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Hands-On With the Teclast T10

Hands-On With the Teclast T10

Update: Gearbest has this on sale again for $199, this is limited to the first 500 units. The promotion is over here.

This is the latest from Teclast, the Master T10 their new Android flagship tablet. It’s an all metal 10.1″ tablet with a Sharp 2560 x 1600 fully laminated panel, this panel looks great and overall the build quality great, no real flex or creaks in this design. The panel is bright, with deep blacks and looks very sharp, you can really see individual pixels. The tablet runs Android 7.0 and is powered by a hexa-core MTK8176 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB eMMC. There is a MicroSD tray for storage expansion. The T10 is currently $219 here with coupon teclastt10

Below is my first look, unboxing, and hands-on video:

First impressions:

  • Great build and screen
  • Android 7.0 ROM is light weight and fast. Plus most bloat can be removed.
  • Cameras seem a step up from the normal front 2MP and rear 5MP
  • Speakers are loud but distort a little at 100%
  • The port location is a little odd, HDMI and USB2 at the top of the tablet
  • Fingerprint reader location takes some time to get used to, unlock is around 2 seconds. So not the fastest.
  • Google Play is installed and works well
  • Antutu score is around 80,000
  • The charger is 12volts 1.5A max. So much faster than the typical 5V 2A
  • GPS works, but is a little slow at first and there is no compass function on the T10


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  1. Totally disappointed with Teclast T10.
    1. A few weeks out of warranty and the touchscreen has phantom/ghost clicks – impossible to use the tablet
    The clicks are in the top left quadrant when tablet is held in portrait mode – applications are opened and used without
    human intervention.
    2. The casing and screen in the above mentioned area are definitely hotter compared to the rest of the casing/screen.
    3. OTA never finds anything for update, so I can’t say that new firmware will solve the problem

    Anyone else experienced this behavior?

  2. Someone posted above the T10 is different from the T10 master? Is that right?

    T10 Here: https://www.geekbuying.com/item/Teclast-T10-Tablet-4GB-64GB-White-Silver-385276.html
    T10 Master here: https://www.gearbest.com/tablet-pcs/pp_690462.html?wid=21

    Only difference i see is the T10 is listed as quad core and the Master listed as Hex Core. Though in fact they both use the MT8176 which is ONLY hex core..

    Anyone know what is going on here?

  3. Will this be a good pick like to take handwritten notes in one note or similar app? Or is there any alternative in the price range?

  4. Hi there.
    I’ve being playing with my brand new Master T10 and there some serious issues I have with it: the tablet suddelnly shuts down. I don’t know the reason. Then I have to press de start button and turn it on (first time this happened I was really scared because it didn’t start anyway). But I can not have any confident on notifications and other things like that. In addition I lost the 5G connection, and I found here that had to change my router settings to a lower channel. Solved, but soooo anoying. The MIDI conection does not work. I have tried the android version of a piano software that I use in my Ipad and it does recognised the keyboard, but the sound does not goes out to the piano again. Very anoying again. And the last and worst thing of all: they deliver it with no charger. I have tried all the chargers that I have at home (and I have tons) and with none of them I am able to charge the tablet in a decent time. It os almost impossible to charge it at a full. I´ve being searching the web up and down looking for something called “Pump Express” that is the name that Teclast uses for their fast charge, and there is only on charger in Aliexpress that uses that technology. Does any of you have this charger. Is there any other charger that fills this battery in a minimun decent time? I will be so thankfull if some one can gibe a clue. For the rest the tablet works more or less, the screen is acceptable in resolution but it has a lot of clouding on the surounds. I am not into Apple at all, but I was thinking to retire my old Ipad for this Teclast and now I’m sure I wont do.

  5. Geekbuying.com still has these for $210, free shipping

  6. I got mine 3 days ago and am so happy with it. GPS fixes even inside the house (near to window so) within seconds. The tablet came without any bloatware, was booting straight into english interface language and was 100% battery loaded.
    My 3 month previously purchased ONDA V10 4G passed away for the second time and was unrepairable. Hope that Teclast will proof being more reliable.

  7. So… has anyone else had their screen spontaneously crack while holding it?

    • Dude… please elaborate. Was it getting really hot or something? Just randomly cracked itself in front of your eyes?

      • It was not at all hot. I was holding it by the bezel and it cracked right under my thumb. I was exerting no more pressure than necessary to hold it up.

        • Sorry to hear. That really sucks. I guess I should get a rubber bumper case or something to hold it by.

