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Chuwi HiBook Pro Gaming Review With Benchmarks (Android)

Chuwi HiBook Pro Gaming Review With Benchmarks (Android)

A lot of people are concerned about gaming performance in Android on the HiBook Pro with that 2560 x 1600 OGS screen, myself included. So I run a few games on my HiBook Pro and it’s not as bad as I expected it to be. Only games that run in full native screen resolution and don’t upscale run slow. Super demanding games like Mortal Kombat X as you’ll see in the below video, ran about 10-15 fps at times which meant very choppy gameplay.

Games like Real Racing 3 which upscales was fast and fluid. So it all depends on your favorite game.

Video index:

  • 00:26 – DH5
  • 02:09 – Modern Combat 5
  • 03:07 – Mortal Kombat X (runs at 2560 x 1440)
  • 03:53 – Real Racing 3
  • 04:40 – Temps
  • 05:03 – Benchmarks
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  1. Has anyone gotten an external display to work over HDMI with Windows? I got a cable, and it works in Android (mirroring the tablet screen), but Windows doesn’t even detect an external display. Drivers? BIOS?

    • I think not your driver or BIOS , but you can try , on your screen Windows , right click then select screen resolution ( same menu you refresh your windows/ personalize) ,then choose Display . you can switch to your External display Or you can use 2 two screens at once

      • Andra,

        This is not working for me. When I right-click on “Display Settings”, I get to the “Customize your display” window, but there is only one display showing (the primary display, 1). When I click on “Detect”, I get the message “Didn’t detect another display” in red text. I’m reasonably sure that this is a driver problem.

        Questions: What is your display driver version?

        My Intel HD Graphics driver as reported by the Device Manager is I installed the Intel Driver Update Utility, and it reports that “the latest version” is available for 64-bit (x.x.x.4256) but a newer version is available for “Windows 10” (x.x.x.4501) Naturally, I’m hesitant to change display drivers.

        Does anyone know which of the Chuwi driver files available on their support site are the device drivers? The driver file names are pretty cryptic…

        Thanks in advance for any help.


  2. Chris, thanks for all the work and reviews. I bought my HiBook Pro recently, based mostly on what I read here. I’m mostly happy, though I think the WiFi performance is poor, due (somewhat ironically) to the quality metal build. It seems to be RF signal-related. Otherwise, I really have no issues with mine, yet.

    Here’s an question that I posted on the Chuwi support forum, for which I have received no answer:

    I’ve ordered a tempered glass screen protector for my new HiBook. However, I’ve noticed a small “bubble” in the lower left corner of my screen (in the black bezel), as if there is already a film screen protector installed.

    1) Does the HiBook Pro come with an installed (film) screen protector from the factory?

    2) If yes, should I remove it before installing my tempered glass screen protector?

    Best regards to all…

    • Hi,

      Yes, it has a pre-applied screen protector, all the Chuwi tablets come like this. And most Chinese branded ones. I woudl remove it first. I’ve heard the issues with Wifi and with the Vi10 Plus, but I’ve found it to be fine. I get 50 mbps download and 30 upload on the same floor as my router. Downstairs I get 39 mb/s download and 28 upload. Almost no change on uploads and a normal drop on downloads. Even my Surface Pro 4 did that. Now of course, it varies from tablet to tablet, my router to yours. But where I have noticed it was the Teclast X98 Plus II which has a huge drop when used away from my router.

      • As always, Chris, thanks for the expert opinion and your great site. Your sharing of information is the best!

    • Hi willie, my chuwi hibook pro have the same issues just like you. poor wifi , but my hibook pro weakness is the distance between tablets and my MiFi, if above 5 -7 meters my chuwi just got 85% signal wifi . but there is no problem with speed itself. compare to my smartphone. is the same speed , if they have same perecentage wifi signal. i think smartphone better in catching a wifi signal. Yeah , there are advantages and disadvantages.
      but overall my hibook is doing well.

      thanks for Chris & tech tablets for all the review, he is doing great.

      • Hi, Andra,

        I wish my HiBook Pro were as good as my phone. My phone (which is admittedly a dual-channel WiFi device) gets about 2/3rds of its channel (100 mbps up and down out of a channel of ~150 mbps).

