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Chuwi Lapbook Pro – Full Details Emerge But 4GB of RAM Again?

Chuwi Lapbook Pro – Full Details Emerge But 4GB of RAM Again?

Now I’m not sure if this is the final spec of the Chuwi Lapbook Pro, a laptop that should have been released some time ago already. It’s very similar to the Chuwi Lapbook SE, the same specs with the same weakness, only 4GB of RAM. I was hoping there was an 8GB RAM release coming of this one. Maybe that’s not happening now as this official placeholder with all of the press info complete shows us 4GB DDR4. At least we have Tecalst to the rescue with 8GB of RAM 14″ & 15.6″ Gemini Lake models.

Apparently, the issue is Windows 10 licensing for 8GB is much more than 4GB. A massive $40 USD cost more per unit. Now if Chuwi is reading this, why not just release it without an OS or put Linux on it and later people could install Windows 10 if they wanted it? Better yet, use SO-DIMM DDR4 RAM slots like the Xiaomai 6A, ship it with one 4GB stick installed but allow users to add another 4GB if needed? Problem solved?

On the plus side, this laptop has Type-C USB 3.1 data and charging the other Gemini Lake models lack. And slim bezels with a claimed 90% screen to body ratio, but I’m sure in real life they are double the size of these photoshopped images.

Chuwi Lapbook Pro Specs:

  • 14.1″ 1920 x 1080p fully laminated IPS
  • Intel Celeron N4100 Quad-core 2.4Ghz max
  • 64GB eMMC 5.1 + 2280 SATA3 SSD slot
  • 4GB DDR4 2133Mhz
  • 1.43 kilos, metal body & lid build
  • Intel Wireless AC 3165, BT 4.1
  • 37Wh battery (8 hours web use)
  • USB 3.1 Type-C, Type-C fast charging
  • USB 3.0 Type-A
  • MicroSD reader slot

Anyway here is all the info on the Chuwi Lapbook Pro:

Thank you MathOV for the tip. Source: Chuwi

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  1. I bought this laptop on for 429 euros. I have been using it for 3 days. The build quality is better than i excepted it. To be honest i was surprised because the is no screen/keyboard flex. The screen is really nice and the weight-dimensions-battery combination makes it ideal for moving it around. The processor/ram are, as expected, ideal for web browsing, Java/python programming, word processing and light gaming (like csgo or lol). It also

    Drawbacks: I can hear coil whine noise when there are no other background noises.

    Overall: If you care about build quality and you want a machine that can do work for you then it worth the money. Linux works too.

    Note: the type c charging port requires a 12v 2A charger (included in the box) . That means you can’t use your phone charger/powerbank to charge it up.


    It is also available for the same price on Amazon Italy, France, Espanol

    • Hi!
      Could you check if there are any major differences between yours and the mock-up in this video from 2018?

      I checked your images on amazon but the lighting is kind of dark so I can’t really see very well, thank you!

      • The device on the video is the same with the one I have.
        More images:
        Left side: (Type-c charging port, charginf led, micro hdmi)
        Right side: (3.5mm audio jack, usb 3.0)
        I forgot to mention that the keyboard is nice and comfortable to use. The company also sent me uk, es, de keyboard layout stickers.

        • Thank you for the trouble you went through to take those pictures and upload them, I am waiting for mine as I ordered it from china and there is barely any content about this laptop on the internet!
          Do you find the speakers any good? Is the palm rest metal or plastic? Just wondering because on my lapbook SE the enclosure is all metal except for the palm rest.

          • I can’t really tell if it is metal or not, because i don’t feel the difference between the enclosure and the palm rest( which has a bit smoother surface).
            As you can see it is the same material that starts from the palm rest, around the touchpad, between the key caps, around the operating led/caps lock led/ num lock led. It should be metal or a really really good quality plastic.
            Overall the build quality of the device is excellent. Because there isn’t any keyboard flex it might be metal.
            The speakers produce clear sound, bass is average, loudness is OK (In overcrowded places they should be at 100%). They are placed on the back side of the laptop, which means that they perform better on flat surfaces (like a table).

            May I ask from which store you ordered the laptop? Because I had done a short research before ordering mine from amazon and the only chinese store I found was cect-shop. To be more specific, before 4th May cect-shop said that this laptop will be available by 4th May, but since then the status is “coming soon”. This is why I paid a bit more to get it from amazon de, and I had it in my hands two days after i placed the order.

          • I did a small mistake with the date. Instead of 4th March I typed 4th May

            • I ordered from Aliexpress, as far as I am aware they’ve only been available on Aliexpress for two weeks or so and it is on the official chuwi store for £245.

              Glad to hear that the speakers are good, is there anything that was below your expectations? Do you know if the thermals are good under load? The thermal solution on the lapbook SE isn’t very good, I was wondering f they got it better this time around.