  8. Just ordered one today. Geekbuying.com has a Flash Sale for $206 right now. It ends tomorrow.

  9. Morning Everyone,

    Teclast T10 Master had an unknown ota error yesterday & this morning I tried it and guess what.!!!!!!


    Pin and zoom has no stutter and touch has improved vastly in my opinion and I’m fussy.
    Obviously there have been many complaints but hands down for getting updates out quick ,want to bump up Xmas sales,lol.Well I think you will Teclast,thanks.


  10. Hi folks,

    I also have touch screen issues on the Teclast T10 Master,especially in Clash of clans and pinch and zoom,stutters and lags to response,some apps force close and no charging led,disappointed. Screen looks great and battery life is brilliant in my opinion.

    I have just sent Teclast an email about touch screen issues,need a new touch screen firmware update,very annoying.

    I have updated google play to latest version and reinstalled clash of clans and no difference.

    My Cube iWork 10 ultimate works a dream on 5.1 .Great tablet.No issues apart from micro sd port.Should of bought the new Cube,same resolution and still good specs but cubes official firmware updates are rubbish.



    COST ME £138 IN THE END from a £178.

    But regretting not sending it back now,touch screen is doing my head in.

    Clash Leader Spartan Warrior

    Please leave comments if you agree with my topic on the Teclast T10 Master.

    • Yeah, I’ve been having the same problem. Do you think it’s something that can be fixed in firmware or is it a hardware problem?

      • Hi Nicholas,

        To be honest I don’t think its a hardware issue,I think a newer firmware would rectify this issue,its a shame,otherwise great tablet.
        My touchscreen issues are not with keyboard typing and not hardly on many games either.
        Clash is my top playing game and touch is total pants on it.
        Tried them screen calibration apps but didn’t work.

        Its like a sharp quick tap instead of a tap/swipe,not sure if you understand what I’m trying to say,nor me,lol.Weird.

        Teclast should resolve this quick.

        Gear best had four reviews when I bought mine,they didn’t even publish my review as it was early and would of put off potential buyers,I personally think.More cons than pros in my opinion.Gear best never told me why.

        • Hi, I’ve got a problem with mine too, keeps closing apps/web pages down at random and really doing my head in. Just done a factory reset and now stuck in Chinese! Where is the language setting? Doesn’t over an hour in the settings menu and there doesn’t appear to be a language setting, please help!! Where is it on your tablet as the ‘A’ icon is missing on the settings menu on my tablet.

          • Hi Rob.

            Its the round earth looking symbol with lines through it for languages.

            Select the 1st option and then select the second option to + language to English.

            Hope that help mate.

  11. Does anyone know where to get a compatible fast charger for the T10?

  12. I am french, I bought now the Teclast T10 at 151€ !

  13. hi,im having trouble installing sdcard,help please?

  14. Anyone rooted this yet?

    • No root just as yet.Been checking everyday,lol.

        • I found this comment already,I can’t google,Muppet.
          Scatter file is incorrect for the T10 Master,maybe ok for T10.There is a difference between both T10 and T10 Master.
          Root yours and let me know how you got on.
          It’s early days still,in till someone can come up with a concrete solution.
          I won’t risk it just yet.
          My T10 Master scores 81102 on Antutu.T10 only scores 51000 big difference.

  15. How bad is GPS in real life?
    Hello owners. GPS functionality is mandatory for me. Can you please share your experiences. Thanks in forward.

  16. Hallo mein problem ist das er immer fehler mit android webview zeigt. Egal welche app ich starte immer selbe problem bitte hilfe sonst gute tablet

  17. Hi,

    I have received my T10 yesterday and it seems a very good table for the price.
    I have however a problem with the tablet encryption.
    The encryption was already done but it didn’t prompt for any pin at startup.
    First, tried to setup and request the pin at startup, but there is no option for that.
    Then, I made a reset but encryption is still on! This not make sense!
    Probably there is no encryption at all although the setting shows “Encrypted tablet”

    Has anyone tried to activate the encryption?

    Please someone give me feedback because by heads is around this issue for some hours with no apparent solution.

    Thank you.

    • Sounds like someone had the tablet before you and didn’t remove their account or unlink it before the reset. I would get in touch with the seller.

      • Really! I always thought that a Factory data reset did the work of decrypting any Android. I will contact the vendor. Even so I would like someone with the same tablet could do the test and try to encrypt/decrypt it.

  18. Hi, I bought this tablet, it’s arrived with a pre applicated plastic screen protector…it seems to me that the sensitivity of the touch it’s a little bit slow…my impression? maybe is the screen protector?