        I thought the problem was RF reception, but I’m no longer sure this is the case. I see between -55dbm and -60dbm (depending upon whether I’m using Windows or Android), and this should yield a 72 mbps channel. If I got 2/3rds of this, I would be ecstatic. However, I see 10 mbps down and only 0.5 mbps up. This really isn’t very good.

        The WiFi device is a Realtek RTL8723BS WLAN 802.11n SDIO Network Adapter, as you probably know. The driver installed is pretty recent, so I’m hesitant to start swapping drivers.

        I wonder, are there relevant BIOS settings that would affect this device? It is, after all, sitting on an SDIO bus.

        • Hi , Willie
          I tried speed between my smartphone and hibook , they have nearly the same speed.But I though Wifi performance Still better on my smartphone , about speed , Wifi reception range , Stability.
          Today Speed is everything , I understand your restless. you can try compare speed beetween your smartphone /hibook. With speed test, or download .Because i do the same to make sure my hibook doesnt have any issues as discussed, in many forums.
          In windows i use Internet Download Manager to download , Yeah still beter my pc, with the same wifi connection. my PC use TP link TL-WN722N.
          Android, I use uc browser to download.
          & important , do not mess with your bios, hehe, except changing ram Speed 1066 to 1600Mhz. Chris told me about this. Make yout chuwi run more smooth.

  3. Chris. Thanks for the reviews. I purchased in the end, mainly driven by the laminated screen. I can confirm that to date no issues and the screen is great. The battery handling is the only minor concern. When dropping below 20% in windows 10, there is a risk of device switching off without mains.

    Android works fine. Have noticed that Hay Day and Clash Royale (the two games I play) are slightly sluggish when scrolling around, but is acceptable.

    One question. What 12″ screen tablets also have a laminated screen?

    • No 12″ tablets with OGS screen sadly, there was the Cube i7 (not stylus) the first core m 5y10 model that has a 11.6″ fully laminated screen. As for Hay Day being sluggish, try setting the RAM to 1600Mhz if you haven’t already this really helps with gaming performance.

      • Thanks. Made the change and already noticing the difference.

      • Teclast Tbook 12 Pro has a laminated screen….was selling at 229$, but still too high for me, too close to the CoreMs and didn’t even have a usb 3.0 port.

  4. Hi Chris.
    Does the Chuwi Hibook Pro support a Bluetooth game controller and if so which control!er would you recommend?

    • I hope Chuwi will release the 2nd version of this hibook Pro , that carry intel cherry trail X5 8500 or X7 minimal , to compensate for the high-resolution screen..This tablet really has a very Sharp screen ,
      I’ll always be watching, TechRablet reviews , before buying.

  5. Hey thanks Chris, My Hi8 is doing great but lags sometime. Should I go with this Hibook pro right now as it is available at a little low price $193 on gearbest ? Should I buy this. Please help

  6. I’ve rooted my Chuwi hibook pro so that I can lower the resolution in Android. It makes Android a little better, particularly with the fluidity of the OS, scrolling etc. At its native resolution, Android isn’t good. Ive not owned an X5 z-8300 before so didn’t really know what to expect, however I really wouldn’t recommend them if my Chuwi hibook pro is indicative of performance. I knew this tablet would never come close to my Core M Cube i7 stylus, but there really is a night and day difference between them. I only really bought the hibook pro for Android though and it serves its purpose for basic web browsing, even if it is a choppy experience. WiFi on this tablet is poor BTW.

    • Check and see if it’s running it’s ram at 1600 Mhz or 1066Mhz. You see this info in the bios under north bridge I think it is. Apparently some units ship or a batch shipped with it at 1066Mhz which makes things feel a little sluggish more than usual. And same people claim to have USB 3.0 speeds from their type-c port whereas I only get USB 2.0. Is Mortal Kombat playable now with the resolution lowered? At 2560 x 1600 it’s a slide show as shown in my video.

      Core M’s are much, much quicker than Atom’s, the SSD also makes a huge difference. Once the Atom’s are phased out it will all be mostly Core M’s, and hopefully they release a few dual-boot versions and not just ONda’s V919 Core M.

