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Chuwi Aerobook – 13.3″ Slim Bezel Core M3 Laptop

Chuwi Aerobook – 13.3″ Slim Bezel Core M3 Laptop

The newest crowd-funded item from Chuwi, the Aerobook is a 13.3″ Windows 10 laptop. It’s got 8GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD. The build is metal and it has a slim bezel “Full-view” OGS screen with slim 5mm side bezels. The laptop’s weight is just 1.25 kilos. (Lapbook SE is 1.4 kilos) The chipset is a Core M3-6Y30, yes the 6th gen 14nm SoC with Intel 515 HD integrated GPU. Seems Intel’s 14nm shortage on newer chips is the cause?

While it doesn’t handle native VP9 and HEVC decoding at least this CPU is faster than the Gemini Lake N4100. It will be fine for light office tasks and some light older games at least, The battery is a 38Wh one and it has two USB 3.0 ports, MicroSD reader and wireless AC. Charging via a D/C 12v port.

The laptop will be available to back on IndieGoGo next month and the early backers will be able to pick it up for $379. If it’s the same ODM as the Lapbook SE it will be a nice laptop for sure. But I would have really preferred to see the new 8th gen Core M3-8100Y in this and maybe a couple of SO-DIMM slots. That’s the next move these laptops need.


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  1. Does lamination matter with OGS? I’m wondering why it wasn’t mentioned.

  2. I love the screen real-estate and the slim design style on this notebook. It’s also a reasonable price that won’t empty my wallet. I see this as a device that will be very practical when you are in between places on the go. Just bring it out and get some work done quickly.

  3. The best points about this laptop are its aesthetics, It looks visually appealing and in a small and thin form-factor which makes for easier carrying. Having used the product in the past I think they have come a long way and heading in the right direction. I would love to see more recent processors for their devices but I am well aware that it would involve a substantial increase in cost of the devices and their market target is people like us that can’t afford to go broke just getting a device but still need something decent to use at a cost that won’t send us reeling.

  4. it might have made some sense a year ago when the 6y30 is just 1 generation behind and ddr4 is expensive as hell. but now, im kinda worried that these 6y30 are salvaged from those faulty notebook and tablets that are beyond economic repair

    • I think it’s more they got a really good deal on them from Intel due to the lack of newer 14nm chips. Intel would have trays and trays of these lying around they want to use up at least get something for them.

      Think of the work removing 6Y30s’ from old motherboards and tech.

  5. Will these companies *ever* stop their little one-step forward two-step back dance? Whether with CPUs that suddenly jump back two generations, lamination that comes and goes, RAM that slips back to 4GB…

    It’s just so maddening.

    • Yes, there always has to be something. GIve it all we want, but oh 4GB RAM.

  6. Hello Chris,
    just i have a question.
    must be installed with the processor Intel Core M3-6Y30 only RAM DDR3?
    if so, then is it a disadvantage?
    what do you mean?


    • Core M3-6Y30 And DDR3 1333Mhz or 1666 I think. It just isn’t as fast as the Core M3-7Y30 and it doesn’t natively decode HEVC video files and VP9 codec. It will play them but via software and you need to use VLC or something.

  7. wow, that’s an old CPU. I guess they found a load of them in a warehouse somewhere gathering dust? launch date was mid/late 2015, latest m3 is the m3-8100Y which was launched late 2018.

    comparing the specs, there’s not been masses of progress, so maybe it doesn’t really matter that much, and if it helps keep the price down, so much the better.,185282

  8. I’m looking for a compact travel notebook
    I would have loved the Teclast F11 with a 8-10h battery life, but as it is it’s useless for traveling
    This is much bigger but I guess that right now (thanks to the narrow bezels) it’s the most compact Chinese tablet with a 8-10h battery life

    • It’s too hard to say without actually using it. I’ve never found a Core M3 laptop or tablet that can do 8-10 hours more like 5-6 hours max is my bet. The closest in my Lapbook SE with a low brightness I can do 9 hours almost. Gemini Lake and Apollo Lake are the best at battery life but weaker low-end CPU’s.

      • performance are not so critical for my travel use
        most important are compact size, battery life, solid case
        and price of course….my girlfriend MacBookAir 2019 won’t come on holidays

  9. This looks like what I’ve been waiting for: a small thin laptop with 8gb RAM, replaceable ROM, a day’s supply of battery life, and a usb-c port…

    does anyone know if Chuwi laptops with DC charging barrel ports tend to also support USB-C charging?

    • No type-C on this one. The D/C port will take 12v 2-3A is my guess.

      • I’m such an eejit! Thanks Chris – it’s definitely the Teclast F6 Pro for me then! (and thank you for your accurate, concise reviews that give me a meaningful frame of reference).

  10. The build looks good, but that CPU is a loser. Chris, you say it is better than the N4100 but when I check CPU Benchmarks it actually looks like the 6th gen M3 is 20% slower?

    Tempted to buy this for the low weight and (hopefully) slim bezels, but if it’s hardly any faster than my Teclast F7 I’m not sure it’s worth it.

    • Single core scores it’s better, but mulit the N4100 would be higher due to 4 cores Vs 2 and with a nice TDP tweak the Core M3 should better the N4100 in everything but HEVC, VP9 decoding and no 4k60hz support.

      • That HEVC point is a deal killer, imo. Even my Chuwi Hi13’s 7th gen N3450 has been able to handle x265 HD content with no issue thanks to the hardware decoding, despite the cpu being slower than either the Core M or 8th gen N4100. Trying to play the same videos on my i7 stylus’ 5y10 has not gone well to say the least.

        • Yes much more choppy and it will max out the CPU. Try using VLC?

          • I prefer using Daum PotPlayer, but have tried with VLC as well. The issue is due to my video collection: I upgraded everything I could to 10-bit HEVC for the superior quality/storage over h264, but even an older desktop i5 chokes due to the software decoding performance toll.

  11. It reminds me the Thinker I35 I bought almost two years ago with the same CPU

    • The Thinker screen is much better, however. I wish Chuwi would get their hands on that 3000 x 2000 13.5″ 3:2 screen.

    • The thinker has a 7th gen M3 not a 6th gen like this one. IMO the thinker is better in every way.

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