Teclast X1 Pro 4G 12.2″ Core M tablet announced today

Teclast today announced the high spec Core m powered X1 Pro 4G. It’s a 12.2 inch tablet with some very decent specs for a core m tablet. 4GB of ram and a 5y10C Core m that can clock up to 2.0Ghz. A proper sata 3 ssd that can read up to 600mbs. A decent sized 11000mAH battery, two full sized usb 3.0 ports. A mini hdmi. And 4G sim card support (Which might only work in China?) It has a detacha...[Read More]

Microsoft Surface 3 due May 5th with new Atom X7 Z8700

Yep the rumors of a smaller Surface were true, the Surface 3 and it looks like the Surface 3 Pro just a bit smaller without the Core i3/5/7. It will be one of the first tablets to use the new Atom X7 “Cherry Trail” Z8700. Think of the Z8700 as being the Z3995. It’s doing to start at $499 and $599 if you want the 4GB and 128GB ssd. What I can’t see to confirm is, if it’...[Read More]

Onda: No real dual boot breakthrough

Onda’s so called dual boot breakthrough “Surprise surprise” is really nothing but some fake sped up boot switching video and a new firmware that allows each OS to access the other. Nothing I would consider breakthrough, just a bunch of marketing hype. The new firmware files are here if your interested: http://onda.cn/Tablet/ProductInfo.aspx?ProductId=361 And the better and faster...[Read More]

PiPo W3F Dual Boot: File downloads and how to flash the Pipo W3F to dual boot

Update: 14th June, I’ve added the latest Dual OS PiPo W3F files for download. Please use those ones as they have the latest drivers and bug fixes etc. If your having issues with the Android rom, you could try updating with the included files. Since the download files are rather huge, please only download this if your going to use it to help save our bandwidth. If you’re able to mirror ...[Read More]

PiPo W3F eMMC and port speeds, plus gaming tested.

Here a few videos of the PiPo W3F I currently have to review. Here is a short video testing the USB port speed, eMMC drive speed and the microsd card slot speed. Unfortunately it’s only a usb 2.0 port, but there are two, one full sized and the other micro. It would seem that some of the sellers on Ali Express are getting mixed up with the W3 that has usb 3.0. Some gaming on the PiPo W3F, as ...[Read More]

Cube i6 Air 3G Dual Boot Review now live.

Our Cube i6 Air 3G Dual Boot review is now up. Was Cube’s attempt at a better dual boot tablet enough to best the Teclast X98 Air 3G and the Onda v919 Air 3G? Find out in the full detailed review here: http://techtablets.com/cube-i6-dual-os/review-2/

Next Gen of Atom x5 Z8500 Tablets, what to expect?

Intel just recently show cased the latest Atom x5 Z8500 soc in a reference Tablet. So what can we expect in the next gen of Chinese tablets from the likes of Cube, PiPo, Onda and Teclast? Looking over the Intel Z8000 series Ark and Intel Z8000 series data sheets, you can see that they are step up in terms of power, the Z8500 can take up to 8GB of ram and dual channel. Think of it as the Z3795 in t...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Air 3G Dual Boot Vs the Cube i6 Dual OS

I get a lot of questions on YouTube, which is these two dual boot tablets is the best? Cube i6 or the Teclast X98 Air 3G? Well I made this comparison video to hopefully help people in their choice. And I tried to cover everything apart from gaming as they are both about the same. Okay so 2.16 Ghz Vs 1.8Ghz battle on these atoms, Z3736F Vs Z3735F there is really nothing between them in the real wor...[Read More]

Cube i6: Windows, Android, Antutu and Dual OS switching

Had some time now with the Cube i6 Dual boot, here’s a couple of videos showing the Android Rom, Windows 8.1 and the OS switching from Windows to Android and back. As you can see this switching set up from within the OS is much faster than Teclast’s approach to dual os swtiching with their boot selector menu.

Teclast X80h Dual boot review is now up

Taken a little longer than I had hoped, but I wanted to cover all aspects of this little tablet.So the Teclast X80h Dual Boot review is now finally online. A solid little tablet with some of the best benchmark scores seen yet from a Bay Trail Z35XX soc. If your in the market for a dual boot and don’t like the 9’7″ offerings this one is worth a look as well as the Chuwi Vi8 which ...[Read More]

PiPo announces $400 USD Core M, 4GB, 1600p Tablet

On PiPo’s weibo (28th Feb), a new tablet from them, featuring a 2560 x 1600 10’1 screen with 4GB of ram, a 64GB eMMC and a Core M CPU. What more, it has a USB 3.0 port (No mention if it’s full sized) and a keyboard dock, which looks to be the same dock from the PiPo W3/W3F. Interesting, seems all the top Chinese tablet companies are now jumping onto the Core M’s and I hope ...[Read More]

Our Onda V919 review is now complete

I’ve had a good couple of weeks using the Onda V919 Air 3G Dual OS and have just finished up the review for this Chinese Air clone. Chek out the review here. It’s a solid tablet, just let down by a few points. Worth a read if you are looking for a retina display dual boot tablet.

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