              • I used cinebench r20 and HWinfo to monitor the temperatures. Max cpu temp during the test was 66 degrees Celsius and it scored 561 points. In real life the left side of the device was a bit hotter that the right, but it was still comfortable to touch.

                I also used prime95 for 7 minutes. Max temp 77 degrees Celsius.

                On daily use obviously it will not get that hot.
                Please note that the device during the tests was not plugged to the charger and no overclocking has been done. Everything was running on stock settings.

                Other issues: On some applications the text is blurry ( scaling is set to 125%, default was 150%). But this happens rarely.

                • Those results are definitely much better than the ones the Chuwi LapBook SE originally got without any modifications to the thermal solution, which is great!

                  The blurry text also happened on the SE, I am not sure if it is some driver problem with Intel or a Windows issue as it does not happen on an Asus vivobook I have been using these past months. Maybe something to do with Gemini Lake?

                  What kind of bothers me is the lack of coverage on this laptop, I basically fell in love with it the moment I saw it on the internet, but there are virtually no reviews or anything for that matter, not even on Amazon (One on and three on

                  How have you been finding the battery though? Is it any good for work/uni? That would be one of the most important aspects on an office laptop.

                  • The battery is really nice. I bought it for university purposes. I use LYX for writing lab reports and it work great on this machine.

                    I also do python coding without any problems.
                    Tomorrow I might get an ssd (240gb western digital green), I will install linux, matlab, spyder3, lyx, libre office etc…

                  • I did not regret spending 429 euros on it.
                    The lapbook pro is what a laptop should be. It is light weight, it has long battery life, great build quality, nice screen, great keyboard with backlit, it is easy to carry around and you can do more than web-browsing, or text editing on it.

                    Sure, you may find an intel core i3 or i5 laptop for 400 euros but what is the benefit of it, if it is heavy or you need a charger always with you?

                    This one for me is worth the money I paid because since the day i bought it I have it in my bag and I use also use it in the library.

                    • Exactly, for anything that requires any more processing power I would rather use a desktop. That’s what makes fanless, low TDP laptops to me so appealing, they’re little neat devices that do what they have to do on the go. What is the point of having such a powerful laptop if using it at full potential will literally murder the battery? No use for me.

                      Glad to hear you’re happy with it, I can’t wait for the arrival of mine!

  2. Hi Chris, will you be doing a full review on Lapbook Pro? Thanks.

  3. Chuwi ProBook
    💡 Intel Core® M Processor
    💡 13.3” FHD IPS Slim-Bezel Display (Full-Laminated)
    💡 8GB RAM + 128GB SSD (Plus 64GB eMMC)
    💡 Aluminum Alloy Housing.

    If you prefer a classic ultrabook, don’t miss this presale for ProBook!
    📢$379(25%OFF) for Top300 super early birds only!

    • renamed to AeroBook
      8h battery life

    • Links Please?

    • No, the AeroBook is different to this one, this is 14.1″ slim bezels and Gemini Lake. That one is 13.3″ screen and different port layout looks similar. So this and the crowdfunded Areobook Core M3-6Y30 with 8GB RAM.

      • looks like there is a Gemini Lake shortage….and they came out with 2 device (surface like + notebook) both with an old M3
        But I’m happy they started “cloning” the MacBookAIR 2019…..thus I would have loved a 3:2 display
        let’s wait for the final price tag

  4. @ Chris
    Eventually Chuwi decided to change the hardware, or it’s a different model
    But on the FB page there is a new post about a Chuwi ProBook, there are no specification, but in the picture you can see the Intel Core Label, which means it won’t be a celeron/atom chipset
    as a result it won’t take advantage of the cheap Windows licenses for Atom and their limits
    So I guess 8GB ram

  5. OT
    what about the Surface like 2in1 that Chuwi spoilered us about a couple months ago?

    • here is the answer fro Chuwi Espana official Facebook account

  6. “Apparently, the issue is Windows 10 licensing for 8GB is much more than 4GB. A massive $40 USD cost more per unit. Now if Chuwi is reading this, why not just release it without an OS or put Linux on it and later people could install Windows 10 if they wanted it? Better yet, use SO-DIMM DDR4 RAM slots like the Xiaomai 6A, ship it with one 4GB stick installed but allow users to add another 4GB if needed? Problem solved?”

    Your ideas are well founded.

    Problem is M$ tends to be a “Mafia” like entity with secretive, gag clauses/contracts and what have you. Try to find non-M$ laptops in Europe – only a few, often with artificial hardware restrictions in Bios/components.

