Chuwi Hi8 Pro to ship with USB 3 Type-C port

From Chuwi’s Weibo press event today, they have confirmed the Hi8 Pro will feature a USB 3 Type-C port. This will be the first Chinese tablet to come with this new connector, as far as I can tell it’s USB 3.0 Type C and not USB 3.1 (The Asus Transformer Book T100HA has USB 3.1 Type C) if anyone understands Chinese can you please confirm it’s 3.0 or 3.1? Points of note: Same desig...[Read More]

Chuwi Online Press Event: Chuwi Hi10 Details Released

Today Chuwi held an online press event on Weibo (Chinese micro-blogging platform) they released full details on the Chuwi Hi10 via several posts. They have confirmed it will have two full sized USB 3.0 ports, 2 x USB 2 ports, one microUSB for charging and data, the other full sized on the keyboard dock. This is good news, the more ports the merrier if you ask me, I personally think all tablets sho...[Read More]

Cube Confirm i7 Stylus Sale Will Have Licensed Windows 10

After the mess Cube made of sending out their i7 Stylus last sale with Windows 8.1 without a legit license. Cube has confirmed that the i7 Stylus that’s going to be on sale on the 11.11 $285 sale will have Windows 10 with an official license. Great, so no KMSPico activation which should have never happened in the first place! This $285 deal is no doubt the best offer around on 11.11 for a Co...[Read More]

Onda V919 Air CH Review from IMP3.net

Mike Cane pointed this review out of the Onda V919 Air 3G, it’s the first V919 Air CH review online and normally I wouldn’t read these reviews specially from a Chinese forum. But at least it’s not from the Onda forum. And since I never plan to review this tablet unless Onda sends it to me, it’s worth a look. Interesting to note the Atom X5 Z8300 is running 4GB. But only in ...[Read More]

Teclast’s 11.6″ Atom X7 Z8700 Tablet Called X16 Power – X16 Pro On Preorder

An update on Teclast’s Weibo today confirmed the beefed up Atom X7 Z8700 + 8GB LPDDR3 Ram model (Same Atom X7 CPU as the Surface 3) will be officially called the Teclast X16 Power. And it suits as it’s basically just a spec’ed up X16 Pro sharing the same screen and housing, as well as a keyboard dock that looks to be the same high-quality keyboard the 11.6″ X2 Pro Core M us...[Read More]

Chuwi To Hold Online Release Event for Hi10 and Hi8 Pro

From Chuwi’s Weibo, looks like the will have a release or press event on Weibo for the Hi8 Pro and Hi10 models on the 5th. No doubt it will just be a nuch of promo images and hype. But I hope they do release the full specs on the Hi8 Pro, if it has USB 3 type C or not. Confirmed USB 3 Type-C: http://techtablets.com/2015/11/chuwi-hi8-pro-to-ship-with-usb-3-type-c-port/  

Chuwi Hi10 Now On Preorder in China, Starts Shipping 3rd Nov

Chuwi now has the Hi10 listed for pre-order on Tmall.com, with shipping start from the 3rd of November. The price is listed as 1009 Yuan which works out to be around $174 USD. Remember this is the Chinese price, online retailers like Aliexpress, Banggood and GearBest will be selling it for more. GearBest already has it listed for $185.99 on preorder. The Chuwi Hi10 is the successor to Vi10, with t...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Pro Boot to Bios / Missing eMMC Fix Bios update

Some of Teclast X98 Pro’s have been affected by a bios bug resulting in missing eMMC drivers and booting into the bios instead of loading an OS.  Teclast has issued a new bios update that should fix the issue. *** WARNING: ONLY FLASH THIS IF YOU HAVE THE MISSING EMMC ISSUE! *** Thanks to Echo from OKQI for this latest bios update. Instructions are included in the file with images. To flash i...[Read More]

Onda v820w CH Unboxing & First Impressions

My first Atom X5 Z8300 Cherry Trail tablet arrived, if you didn’t catch the Youtube unboxing and Windows first look video in the TechTablets channel here it is below. It’s the first 8-inch tablet to ship out of China with the X5 Z8300 so I was keen to test the performance of the lower end Atom X5 Z8300 against the X5 Z8500. So far my frist impressions aren’t good: No charger incl...[Read More]

Teclast Release Five Images of New 11.6″ Atom X7 Z8700 Tablet (Updated)

Update 29th: The tablet is officially called the Teclast X16 Power. Update: 28th Oct. Teclast posted on their Weibo it will be dual boot Android 5.1 and Windows 10.  This tablet is clearly just a more powerful X16 Pro. Today Teclast posted five new pictures of their new Atom X7 Z8700 tablet with 8GB of Ram. Yes 8GB, that’s more than the Surface 3 Atom model that has 4GB. The tablet is still ...[Read More]

Teclast Tease Details Of New 11.6″ Atom X7 Z8700 8GB Tablet

From Teclast’s Weibo today. They are working on a new 11.6″ 1920 x 1080 Atom X7 Z8700 tablet, with 8GB of dual channel Ram and active stylus support. No further details. But I can see it looks similar to the Teclast X16 Pro in terms of styling and it does have a keyboard dock, maybe the same keyboard as the X2 Pro I reviewed? They will be the first Chinese tablet manufacturer to releas...[Read More]

Cube iwork11 Stylus Atom X5 Z8300 Tablet With Wacom Stylus Support

Edit: Hands on with the iwork11 Stylus: http://techtablets.com/2015/11/cube-iwork11-stylus-x5-z8300-unboxing-and-hands-on/ Cube are back with a new Cherry Trail release, and I think a lot of you stylus users are going to like this one. The Cube iwork11 is basically the i7 Stylus and keyboard with a new Atom X5 Z8300 SoC and it retains all the good things about the i7 Stylus, same housing, build, k...[Read More]

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