Teclast X16 Pro Windows Benchmarks, Gaming & 4k Test Plus Thermals.

As I work through all my benchmarks and tests of the X16 Pro for the full written review you can at least see some of the results now in the below video. My X16 Pro written review should be a week or so off before it’s online. I’ll be flying to New Zealand soon for a months break, but I’ll still be reviewing tablets there. Hopefully, I’ll have the Chuwi Hi8 Pro and the Hi10...[Read More]

Teclast X16 Pro Android Hands On, Benchmarks, Gaming and Screen.

Ran through the normal tests I do in Android, benchmarks, the screen, sound and temps in Android are fine. The X16 didn’t really go over 40 degrees which was good to see. But I’ll be testing out Windows now and looking to temps there more closely as the X5 Z8500 can be hot (as seen in the X98 Pro). But for now here’s the Android side of things before my full written review is up ...[Read More]

Cube iwork11 Stylus X5 Z8300 Hands On & First Impressions

The same day my X16 Pro arrived from China, so did the Cube iwork11 Stylus. It’s basically the Cube i7 Stylus, without the Core M, it was swapped for an Atom X5 Z8300 with 4GB of Ram and the 64GB SSD replaced with a 64GB eMMC. Everything else is the same, same Wacom support, same screen, same design, housing and keyboard dock. Even the box is the same! I picked this one up from GearBest.com ...[Read More]

Teclast X16 Pro Unboxing And First Impressions

My X16 Pro order showed up today, I didn’t expect it as the tracking number I had for the order wasn’t this one. But all good. I got the keyboard, no stylus. But I will try and get one asap. Good build quality, what I’ve come to expect from Teclast Screen is fine, 1080p on an 11.6″ screen isn’t the sharpest, but still okay to me. Bezels are large, the bottom bezel is ...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi10 First User Hands On

Update: I’ve heard from sellers that the newest batch is indeed 64bit Windows 10 Home. Just the first batch had 32bit, which wasn’t meant for export apparently. Forum member Mikaboshi received his Chuwi Hi10 today, I know many of you are itching to see more of this tablet. Mine is still in China and I just got message it’s been delayed again apparently. But lucky for us Mikaboshi...[Read More]

Teclast X16 Power Now Listed on GearBest for $359

The Teclast X16 Power is now listed on GearBest.com for $359. The X16 Power looks to be the fastest Atom dual boot tablet around with its 8GB of dual channel ram and top of the line Atom X7 Z8700. This is the same chipset as the Surface 3 reviewed here, but with double the Ram. The X16 Power and Pro do support an activate stylus, which according to some is the same stylus as Dell’s active st...[Read More]

A look at X98 Pro Vs X98 Plus Vs X98 Air 3G

Confused with all the X98 models? I compared and benchmarked the following models in these two videos. The Teclast X98 Air 3G (Dual OS), The X98 Pro (Dual OS) and the X98 Plus (Windows 10) I recently reviewed. What I didn’t know was the full battery life of the X98 Plus at time of this video as I hadn’t finished my full battery test. It beats them all with over 8 hours. All the benchma...[Read More]

AliExpress Sellers – Fake Tracking Numbers And Lies. (Updated)

Edit 27th: OKQI has pulled through, they never gave me the real tracking number. But my X16 Pro just arrived today. So at least one seller is decent. And OKQI has been good for me so far, after all that it was sent. Anyone had their 11.11 Aliexpress purchase ship? I brought some tablets to review here. Only one has arrived so far, the X98 Plus from AliExpress, that seller had no issues giving me t...[Read More]

Cube To Release Intel Core M3 Skylake Tablet 2016

Cube today have announced they will be releasing an Intel Skylake tablet next year, called the Cube i9. In a series of Weibo’s fighting back at Xiaomi’s posts on the Mi Pad 2 announcement. Cube replied that instead of budget low powered Atom tablets, their flagship tablet will be a new Skylake. Google Translate isn’t the best, but you get the idea from the Weibo (FYI Millet = Xia...[Read More]

Chuwi Vi8 Plus Coming December

What’s this a new Vi8 with an Cherry Trail Atom? According to Chuwi’s Weibo, December will see the launch of the new Chuwi Vi8 Plus. It looks like the Hi8 Pro, but in black? My guess is essentially it is, but like the Vi8 it will have the lower 1280 x 800 IPS panel and that’s it. I hope not, why not instead of the X5 Z8300 swap it out with a X5 Z8500 + 4GB of dual channel ram kee...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Plus Review Online, Battery life is back!

My Teclast X98 Plus review is now online. This new 9.7″ X5 Z8300 + 4GB Ram Retina tablet from Teclast, isn’t the most powerful when it comes to gaming. But it makes up for this delivering the best battery I’ve seen to date in a Chinese tablet. It’s possible to browse the web and watch movies for more than 8 hours on a single charge. Something I hadn’t seen on a tablet...[Read More]

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Announced

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 is now official and yes, as the rumors suggested it’s running an Atom X5 Z8500, 2GB of Ram. Windows 10 or Android 5.1. 7.9 inches 2048 x 1536 IPS screen and only 6.95mm thin. USB Type-C port. 6190 mAH battery and a light 322 grams. Without a doubt this looks like it could be the best 7.9- 8″ tablet with an all metal housing, laminated display. The storage options are 16...[Read More]

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