    PS: No, I’m not a M$ hater. Just my honest opinion 🙂

    • actually the cheap licensing requires several restrictions:
      _atom class chipset
      _max 4GB ram soldered
      _no ram expansion slot
      _all of the production from the same model must feature MS windows oem preinstalled

  7. Honestly I would never recommend nor buy a non-upgradable 4GB RAM model again. Why? This is my real world experience as I’m typing:

    1. Firefox uses easily 1-1.5GB RAM (300mb by itself, 200mb for Extensions, approx. 250mb per web content). This consumption can go up fast depending on web page.
    2. I you have dropbox running = 300mb
    3. Java oriented apps easily 500mb (jd2 starts with 300mb and grows w usage)

    4. Swapping slows down noticeably workflow even with installed SSD and relatively low impact Operating System like Linux Mint mate
    5. Overall usage on my 4GB laptop is about 2,5GB RAM (40% reserved, 60% used). At this point I have to restrict myself from not opening more programs etc., because swapping will occur. Hence closing of not currently used apps is necessary, but inconvienant (restart needed for later use)

    • Yes but the trouble is the price for 8GB, and the cheaper version uses the N4000 dual-core…

  8. A couple of weeks back I stumbled upon this while looking up the chuwi lapbook se and this video shows how exactly the lapbook pro will look.

    • Thanks, I did also see what but forgot about it. The laptop wasn’ even running, such a shame. But the bezels do look slim but not as slim as the above press material. As a lapbook SE owner, I wouldn’t upgrade to this since it’s really the same, just type-c and slim bezels. But I will get one to review. Give this 8GB of RAM it would sell really well with that more modern look.

  9. 4GB ram, no dimm socket, no sale. Period.
    These days I’m specifying 16G in new laptops!

  10. Disappointing at best. I hope AllDoCube has enough funding from AllDoCube X to make a Cube Mix Plus successor with 8GB of RAM. No more 4GB in 2019, 64-bit Windows 10 already eats half of it on idle! Double to quadruple of what a Linux distro takes! A no-OS strategy should be nice to drop the price down, but I guess a lot of their customers don’t want it?

    • That’s the issue a lot of customers will not want a laptop with no OS. Your average nontech person wouldn’t know how to install Windows or Linux.

      I’m really waiting for Alldocube to give us a new Thinker i35, Core M3-8100Y, 8GB, same 13.5″ Surfacebook screen and a better backlit keyboard. A new Mix Plus would also be welcome, 8GB RAM, Surface Pro screen with N-Trig stylus support.

  11. Look at those baller bezels
    What’s the name of the SK OEM> pure curiousity

    • I had it, but now lost the name of this OEM. There was one that was South Korean originally or the design at least. They do quality base models you then configure to your companies own needs. Before then it was iLife that was the ODM for the Chuwi Lapbook 12.3, Surbook etc series and some of the 14″ laptops from Onda, Teclast etc.

  12. Hey Chris its me again… I have searched the web and found it for 319€ and it will be shipped on March 4th. It can be found on cect shop.

    • Cect-shop. Do you know this shop well? Seems like it has some great prices and I’d love to get some stuff if it’s trust worthy.

      • Cect Shop never used them before so no idea sorry.

        • Angel i don’t know because i didn’t buy anything from them, but i have one question for Chris. I have seen that there is different version of lapbook se on gearbest with only 64gb emmc but in description it says this: Largest RAM Capacity: 8GB… Does this mean that it is upgradable?

          • No, definitely not that is a page error. It’s soldered onto the motherboard. No user RAM upgrade. You need someone to specialized with the right tools to solder on a new RAM chip. And then if the bios recognises it is anotehr issue.

            • Well i have just bought f7 plus today and i hope that it does not disappoint me :).

              • Don’t think so it looks like the best so far. Like the Lapbook SE, but with a more usable 8GB of RAM. I’ll be ordering mine soon also.

    • March is a bit late. But with no signs of the new Gemini Lake successor from Intel, it’s not a massive issue. That price seems more like it.

  13. Imagine that. A quality laptop with a premium build with Linux preinstalled for a reasonable price… We could only dream.

    • Sadly seems but a dream… Normally the Linux laptops I’ve seen are last gen CPUs, plastic cheap generic builds and overpriced for what they are.

    • +1 from me! Still waiting for one of these Asian sellers to bite the bullet and release identical models with Windoze10 installed on one and Linux installed on the oither. Given the cost of Win10 licences compared to Linux licences, it looks like a bet to nothing to me, and I think the results might shock the brave seller!

  14. Hi Chris,

    The 2019 license prices for W10 will be in line with the 2018 licenses which means a price jump of around 40USD for the manufacturer when going from 4GB to 8GB according to this article :

    • Well there we go, this is the culprit! Thanks for the info Chuwi was trying to get across but didn’t go into specifics.

    • I don’t see the problem. A lot of us would happily pay more for the upgrade. There’s no reason why these brands can’t pay to have two versions of the hardware built – it’s not exactly a “major” change to upgrade the RAM during production. They simply use double density chips and pay the extra for Windows licensing…

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