First Onda v919 3G Core M Unboxing Video

This Onda v919 3G Core M unboxing video popped up on the internet, good spotting Mike Cane X Blog. It ships now with Windows 10 by the look of it. But why on earth has it only got a Micro USB 2 port and not a MicroUSB 3.0 port Onda? The hardware supports it. For me personally, that’s a deal breaker. I have mine on preorder via Ali Express, which I hope will ship soon. But I can see there is ...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Air 3G Windows 10 Update And Windows 10 Drivers

Teclast have posted on their Weibo today, that the X98 Air 3G can update to the official Windows 10 release out today. (I’m updating mine now to test it out) According to Teclast, it’s working just fine, only one issue with an unknown device in the device manager. But they have released their X98 Air 3G C5JX Windows 10 drivers pack to fix this: Other models like the Air two to follow. ...[Read More]

Onda V919 3G Core M, To Ship With Win 8.1. Dual Boot Win 10 And Android 5 Coming

There is some confusing over the Onda v919 3G Core M being a dual boot tablet. I know it will ship with Windows 8.1. However, according to a Weibo posted from Onda, they will later on release on their forums a Windows 10 and Android 5 dual boot bios, ROM and image for the tablet. The translated Weibo claims it will be a proper Android / Windows dual boot set up, not the emulated Android x86 applic...[Read More]

Teclast 9.7″ Retina Core M And Cherry Trail Tablets Coming soon

Looking at the Weibo’s today I saw this coming soon announcement from Teclast: The quality of the image isn’t very good, neither is my Chinese or the Google translation, but it looks like August the 10th is the date for a new announcement. A Windows 10 powered 9.7″ Core M Retina tablet? (Onda v919 3G Core M) competitor? And you can see the words Cherry Trail. It’s about tim...[Read More]

Daily Deals: Chuwi Hi8 $93, PiPo X8 $103 and Teclast X98 Air 3G 64GB $201

Here are some new tablet deals I spotted on the web while searching price drops. The popular Chuwi Hi8 is back on sale again at the price of $92 at Gear Best, it’s been reduced from $112. This little Atom Z3736F powered 8-inch tablet has a nice high res 1920 x 1200 16:10 IPS Panel. And a decent design, you can see my Chuwi Hi8 review here. The PiPo X8 is a hybrid tablet meets mini PC, I vide...[Read More]

Onda’s new 9.7″ V989 and V919 Air Dual OS tablets released

Onda have also released their revised Retina tablets, the V989 All winner AT83 eight core SoC powered Android tablet. And the V919 Air Dual OS, with the new look and colors. The V919 Dual OS oddly enough has a downgraded CPU, an Atom Z3735F from the Z3736F in the first V919 Air 3G Dual OS and it’s lost its 3G sim slot and modem. Looks like it came out of HTC’s design studio. Nothing re...[Read More]

Onda v919 3G Core M Officially Released

Ona have announced the v919 3G Core M Retina tablet has been released. To celebrate the have a limited sale on which includes a free Bluetooth keyboard, the tablet is priced at 1999 Yuan on Tmall (Chinese) which is about $319 USD. Once it hits retailers (It’s already listed on AliExpress, Tinydeal and others) expect it to be around $400 after they add their cut to it. I will try and get my h...[Read More]

Cube i7 Stylus Unboxing, Hands on And First impressions

Our Cube i7 Stylus is now in the Office for its review and tests. Please see our below unboxing and hands-on videos: So far so good, first impressions are as follows: The Good: Same great build quality as the Cube i7 Fast 64GB SSD drive, faster than my i7’s 64GB USB 3.0 port works at full speeds and can power 2.5″ drives and USB 3.0 hubs Came with English installed Wacom Stylus works w...[Read More]

[Updated] Remix Mini Kickstarter now live, a $30 Remix mini PC

Update: The Remix Mini Kickstarter is now live! First backers get the Remix Mini for only $20 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1123481999/remix-mini-the-worlds-first-true-android-pc The Remix Tablet from Jide is an excellent tablet and refreshing OS experience. I had some time on with the tablet and OS and I really do like it. Built on Android it has better multitasking focus aimed at being mu...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Air 3G Custom Rom Mirek190 V4.0 For Air II and Air 3G Released

Mirek190 over on the XDA forums has released an updated new custom ROM for all Teclast X98 Air 3G and Air II variants. This is without a doubt the best ROM yet, even if it’s back on Android 4.4.4. Mirek190 might have gone back to Android 4 as the Android 5 ROM was based on a beta Android 5 Lollipop release from Teclast. The downloads are below: ** Please use this Google Drive or Mega mirror ...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi8 Teardown

My busted Hi8 was opened up today, I was hunting for the screen digitizer part number so I can order a replacement after I broke my Hi8 screen. The internals of the Hi8 show a decent build quality, no cables crossing over the battery cells or any of that nonsense. No thin battery cables or poor solder jobs here either, it looks fine. Not bad for such a cheap tablet I think. There is even planned s...[Read More]

Cube i7 Remix Unboxing And Hands On And First Impressions

The Cube i7 Remix arrived today. It’s very similar to the Cube i7 on the outside. But very different internals, an Atom Z3635F 1.8Ghz top boost speed, 2GB single channel ram, 32GB eMMC and that custom Remix OS. That’s the same one the Remix tablet from Jide runs. It’s their OS, which is now running on other tablets and why not, it’s a nice take on Android with a better focu...[Read More]

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