    • My unit’s fine. I think the screen is scratch resistant or at least feels like it. I took mine off in the end. No issues with touch.

    • I have a problem with the screen missing touches. Also when scrolling it’s stuttering when swiping with a finger on the screen. Its registering loads of touches rather than a swipe. Proper disappointing.

      • I got mine a few days ago and I’m seeing a lot less touch sensitivity than I would like. That and wifi reception is mediocre at best.

        On the other hand, the rest is great for the price and the screen is fabulous. Well worth the 5-6 week wait. At least I think so now that it’s over. 🙂

      • I have also similar problems with missing touches, and sometimes with the swipe. Otherwise this is great tablet. But there should be some solution for the touch problem, it is annoying.

  19. What’s the verdict on this from those that have one? Does it have decent battery life and performance? Thinking of getting one to replace my Mi Pad 3 – Play Services crashing 70 times a day takes its toll!

    • Nothing crashed on mine. Overall good tablet for this price. I have only one issue with microsd, but it’s not so big deal, because there are 64GB build in.

      IMHO, there is no better tablet than this in it’s price range.

  20. I just ordered one of these myself. Is there any word on accessories for this one? Specifically a decent magnetic keyboard would be lovely.

  21. HI Chris
    what about the ROM support
    I had a not so pleasant experience with a Teclast 98 (atom based) tablet years ago
    A bios update turned the camera upside down and the problem remained unsolved
    Are they coming with a global stock rom? (without bloatware and strange lunchers)

    • It’s covered in the video, it’s stock no more heavy custom launchers anymore and all the bloatware can be removed apart from the security application.

  22. When can we expect more detailed reviews of this tablet?

    • Full review in about a week from now. I’m moving the studio and also want to use it for a good 3-4 days at least before I post my full review. These things take time… But so far it looks very decent for the price.

      • Yes, it’s really good tablet. I’m surprised how good it is for such low price. I received it recently and testing it right now.
        I’m just curious is there a real quick charge technology in it? Maybe you could test it in your upcoming review? Does it support other quick chargers? I’m asking, because I and some other reviewers didn’t get any charger at all. Just USB cable was in the box.

        • Did you order from Gearbest? I did and it seems they remove the charger from the box before shipping the tablet out. I opened a ticket with them and I also just asked the question on their product page if that’s really the case them taking out the charger.
          I ordered a quickcharger from Amazon that supports Mediatek’s quick charge technology, should be here in a few days.

          • Yes, I ordered from Gearbest. I also ordered additional charger as well.

            Overall everything is ok with this tablet except strange behavior with MicroSD card. I use Samsung EVO 10 class 64 GB card and tablet most of the time refuses to write files to it. After formatting it I can use it for a while but after some hours MicroSD card became not writable. I’m not sure is this problem only with this Samsung EVO 10 64GB card or with others too.

          • I just received my Teclast T10 from Gearbest without the charger. Did you get any response from Gearbest why they removed the charger from the box. And what replacement did you get from Amazon?

        • The charger I bought from Amazon charges the tablet in less than three hours from zero to 100% so that’s good enough. I am still trying to get Gearbest to send me the original charger, let’s see if I get anywhere with them.
          Haven’t tried a MicroSD card yet but the ROM definitely has some bugs, the Wifi doesn’t see my 5 GHZ Wifi even though it sees others around me and has no problem with the 2.4 GHZ one. Otherwise this is really a fine tablet so far, hope there’ll be some ROM development for it down the line.

          • Their stance is since they don’t list the charger on the product page you don’t get one.
            I asked them again why they take essential items like the quick-charger out of the factory box before sending out the tablet they sell for the full price (doesn’t matter if it’s pre-sale or flash sale nowhere do they state that you don’t get the full package) but I have yet to receive an answer to my question…
            The charger I bought is this one: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B01N1EYLVB
            It works fine and like I stated it charges the tablet in about three hours.
            There’s another one that apparently does Quickcharge 3.0 and Pump Express 3.0:

  23. My Teclast ownership experience was not great I have ordered the Cube X5 4G!

    • It’s a pity that there is no new Cube = Alldocube with 10″ (and android 7.0)
      But it seems that patience….

  24. How is the wi-fi reception?

    • Seems good due to the plastic on the rear next to the cameras.

  25. Any silicone cases available for it yet?

  26. Looks pretty incredible for the price, think I’ll pick one up when it falls below $200usd

  27. Gorilla glass or similar protection?

    • Looks that way, but hard to tell. It certainly feels like tempered scratch resistant glass of some sort.

    • Of course no
      It simple brand,, and cheap

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