    • Your video review states that this is a 12″ tablet. However, I can only find 10.1″ versions. Are you sure this is a 12″ model?

      • It does? Must be an error it’s 10.1″, the Chuwi Hi12 is a 12″ version.

        • do u suppose there’s a way d chuwi hibook pro’s speakers can be “giving bass”, maybe wt certain apps or something?

    • Hi Craig, i’ve a hibook pro too, it works great, wifi isn’t so good, but for the rest all semms fine. How have you rooted it? Have you some links or tutorial? Thanks!!

    • hi Craig, im using hibook pro too, how to Root this tbalet , so i can lower the resolution, bicause just on the menu, slide right or left,little bit chopy.. the hom screen not snappy.

    • Hi Craig, my hibook pro , i think the fluidity of the OS, scrolling etc is not better too, isnt good.Choppy experience.and ithink the problem because this android ran 2K resolution,, so i hope you share your way to root this tablet. beside of that , the screen is amazing , very sharp.
      On windows OS RAM running 1066

  7. Wao very desapionted with that quality today came my HI 10pro with x5 specs hope does not run like or gonna sell it like i did with my teclast kindow

    Theres a game call vainglory it has for me the best graphics on mobille device you can test graphics with that too :

  8. Is there much difference in performance between this and hibook not pro on windows? What you recommend?

    • Very hard to tell for me, feels like any other Atom Z8300 tablet. Maybe a tiny bit slower. The fastest Atom Z8300 I’ve used in the Jumper EZBook 2 maybe because it lacks a touch panel. For the screen alone, I think it’s worth it going for the HiBook Pro if your using mainly Windows. It really is one of the best seen on the Chinese Atom tablet so far. For mainly Android use / gaming the Hibook is faster at gaming due to it’s 1920 x 1200 screen.

  9. Any static noise from headphone jack?

  10. Does it support a stylus?

    I know it’s early but when you find out let us know how the battery life with this cool screen is.

  11. Any static noise from headphones when connected and not playing anything (like in my chuwi hi8)??
    Thanks Chris, and keep it up !!

    • Very very clean, sounds really good and loud. One of the best for an Atom tablet. I was a bit surprised as most Atoms have this hiss issue that drives me mad. However not perfect, Android doesn’t support mic or remotes (software or drivers?). Windows does support headsets with mics at least.

      So far for what it is (Atom X5 Z8300) I’m impressed. Ready to maybe even hang up my Hi12 for this model. I’ll miss the Hi12’s crazy battery life, full USB ports. But that’s about it. This is more premium, awesome screen, very good 3.5mm output and 10.1″ makes it more portable.

      • So what is the good choir hi12 or Hibook pro? I am not gaming.
        Just surf, bookreading, video.
        I would appreciate your advies Chris

        • Both are good, the 3:2 ratio on the Hi12 might be better and the larger screen for eBooks and surfiing. Also better battery life.

      • WOW. Thanks Chris! So surprised no hiss whatsoever?? My hi8 hiss driving me crazy!! And now the headphone jack isn’t connecting right channel properly. Does it feel more sturdy on hi10 (or hi12) in terms of headphone jack? Also, any hiss on hi12?
        Thanks a bunch Chris! U rock!

        • Hi it feels sturdy on the Hibook pro, long term use I’m not sure how it will hold up. But loving how good it sounds. The Hi12 has some distracting hiss. And even over the speakers, very annoying!

      • Thanks Chris!
        My hi8 headphone jack stopped pushing right channel through, does it feel more flimsy on hi10(or12)? Also, any hiss on hi12? And what about color accuracy on hi10 vs 12?
        Thanks so much!

        • Both feel firm on my units. Colors on both are good, but the hibook pro has the edge. It’s OGS Panasonic screen is one of the best yet. Super bright, deep blacks and colors (To me) seem great. I really do like this screen. It really adds to the tablet and makes it feel a step up from the rest of the non-laminated pack.

  12. Nice review Chris
    Can you tell us about the battery life?

    • 5 1/2 hours in Android with the screen at 200 nits in PCMark 7. Normal web use about 6 hours.

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