

    • No word yet, it will be over $300 I feel due to that screen, Celeron N3450 and dual band wireless.

  14. Would be interesting to see if they changed anything about the thermal issues with the N3450 of the Lapbook 14.1. Anyway, Chuwi seems to have improve quite a bit with their product line and overall quality.

    • I hope they have. My guess is there will be a thermal pad between the rear metal housing and the chipset so it will not get as hot. Since they have plastic on the Lapbook they didn’t use a thermal pad.

  15. Thanks Chris. I’m very much looking forward to your review of this exciting newbie from Chuwi. Lets hope the four speakers deliver great sound and not be a disappointment. My feet are firmly on the ground. Also, should we assume that it’s a dual boot? I only paid 149GBP for the Hi12, but I suspect its successor will cost a lot more. Thanks again.

    • I think it will be dual boot, but like the Hi12, just come with Windows first while they figure out how to get it running dual OS. And the N3450 is much more expensive, so it more be a lot more than your trusty Hi12.

    • Vernal Scott, how were you able to get it at that low of a price?

      • I got lucky with a Gearbest flash sale deal. My original Teclast X98 3G only cost 122GBP, and the original Voyo Vbook V3 just !60GBP. These amazingly low prices with free delivery for impressive products/specs was part of what made them so very appealing. and there were no additional import charges for me either. Sadly, the prices have been creeping upwards, and the Hi12, for example, is now over 220GBP. That said, I still think Chinese products from companies like Chuwi and Teclast are offer great value than the big household names like Samsung and Apple, but I will be less keen on buying new products if the prices get too high.

        • You’re the same guy I commented with on youtube at AMDTech’s Chuwi Hi12 thread, hehe. Btw man, do you remember what month that flash sale at Gearbest was occuring? Maybe they have that flash sale same time annually so I can take heed ahead and prepare. Also, is that the Windows only or dual boot version?

          • Hey, I hope you’re doing well. I originally purchased the Windows-only Hi12 after Chris seduced me with it, but I quickly sold it and replaced it with the dual boot iteration when it became available. I can’t remember when I got it exactly, but perhaps a year ago. I use it quite heavily every day as my desktop replacement; so it’s got 2TB ad 3TB powered hard drives attached and they work fine. Flash sales seem to happen at different times at Gearbest.

          • Correction: I originally purchased my Hi12 via Gearbest but got the replacement at

        • Also, how old is your Hi12 now?

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