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Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Official

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Official

Today the Mi Pad 4 was launched in China by Xiaomi, the 4th Mi Pad which is the first to use a Qualcomm chipset, Xiaomi went with the midrange Snapdragon 660 which will perform well considering the screen resolution is now 1920 x 1200. So no more 4:3 ratio Retina screens the iPad Mini 4 uses. It’s an 8-inch 16:10 aspect ratio, IPS panel and fully laminated.

The build is an alloy unibody that’s only 7.9mm thin and the Mi Pad 4 comes with 3 options, 3GB RAM/32GB eMMC, 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC and finally the most expensive model with LTE + 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC.

The pricing is $170 for the base model, $220 for the 4GB Model and $240 for the LTE version. These prices are in China before exporters add their cut.

The tablet has a MicroSD slot and still retains the 3.5mm jack, uses type-C with 5v 2A 10W charging only and has a 13MP main camera on the rear with a 5MP front camera.

The Mi Pad 4 has only Chinese┬áLTE Bands which might not work with your network provider, I know they will with mine at least here in Spain. It has wireless AC, BT 5, 6000mAh battery and runs Android 8.1 with MIUI 9.5. The tablet will start shipping on the 29th. And yes, I’ll be reviewing it soon once I can get my hands on it.

Trading Shenzhen already has it listed for sale here. With prices in Euros.


The official site with more specs

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  1. Hi. Could someone confirm that the Mi Pad 4 (4GB/64GB wifi) has a microSD slot for memory extension ?
    This is not written in gearbest specs, and Wolf wrote in the comments : ‘The 4GB Version has the same price as the Mi Max 2, but still missing a SD Card slot and no LTE / 4G’
    However in the article I read : ‘The tablet has a MicroSD slot and still retains the 3.5mm jack (…)’

    ?? thanks

  2. The 16:10 aspect ratio is fine, i like the 4:3 but at least it’s not the terrible 18:9.

    Price is really good, hope resellers wont try to up it too much.

    • i really doubt it, even now the extremely low demand mi pad 3 has a ridiculous mark up.

      I suppose the tablet market has saturated to such a point where xiaomi only produces limited amount and the sellers are more than willing to hold onto their stocks and wait for the highest bidder

  3. That aspect ratio has killed it for me. It a tablet not a big phone

  4. happens every time for xiaomi products, gets excited for it -> get shocked by the asking price by the retailers -> wait a few months for price to normalize -> no longer excited about product.

    might still get one to replace my OG tegra mi pad but damn xiaomi products sure have a ridiculous mark up in the first few weeks or even months, i understand that the retailer needs their cut but i would’ve like the pricing to be more competitive per se considering pretty much every other person in china is exporting it.

    • Yes, I agree. When I get the tech fast to review for the channel it’s crazy. I paid like $709 for the Mi 8 + 20 DHL and 45 euros tax. It’s getting silly… But the only way to get it weeks before other retailers with normal prices.

  5. well,
    it is ridicolous expensive and limited if I simply compare the Mi 4 and its huge bezels to a 6.44 inch Phablet from Xiaomi – the Mi Max 2.
    The basic Mi Pad has no SD Card Slot, no 4G and 50% of storage 2/32 compared to 4 /64 GB for maybe 40$ more at 220$.
    The 4GB Version has the same price as the Mi Max 2, but still missing a SD Card slot and no LTE / 4G

    At least the battery has 700 mAh more but that is not so much …

    Can`t wait to see the Mi Max 3 arrive with hopefully 7 inch display and stylus and bezeless …

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