Intel to Phase Out Current Atom Cherry Trail Series With Slightly Faster Refresh

Intel to Phase Out Current Atom Cherry Trail Series With Slightly Faster Refresh

Intel has released a product change notification (PCN) for the current Atom Cherry Trail chips, X5 Z8300, X5 Z8500 and the X7 Z8700. They are to be phased out next year with newer Cherry Trail chipsets that have slightly faster turbo boosts. The graphics naming scheme of these chips has also been changed reflecting Intel’s new naming. They will now be called Intel HD 400 series graphics (12 EUs) and the X7 will graphics will now be known as the Intel HD 405 with 16 EUs. The EU count for the GPU remains unchanged from the previous models.

So the new Atom Cherry Trails will now terminate in Z8X50, so:

  • The X5 Z8300, will now be the X5 Z8350 with Intel HD 400 graphics
  • The X5 Z8500, becomes the X5 Z8550 with Intel HD 400 graphics
  • And the X7 Z8700, is now the X7 Z8750 with Intel HD 405 graphics.

Atom Cherry Trail changes

So what’s the reason for the change? Well the PCN states it’s to increase the CPU boost speeds and fix two graphics issues (Alpha Blending and ASTC graphics errors):

Description of Change to the Customer: Intel will start transitioning from C-stepping to D-stepping for Intel® Atom™ x7-Z8700, Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8500, and Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8300 processors.
Summary of hardware & software changes from Intel® Atom™ x5/x7 processor C-stepping to D-stepping: 1. Increase max. CPU burst frequency 2. Fix 2 previously disclosed Alpha Blending and ASTC graphics errata 3. Implement new processor numbers with “50” added to processor number to distinguish the new D-stepping parts (ex. C-stepping: Intel® Atom™ x7-Z8700 -> D-stepping: Intel® Atom™ x7-Z8750) 4. Introduce new graphics branding with Intel® HD Graphics 400 for 12EU SKUs (Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8550 and Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8350), and Intel® HD Graphics 405 for 16EU SKU (Intel® Atom™ x7-Z8750). The new Intel® HD Graphics 400/405 branding is only exposed via the Intel® HD Graphics Control Panel under Windows OS.

So far, I found the power consumption of the new Cherry Trails to be quite disappointing (bar the Surface 3 I reviewed). I hope Intel have improved on this. The new Atom samples are going to be available on the 9th, but it’s not until February/March 2016 that will start to see these new Atom’s shipping in Tablets. The question is will Chinese OEM’s update to the new Atom? Well they will have to once their current Atom ZX 8X00 stock runs out.

More info: Intel PCN PDF – PCN114067-00

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  1. Hello, guys! What do you think, performance of i3-4210Y more than core m/ atom z8300 etc?

    • Yes it’s faster, you mean the i5 4210Y that’s in the Dell Venue 11 Pro for example? Single thread, the 4210Y will be more than twice is fast. And the 4210Y supports sata3 ssd’s.

  2. But this Core M SoC cost $280 itself 😀 It’s like last year. It will took at least half a year then some Chinese tablets will be for good price.

  3. How are those CT Processors so band in terms of Heat/Performance?
    I just don’t get it…
    A smaller manufacturing process should lead to lower Voltages, less heat, longer Battery live!
    Evan with the Upgraded GPU the SOC should still pull less Power than the bay trail atom´s….

  4. Trouble is you could put off that purchase every year as processors improve, that’s the problem with technology. There’s also no chance of a Chinese tablet powered with one of these for another 10-12 months.

    • I think we will see them unless Teclast, Chuwi, Onda etc have thousands of trays of them already in stock.

    • The chinese brands have been pretty quick putting out new chipsets versus the west recently. Fast with the core-m, fast with the cherry trail. I bet at least one manufacturer does it quickly.

      Your right about the putting off. But I know exactly what I am waiting for – a core m in the smaller form factor, and at least 4gb of memory, and upgradable ssd. I don’t think its far off.

      • Might have a long-ish wait to see upgradable SSD! The others however you should see by Christmas time I’d guess.

  5. This sounds interesting:

    Four 4k videos playing at the same time with 20% CPU? Sign me up!!!

    • But this Core M SoC cost $280 itself ? It’s like last year. It will took at least half a year then some Chinese tablets will be for good price.

      • We won’t see any 6Y30 Core M’s until March or later next year I think. But I hope they do release Skylake M3 tablets Cube or Teclast.

    • who the hell watches 4 videos at the same time?

      • It’s only a stress test… It can be useful too if you need to work with video edition.

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