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Chuwi HiBook Pro Unboxing And First Impressions

Chuwi HiBook Pro Unboxing And First Impressions

My Chuwi HiBook arrived on Friday, but with so many devices to unbox and review (PiPo X10 still to go) I’ve only just got around now to unboxing it and taking a peak. Here’s the video below:

Now you might recall that it was released a few months back in China. I held off buying one as I heard it had some sleep and driver issues in Windows. Now apparently all fixed up this second batch is now going to be on sale over at Banggood. They will have a special on it for $199 starting next week.

My first impressions are good as expected, but with and one thing I didn’t expect. The screen is really nice, premium even. I’ve seen plenty of screens now and it’s as sharp of not sharper than my Surface Pro 4 screen. Good colors, nice blacks, 400+ Nits bright and OGS which is what makes all the difference. No ugly gap, I hope this starts off a new trend to use fully laminated displays in more Chinese tablets. It’s one of my biggest complaints is non-laminated displays.

It’s all good, but 2560 x 1600 isn’t going to play well with Android games that run at native resolutions. I’ll be sure to check that out. And what I didn’t expect to find is my HiBook keyboard doesn’t fit! The docking support tabs are taller and this doesn’t let it completely lock into place. (Hmm, maybe I could cut them to make it fit?)

Why doesn't the HiBook keyboard work, the are the same dimensions!?

Why doesn’t the HiBook keyboard work, the are the same dimensions!?

I’ll have more on the Chuwi HiBook Pro soon.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    am i ask a questin to you… why you are talking about gearbest like a good company? i just belive to you.. to your words whihc you talking about them in your videos.. (but real is difrrent)

    i bought a tablet from gearbest (in promotion – hi10pro) but they strategy is that ” seeling product NOT in stock” then talking to you sorry we dont have this product in stock… Please wait week or change your order (i think their plan is that – getting money from people then try to send tablets which you dont want to buy. because they dont offer to you.. turn back money.. 1. wait 2 chenge order .. but there is no 3. option TURN BACK MONEY)

    why they DO not turn back money… if they dont have product in stock why they dont turn back money to clients….

    Please TALK TRUTH about this companies.. like me thusend people beliving you…..

  2. Hi Chris,

    Does the Ethernet OTG work in either Windows or Android?


  3. Hey Chris, and readers!
    I’m currently looking for a tablet, wanting to spend around the price range of this tablet. Is this the best I can currently find for the price, or do you recommend me another better tablet?
    Thank you for your reviews, they’re being really helpful.
    Have a nice day!

  4. Hi greetings from Brasil.

    I love your blog.

    I have a question: which tablet gives the best battery with normal usage? I´m tempted by chuwi 12…

    • The Hi12 is still the king with battery life. I can get 10 hours out of mine in Windows 10.

  5. I have a x98 plus II

    Kam interrested in 3 Tabletts

    Teclast tbook 16 pro

    Chuwi hi12

    Chuwi hibook pro

    What is the better chuwi? Differences between hi12 & hibook pro? Displays? Touch responsive? Performance? Chassis?

    • Hello Kevin,

      Have you installed MS Word on your Teclast?
      Does it work acceptably?

      Thank you for your answer.

      • Hi in Android or win? In Windows i Used open Office. This runs good.

        • Thank you for your answer.
          In Windows. I really need the full Microsoft Office (a lot formulas, big tables etc.). Unfortunately Open Office is not for me.
          I need the offline Microsoft Office 2013 (at least) as on my PC.

  6. Hi Chris,

    Just wondering about the Chuwi HiBook Pro review. If you did review it, would be the first review of the unit in English! and much appreciated because it looks like the best tablet at the price point, but I am wary about buying because of potential issues with android.

    Anyway hopefully soon (and hopefully before the special ends!).

    Cheers mate.

    • I’m in the same position. I’m looking to replace my ipad (my wife wants it) with a Win10 2-in-1. I’m wondering whether the Cube i7 Book or the Chuwi HiBook Pro would suit me better. So I’m looking forward to the review.

    • Need more time and testing for that, but a lot of people wanted to see the effects of 2560 x 1600 when gaming in Android. So there is a gaming review up for now: I’m working on my review. But it will take some time.

  7. Do you encounter any touch screen issue? Mine definitely have it, even become much worse after I applied tempered glass protection.

    Now my touch screen simply unusable, unless I remove the glass.

  8. Is the company will provide him with the pen?

  9. …any new “first impressions” about this tablet? some other early reviews pointed out that the tablet is not particularly fast. Can you confirm?

    other tablets are getting really cheap (onda 919 ch @136€, cube iwork 10 ultimate @133€, chuwi hi10 @150€) and this new hibook pro is @179€. Can’t really decide…any suggestion?

    • There is even the vi10 plus, even I’m undecided…

      • For me the vi10 plus is the biggest temptation – that aspect ratio is just so appealing. Still hoping to find out whether the stylus works or not. Also can’t decide whether to wait for a higher mem/storage version.

  10. is there a any chance a coupon code?

  11. is it the hibook or the hibook pro?

  12. Does it support a stylus?

    I know it’s early but when you find out let us know how the battery life with this cool screen is.

  13. Nice one, Chris. Do the speakers impress you too?

    • Not really, they seem average at best, a little worse than the Hi12’s.

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