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Hands-On With the Teclast T10

Hands-On With the Teclast T10

Update: Gearbest has this on sale again for $199, this is limited to the first 500 units. The promotion is over here.

This is the latest from Teclast, the Master T10 their new Android flagship tablet. It’s an all metal 10.1″ tablet with a Sharp 2560 x 1600 fully laminated panel, this panel looks great and overall the build quality great, no real flex or creaks in this design. The panel is bright, with deep blacks and looks very sharp, you can really see individual pixels. The tablet runs Android 7.0 and is powered by a hexa-core MTK8176 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB eMMC. There is a MicroSD tray for storage expansion. The T10 is currently $219 here with coupon teclastt10

Below is my first look, unboxing, and hands-on video:

First impressions:

  • Great build and screen
  • Android 7.0 ROM is light weight and fast. Plus most bloat can be removed.
  • Cameras seem a step up from the normal front 2MP and rear 5MP
  • Speakers are loud but distort a little at 100%
  • The port location is a little odd, HDMI and USB2 at the top of the tablet
  • Fingerprint reader location takes some time to get used to, unlock is around 2 seconds. So not the fastest.
  • Google Play is installed and works well
  • Antutu score is around 80,000
  • The charger is 12volts 1.5A max. So much faster than the typical 5V 2A
  • GPS works, but is a little slow at first and there is no compass function on the T10


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  1. HI Chris
    what about the ROM support
    I had a not so pleasant experience with a Teclast 98 (atom based) tablet years ago
    A bios update turned the camera upside down and the problem remained unsolved
    Are they coming with a global stock rom? (without bloatware and strange lunchers)

    • It’s covered in the video, it’s stock no more heavy custom launchers anymore and all the bloatware can be removed apart from the security application.

  2. When can we expect more detailed reviews of this tablet?

    • Full review in about a week from now. I’m moving the studio and also want to use it for a good 3-4 days at least before I post my full review. These things take time… But so far it looks very decent for the price.

  3. My Teclast ownership experience was not great I have ordered the Cube X5 4G!

    • It’s a pity that there is no new Cube = Alldocube with 10″ (and android 7.0)
      But it seems that patience….

  4. How is the wi-fi reception?

    • Seems good due to the plastic on the rear next to the cameras.

  5. Any silicone cases available for it yet?

  6. Looks pretty incredible for the price, think I’ll pick one up when it falls below $200usd

  7. Gorilla glass or similar protection?

    • Looks that way, but hard to tell. It certainly feels like tempered scratch resistant glass of some sort.

    • Of course no
      It simple brand,, and cheap

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