Onda Releases the Onda V919 4G Air, Available today

Onda Releases the Onda V919 4G Air, Available today

Onda have just released the V919 4G Air, it’s similar the the V919 3G with the same MediaTek MY8752 1.7 Ghz Octa core CPU, 2GB and 4:3 2048 x 1536 iPad Air retina screen. The standard 2MP front camera with 5MP auto focus rear camera. The battery and storage options remain the same to, 7500mAH battery with 32GB or 16GB of storage.

Looks like it’s Onda’s answer to the Teclast P98 4G which also has the same specs, apart from a larger 8500mah battery. In my hands on with the MT8752 chipset its defiantly a capable chipset with some good benchmark results. The Mali-T760 M2 GPU while not the latest GPU is still decent enough to run all the latest games.

You can pick up the Onda V919 4G Air for $215 delivered here.


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  1. very thanks for your answers.

  2. Hello.
    I have 4 qestions!!
    1. onda v919 4g is better or teclast p98 4g ?
    2. are you have video about onda v919 4g VS teclast p98 ?
    3. are you have video about pipo w8 VS onda v116 core m 128gb ?
    4. based on your experience whic brands chinese tablet is better ? (onda or teclast or pipo or…)
    I thank you for your reply.

    • Hi,

      To answer your questions:

      1. Not, sure I don’t have the v919 4G
      2. Above
      3. Yes, my PiPo W8 should ship next week
      4. Cube and Teclast seem to have the best quality and build so far in my testing. (In that order)

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